Brazilian Attorneys are familiar with the work of Bruno Fagali

Mr. Bruno Fagali is the principal Brazilian Overseer of Business Integrity. He is broadly accepted for his infinite control of his comprehensive litigation talent. Mr. Fagali is in charge of what many accept to be the prevalent and most powerful establishments for Brazilian distribution & marketing. Bruno Fagali is the man behind the efforts motivating the Litigation & Principles Trade association. Bruno Fagali has positioned his dedication on the mass of legalities necessary for conducting Brazilian Electoral, Public Legal, Compliance, and Anticorruption legislation.

Bruno Fagali maintains the honored achievement of having received his Master’s in Brazilian National Litigation, from the College of São Paulo. Bruno Fagali mastered his proficiency on Administrative Court Litigation. Mr. Fagali is certified by both the Pontifical Catholic College of São Paulo and also the Brazilian Fundo Garantidor de Créditos. Mr. Fagali’s proficiency of factual information is highly focused on Societal Administrative ventures. This is mainly, to keep away from any unintentional licentious conduct in the directorial and legislative arenas.

Brazilian business marketing & publishing enterprise, is under the name of Nova/SB. They primarily have power over the extraordinarily essential messaging system that is employed all over the country in Brazil. Brazilian enterprise, Nova/SB is seen as the nation’s foremost and revered advertising enterprises. Nova/SB preserves state-of-the-art information in relation to an anthology of devoted services, in addition to media and production.


Nova/SB’s Trade Dependability proposal attaches directly to the Brazilian Division of Transparency and to the Command & Statute division. Nova/SB is understood to be the first distribution & promotion enterprise in Brazil to impose such authoritarian measures for anti-corruption. Nova/SB is notorious as the one Brazilian enterprise that is robustly encouraged to initiate any profitable marketing enterprises.


What Everyone Must Know About VTA Publications

Jim Hunt VTA Publications are known as an upstart force in the financial world. As the CEO of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt has made a lot of people in the banking industry upset and he uses his publication company to as his platform.

Jim Hunt’s Mission
Jim Hunt’s mission is simple; he wants ordinary people to have access to the same knowledge that banks and other financial institutions do for their stock trading on His first job was in the banking industry, and he described it as the worst job he ever had. He saw how they treated their customers and knew there had to be a better way to help people and their finances. As a result of working in the financial world, he learned the banks used financial techniques that ordinary people didn’t know. Jim Hunt VTA Publications formed VTA as a platform to teach these techniques to anybody in the world.

Make Mum a Millionaire
Jim decided to put his ideas to the real world test and formulated the “Make Mum a Millionaire” project. Using the same techniques he used to make his fortune, he started with a 1,000 British Pounds and turned it into 1,000,000 tax-free British Pounds. Jim says it’s not that difficult if you know the system and make the right decisions, “The trick isn’t actually the trading part- it’s finding the stocks that are so obviously pushing higher, even to the untrained eye. I’ll be cherry-picking the best ones so that I can make my mum a millionaire as certainly as possible- it’s more about certainty than speed with this exercise, as it should always be with stocks on YouTube.” He’s documenting the process on Youtube so people can follow along with his progress.

School of Hard Knocks, With Every Lesson Learned
Ideamensch Magazine recently interviewed Jim and asked him if he would change anything in his life. His answer was an emphatic ‘no.’ He said everything that he’s experienced, both good and bad, was a step to his current success on He wouldn’t change that for the world.

A Few Tips On Winning Over Clients

People will often say that they do not really care what others think. But generally, that is not really true. In fact, they want them to think that they do not care what others think. Further, the wise person will care deeply what other people think. What other people think will define their future. This is especially true for the entrepreneur. For the entrepreneur, her goal will be to win over a high volume of clients by establishing a brand. She wants them to think that she is reliable, professional, and efficient. Managing what people think about your brand is essentially what online reputation management is. In their article on this topic, Forbes pointed out a few ways that the professional can develop a better reputation.

