What Is Sustainability And Why Does OSI Care So Much About It?

OSI is a food provider that focuses heavily on creating a sustainable market for them, their competitors, and especially their clients. Sustainability has become a big deal with food providers like them because it offers a variety of benefits.

Understanding OSI’s commitment to sustainability is worth understanding if you are interested in working with them. It can help you understand why they are often considered one of the most trustworthy and worthwhile food providers on the market.

Sustainability Explained

Sustainability is behaving in a way that replaces the items you have used. For example, if a food provider picks 10-acres of potatoes, they need to replant those acres in a way that helps make them available as quickly as possible.

Sustainability doesn’t focus just on food production, but it has become a major goal of many businesses. For example, paper companies have started replanting the trees they cut down in order to not only protect their bottom line, but to create a happier, healthier, and greener world for their clients.

OSI Group has become one of the industry leaders in sustainability, devising new ways of creating sustainable and long-lasting food cycles. As a result, they’ve become a popular group for those who are very interested in working with low-cost and high-return food providers, such as OSI.

Why OSI Focuses So Heavily On It

As a global food provider, OSI relies on giving its customers high-quality food that is both delicious and fresh. As a result, they need providers who grow fresh food and who aren’t just providing them with food that has been sitting around for weeks or even longer. Sustainable growing methods help eliminate this problem by allowing OSI and their providers to grow food in a self-sustaining cycle.

Sustainability methods, such as composting, are simple to perform and inexpensive. However, they offer a variety of benefits, such as decreased food production costs and higher quality food, that has made sustainability the goal of most high-quality food providers.

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Who Is OSI?

OSI is a food provider that works with a variety of overseas companies to create one of the most reliable and sustainable food sources on the market. Since their beginning 1909, they have been committed to providing high-quality food at fair prices that you can afford. OSI Group works hard to find the freshest food and strive to help their consumers and their providers understand the crucial nature of sustainable food.

As a result, they often work hand-in-hand with them to create an air-tight and impeccable environment that creates a sustainable supply of food. This helps keep the environment safe from excessive damage. It also helps create a less expensive food cycle that passes on savings to you as a consumer.

Learning More About Sustainability

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability and how you can achieve a more environmentally-safe growing environment, contact OSI or do some research online. There are dozens of companies across the world focused on promoting sustainable living and helping people achieve healthier living alternatives.

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Online Reputation Management Tips Every Business Should Master

Managing the reputation of a business online is a process that requires keen intervention. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, the online business arena is full of complexities and opportunities alike that every business has to deal with. It is easy to lose the reputation that a business has built for years and the rating of the business can go as low as zero within less than 24 hours. Therefore, having a perfect strategy that will prevent all the challenges that can bring about the loss of the reputation of a business is a good idea.

However, many people lack the skills to come up with a working strategy that will eliminate all the worries that come with losing the reputation of a business. Below are suggestions that can work for both the established and growing businesses.

Channel your connection through social media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools which you can use to market your business. Sites like Facebook have more than 1 billion users and the numbers are growing each day. When you share content through your social media account, the information stays online for as long as you want and many people can interact with your business easily through comments and reactions.

Through these social media sites, you can gather facts about your business that should tell you how people view it and its various products. Additionally, there are tools to boost your content at affordable rates that you can use to reach millions of users online especially when marketing a new product.

Monitor online activity

The mentions that are made online about your business count as part of your reputation. This information can either make or break your business and should be taken seriously. You can use monitoring software that will alert you whenever a certain keyword from your end is mentioned. Once you receive the alert, you can quickly head online to confirm the kind of information shared so you can reply promptly.

Create offers

People want to feel appreciated and part of your business, so you should not always update content marketing your products. Sometimes create content that gives users a chance to walk away with some prizes so you can attract more people to view your business.


Keith Mann’s Successful Investment And Hedge Fund Career

Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners through a partnership in 2011 and is the present Managing Director at the firm. Dynamic Search Partners offers clients with hedge findings and alternative investment products. It also provides search services and human resource staffing services to leading equity companies. Dynamic Search Partners has established its name to rank in the leading names of investment executive in the United States. Keith Mann’s investment career began as the Manager for Dynamic Associates, in the Alternative Investments Division. He then progressed the company’s portfolio and earned a promotion to Vice President.



Keith Mann’s outstanding investment successes features in major news platforms across the internet such as PRNewswire, Metro.Uk, IdeaMensch, Engadgement, BusinessWire, AnimalLiberationFront and angel.co



In an interview with IdeaMensch, Keith revealed that the idea behind starting Dynamic Search Partners stemmed from years of experience in the hedge investment industry. He told IdeaMensch that his childhood ambitions have a huge influence from growing up around successful investments in New York. He added to say that his company is an evolution of Dynamic Associates, which was created to meet the specialized needs of clients in the hedge fund and investment industries.



Keith cited that his day characterizes an initial exercise session that sets the focus level of the day and followed by a busy schedule throughout the day. Keith Mann’s day task is to oversee the offices’ operations of Dynamic Search Partners directly. The success of Dynamic Search Partners is hugely influenced by the integration of trending technology to serve their clients better, through their various online portals. Keith Mann’s career history involves working for Dynamic Executive Search, establishing Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, as its subsidiary and later expanding it in 2006, into an equity firm.



Apart from managing his company, Keith Mann is actively in kind acts. In 2015, Keith and DSP hosted a fundraising event for the Uncommon Schools. They raised $22,000 to sponsor millions of qualified and low-income students’ attendance to college. Keith commented that the effort by his company aims to close the significant achievement gap in society caused by lack of schooling fees for college going individuals. Keith Mann strongly admires Micheal Bloomberg for his professional success and moral leadership in the industry.


Knowing How Smart Lighting Works

A lot of people are well aware of the fact that they need to be more energy efficient in the home. If you have Lighting in your home that does not include smart lighting features, you are probably spending more on your electric than you should and this can easily change when you make the switch. It is very important for you to look into Gooee because of the fact that they have a variety of different smart lighting options that will benefit you in many different ways. This is a great company to go to when looking for smart lighting because of the different services and features that they have to the general public.

Gooee will offer a variety of smart lighting options that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in your very own life. You will find that smart lighting actually allows you to shut lights on and off depending on where you happen to be, so this means that you could have greater control over the electric in your house simply by using a smartphone or tablet device that you need at the current moment in time. There has never been a better time to switch to Smart lighting them right now and it is why you will find many different homeowners switching to this amazing option for themselves because of all of the benefits that come from it. Be sure to consider checking out smart lighting from Gooee yourself to see if it is a good option for you as well.

Your Way To Great Haircare

Did you know that the hair care industry is one of the largest and most popular industries in the world? There are thousands of brands/companies on the market, but are aren’t created equal. Money is the motive with most companies as they tend to implement harmful chemicals into the formulas. This not only lowers production costs, but rather creates issues. Sulfates are commonly used today and they create more harm than good. These sulfates can irritate the scalp by causing itching, dryness, and fragile hair. The best thing to do is some actual “due diligence.” Whether it’s shampoos, conditioners, serums, or gel these products will create more of a problem in the long-run than giving you proper health benefits.

To defy this illogical notion, WEN by Chaz is one of only a few major brands that have the consumers interest at the forefront. (WEN) was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean and has quickly become a fan favorite with women. These advanced products come in the form of conditioners, shampoo, gels, and cream. As of today, there are more than 50 distinct (WEN) products to choose from and all of them have specific intentions when it comes to hair care.

Wen hair by Chaz uses what mother natures has given us. Lavender, Wild Cherry Bark, Tea Tree Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile Extract, Rosemary Extract, Panthenol, Aloe Vera, and Pomegranate are all infused within the brand’s make-up. Founder Chaz Dean has taken a small brand and made it into one of the best selling hair care product lines to date. The products are available on both eBay and QVC stores. The success is a true testament of how well the products deliver good results. Whether you’re male or female, the benefits are too dramatic to be overlooked because WEN by Chaz is changing the game for the better with it’s revolutionary stance.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen

Norka Luque Grows Her Music to Become a World Sensation

Norka Luque has rapidly grown her music career to become a Venezuelan sensation. She is ready to fit celebrity positions like Shakira. She always portrays her talent, ambition, and motivation to become a top recording artist and performer. Before starting her music career, she never believed that she would one day achieve her goals in music. The challenges she experienced continued to shape her life in a great detail.


Norka was naturally born to become a singer, her love for music was witnessed at a very young age. At a young age of eight, she joined a cast in music which was entirely based on Shakira’s music. She developed her vocals after going to the United States where she improved her vocals with the help of the Piano. At one point in her life, she sought for a break in her music career. She traveled to France where she attended her college education where she earned a degree in Business Administration. Norka developed a passion in other areas such as culinary arts and marketing. She eventually gave up the whole idea to pursue a career in finance.