Assess Your Social Media Platforms

Consider what other people will think about what you are saying and how you might be portrayed. Reputation Defender reviews advised that it would be best to look at your social media account through your bosses eyes. If there is anything there that seems to conflict with the reputation that you want to establish, then delete it. If there was a joke that might have been a little too crude or a comment that you are not sure about, just delete it. Start over, keeping in mind that you want to establish your reputation.

Tell Us About Yourself

That is one of the first questions that employers will ask when somebody goes into a job interview. If you want to know who a person is, the best thing to do would be to simply ask them. When your clients or potential customers want to know who you are, they are going to ask you. Provide a short bio that include your education, background, hobbies and interests. Let your audience know who you are.

Your reputation begins with you. It is all about what you want others to see. Let them in. Clients like knowing a little about you. When they see that you are reliable and strong, they will be more likely to make a purchase or a long-term commitment to your company.


MB2 Dental Solutions A Leader in Dental Management and Practice Development

MB2 Dental is a dental service firm that has partnered with affiliated dentists and practice owners everywhere. It provides guidance, knowledge, and personalized systems and services to privately owned dental offices. Currently, the firm operates in Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska, Texas and New Mexico. The company provides affiliated agencies with a suite of services that help them run their practices efficiently and effectively without lowering the quality and care standards that the patients deserve. MB2 also help affiliated offices in ensuring 100% clinical autonomy and excellent running all activities. The firm specializes in human resource; operations support, billing and collections and dentist credentialing. Moreover, the company also offers services in compliance, IT support, training and development, finance and accounting, business development and marketing. With over 500 employees, clients enjoy excellent customized services from MB2.


The founder, DR. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to see a community where dentists can focus on what they can do best. He wanted to ensure that dentists provide quality dental care to all patients across the United States. To make sure that patients benefit, the company had to develop strategies to ensure that dentists focus all their energy and time on meeting the needs of the patients. Therefore, the MB2 Solutions came up with the idea of helping their clients with the business and management aspect of their practice to free them to focus on patients. The organization is driven by a mission to ensure patients who visit their affiliated facilities get state of the art care. The firm strives to ensure that they handle all non-clinical tasks and develop strategic business decisions for their affiliated partners. The company has had incredible achievements since its inception in 2009, a factor that made the organization to quickly rise to have over 60 affiliated dental offices in six states.


MB2 Dental Solution consistent performance is based on four core values. Excellence is the first significant value. The firm strives to continuously improve the skills of its employees to ensure that their clients benefit significantly. Secondly, teamwork ensures that the organization combines the diverse talents, cultures, experiences and knowledge of their employees to bring the best out of them. Thirdly, adherence to integrity requirements makes the firm to work honestly, ethically, and respectfully towards their partners further building a good reputation. The last value that the firm puts into the task is innovation. Since the medical world is dynamic, the firm encourages new ideas, methods and strives to embrace change.


About Growth

The drilling industry is growing rapidly in Mexico. Many companies are coming into the area to drill for oil and take away market share from competitors. Cotemar is a company with a great approach to drilling. This company takes an active approach in sustainability, and they treat workers with respect. Over time, a lot of people have decided to invest financially in this business. As oil drilling continues to develop, Cotemar is in a great position to grow.




From the time the company was started, Cotemar has always been about delivering value to customers. This is a great company to work for because of how they treat workers. Few oil drilling companies have the internal regulations that Cotemar does. Cotemar is committed to making the world a better place in many areas. Being a good corporate citizen is important to Cotemar, and the company has had a positive impact in the lives of many people in a variety of areas.


Future Plans


In the coming years, the oil drilling industry should continue to grow rapidly. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are being made in the industry. Cotemar is in a great position because it leads the market in terms of science and technology. In addition, many of the best oil engineers want to work with this company because of the high pay and sustainability approach the company takes. Over time, Cotemar is going to continue to develop market share and have a positive impact in the local community.

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Hire an Experienced Professional for Your Plumbing Needs

When you have a plumbing leak or a drain that will not flow, you need a professional that can act fast and get things working smoothly again. The Sunny Plumber is there on the double when these things happen. They work with a professional attitude and provide many other services in the Tucson, Arizona area also.

The Sunny Plumber offers a variety of different services (see: services page) that do not involve emergency situations also. Water heater and plumbing fixture installations are just a couple more things that they can be called upon for. Sewage backups and garbage disposal repairs are also offered by this company.

Customers are happy to call on them, because they know that they will be taken care of professionally. They also know that the company will send someone out quickly to get the job done. They do whatever it takes to keep drains and water lines working efficiently whenever you need them.

The Sunny Plumber will give free quotes for any job that needs to be done. The crew has many years of experience with plumbing and stands behind their work by offering a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Their emergency service is available any time, day or night. This includes on the weekends and holidays also.

The Sunny Plumber is waiting for your call. Don’t be standing in water or running out of hot water while you are trying to take a shower. Let them help with your plumbing needs today. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem can become. For more information, check out

Contact Us:

A Visit from the Traveling Vineyard

People are more interested in wine than ever before. There are so many wonderful varieties and flavors from all over the world to enjoy. Red or White, you can’t go wrong with a bottle to enjoy with your favorite dinner or lunch. You don’t have to be a wine snob, but learning a little more about wines can help you make the right choices and find your perfect wine.

The Traveling Vineyard is an opportunity for regular people to introduce wines to their friends and family and to make a little money. You can work from home and this is a great opportunity for someone looking for extra income and a fun way to meet new people. Traveling Vineyards works like many home businesses like Mary Kay and Tupperware, where you arrange a party in your home or someone else wants to host a party and introduce the wines to others who can purchase them from you.

You will make a commission on what you sell. This is not one of those get rich quick proposals or multi level marketing and does not require you to buy inventory or recruit others.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in pursuing please visit their website for details. If you and your friends like to host parties this is a great way to introduce people to the world of wine and have fun.

This is also a great way to consider hosting a party for friends. You can contact a Traveling Vineyard consultant or visit their website for details to host a wine tasting party. Visit their Facebook page for some interesting ideas and facts. Always make sure your guests are safe to drive home from your party or offer to drive them.

Having social interactions with your friends and neighbors is an important part of a well balanced life, work and play plan. Each of these elements contribute to our well being and happiness and when we can do it with a nice evening and appetizers, friendship and a glass of wine to enjoy that is even better.

Let the Traveling Vineyard become part of your life and broaden your knowledge and horizons. Its a new beginning in a new year. Make this a year of transition and fulfillment.


Igor Cornelsen’s Proud Investment Legacy

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned global investor who retired in 2011. He has worked for several large financial institutions in which he was a great asset that contributed to their huge success. He currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

Igor Cornelsen’s firm is the where to go to when desiring to invest in commodities or the exchange. Cornelsen found the Baindridge Group, and this firm has gained a great reputation on as the Brazilian investment firm that significantly helped to prosper millions of clients in Brazil and abroad. And they have nothing but the best staff who are highly trained with years of experience in the market on And even though Igor Cornelsen has retired, he still enjoy and participate in providing advice to make smart long term investments in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen is also a great contributor to the remarkable economic growth in Brazil. This is due to his wise advising to investors to take a stance in the growing economy. This is also due to him taking Brazilian banks to obtain profits during the financial crisis.

Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

With his expertise and great reputation, Cornelsen was normally the first to be called. With his unique strategies at, clients would always come out on top financially. He spent several years studying and mastering the stock market; thus, knowing the details of what’s going to work and not work. He stated that his secret weapon is that Brazil is a little forgotten. Brazil is the fifth world economy, and he informs clients that if they wanted to see immediate and great results, it’s best to expand outside where the market is very strong. On the other hand, Igor Cornelsen also stated that it’s vital for clients to divide their money among various companies if they desire a change to project success. This way, the clients can have a more diversified portfolio of stocks that will pay off huge in the long run.

Even though Cornelsen is living it up in his retirement in beautiful Florida at the golf course and with loved ones, he still enjoy consulting people concerning investments. He continues to extend his services for people all over the world.

Brown Modeling Agency Is the Key to Success

The life of a fashion model is the goal of many girls. That life is seen as a way to become rich and famous by appearing on the runways in front of the rich and famous. To be a fashion model requires more than being tall, beautiful, and willing to be the object of admiration at work in front of the camera and comfortable with the results when they appear within the pages of fashion magazines. Advertising work is the best way to begin the professional journey but before that there are many steps a prospective model should undertake to start a career.

Training is vitally important. How to stand, walk, sit and most importantly how to pose and work with the camera person are important factors. Simple beauty is not enough. Every fashion photographer knows that equally beautiful models have an entirely unequal idea of what it takes to be a model. Some stand there impatiently and ask, “What do you want me to do?” Others begin immediately with poses practiced in front of full-length bedroom mirrors, and all the camera person has to say is good and make small suggestions.

Modeling agencies fall into two categories. Those whose primary purpose is to teach the techniques of modeling that include standing, walking, posing, makeup, health care, and facial expression. For the young wannabe model, this is the better choice. Other agencies do less training but require a professional attitude by the applicant. The Brown Agency is one of the latter offering opportunities to male and female models in the Austin, Texas area. They have provided models for thousands of local, statewide and international brands like Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, and Dell. Brown Agency models have appeared on the runways for fashion weeks in Austin, Dallas, and New York. They have also been a part of Miami Swim Week among numerous other runway shows.

According to, since 2010 the Brown Modeling Agency has had a strong presence in Austin and its president, Justin Brown, is proud to offer the finest modeling talent in the Austin area.

For more information about the Brown Modeling Agency, see their Instagram account.

If you are among the beautiful people, are tall and statuesque, and would like to pursue a career in modeling, walk into a local agency like the Brown Agency, and they will give you the necessary direction you need to take for the next step in your career. For prospective models who desire to know more about a career in modeling and how to go about becoming a model.


Invest Wisely with Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is one of the most prosperous investment bankers of all time. Martin is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a firm called Lustgarten Martin. This is a renowned investment banking firm that operates in the United States. Not only is this the best investment bank in Florida but also one of the best in the American banking history.

The company has received praises mainly due to the leadership skills offered by their mercurial founder. Martin has decades of experience in the investment industry. This has enabled him to have a profound knowledge and skills in this challenging industry. The company has reached its peak by safeguarding a good reputation with their existing clients and attracting more customers than any other investment bank.

One of the main reasons why Martin Lustgarten is the most sought after investment banker is his ability to communicate effectively and sway people. He has helped many clients raise funds for various business ventures and goes the extra mile of offering innovative financial advice.

Investment banks are different from the conventional commercial and retail banks. An investment bank is a financial entity that helps individuals and firms in raising capital through engaging in stock exchange. They help entrepreneurs and companies to find the most profitable investment plan as well as maintaining them in the long run.

You can say that investment banks act as a bridge between large entities and investors. Investment banks perform numerous functions such as underwriting, brokerage service for institutions and facilitating mergers and acquisition. Many firms and individual acquire the services of these investment banks to underwrite and issue these securities.

Investors acquire the services of investment banks as they specialize in the field of investing which enables them to provide valuable knowledge about fixed income commodities, equity security, market marking and trading of derivatives. One of the main services that investment banks provide is trading and promoting securities. These securities are then promoted by investment banks and the process is done through underwriting and research.

Investment banks provide a platform for potential investors to maintain and build their investments since they have a team of veteran and knowledgeable professionals who offer them valuable suggestions into the stock exchange.