The ambition of Norka Luque and her resilience in her music has made her achieve success in her music. She has been singing since she was a child and now pursues music as a career. She brings her personal story through a message of belief and never giving up on one’s dreams. Norka Luque found her first musical success in Latin America within the United States. She hopes to continue achieving such significant success in 2016 with her latest releases and albums.


Norka Luque is currently preparing for the releasing of her song titled Tomorrowland. The song is expected to be as successful as her previous releases. The anticipation is based not in just the talent of the music, but in also her ability to produce music that appeals to everyone. Her music is today showcased in many famous places such as the Billboard Bash, her work has been immensely popular and loved.


For those that find Latin music interesting, they should look in music by Norka Luque. She is a must-listen artist whose nature of work is both exciting and transformative. Her music is today available for download at multiple places such as iTunes and any other music store. Give yourself a chance to listen to one of her albums, and you will understand why she among the most celebrated musical artists.

Why Switch to LED Lighting

For anyone who is tired of getting those High electricity bills each and every month, it is about time that you consider the benefits that come from switching to Gooee’s LED lighting. LED lighting is literally taking the World by storm because of the fact that it is a lot more energy efficient than anything else that is currently on the market. It uses a special type of bulb in order to reduce energy usage so that you can still have lights being used within the home or office and yet they are not so expensive to be running each and every day.

The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that there are very great things that come from switching to LED lighting and this is why so many people have chosen to do this for themselves. There are so many individuals out there switching to LED lighting because of the benefits that come as a result of accomplishing this for themselves and it is something to consider if you are tired of those High electricity bills that you get because of the fact that you are not using energy efficient bulbs within the home. If you feel that this is a good option for your own home needs, it is a good idea for you to look at different bulbs that happened to be out there so that you can choose the one that works well for you and it’s going to give you the benefits that come from switching to LED lighting.


A High Grade Security and Communications Company

It is extremely difficult to receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This usually requires rigorous attention to what a business is doing, how reliable their products are and being recognized as having the utmost highest regard for customer satisfaction. A recent report shows that Securus Technologies, a leading information technology producer based out of Dalas, Texas, has received this prestigious award. Securus Technologies, through a thorough and time consuming check list of the Better Business Bureau rubric, has been able to reach new heights in its progression to the top and has been given this rating after months of dedicated work towards it.


The company provides incredible communicative and security support for individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. This means that the majority of Securus Technologies clients are inmates residing within prisons and jails across the country. While many people consider these individuals to be a waste of valuable time, they are still consumers within America and still deserve a level of respect and honor within the system itself. In order to provide these people with the ability to openly communicate with their loved ones, Securus has created a free downloadable application that is compatible on both Apple and Android devices. This application makes it possible for customers to successfully virtually conference with their family members over a seamless streaming video chat interface. This assists customers with time management as it allows them to avoid the time constraints of physically being present for visitation rights.


Securus Technologies has proven itself time and again as a reliable and high quality technology based corporation. They have proven to be customer driven, reliant on the ability to successfully provide them with the highest in quality for products and service across the board.


The Ultimate In Total Haircare

If you want gorgeous long flowing strands of silky hair, your hair maintenance might be sabotaging your hairs true potential. Unfortunately many of today’s hair care products are full of harsh chemicals that strip the hair of moisture and causes frizzing. Dyes add flare to your appearance, but tends to dry and fry your hair which makes it brittle. Over-washing isn’t too great also as it strips the moisture and dulls the shine. There are many more ways to kill hair follicles than there are to save them unfortunately, but there is a great solution to your problems.

WEN by Chaz Hair care Products are one of the top brands on the market today and it gives you great hair care health with consistent use. Designer and founder Chaz Dean is a hair specialist and knows what it takes to give you long lustrous locks. WEN products gives your hair it’s radiance back because of it’s therapeutic ingredients such as:

  • Glycerin
  • Chamomile Extract
  • Cherry Bark
  • Lavender
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Rosemary Extract
  • And More

1.The Tea Replenishing Treatment Mist comes in spray form and is easy to use. The mist helps to revive hair between cleansing as it adds volume and more body.

2.WEN Basic Treatment Kit uses a mix of botanical, extracts, and herbs in an all-in-one blended formula. This kit is a cleansing conditioner, nourishes, and can be used as an anti-frizz product.

3.Lavender Styling Cream gives you many styling options and can be used as a leave-in treatment. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair texture, the cream gives you more shine and a stronger hold.

As you can see, (WEN) products are high quality and in-demand on Sephora. It’s time to take your hair maintenance to the next level so you can unlock it’s true potential. Watch the product infomercials on YouTube to learn more about this brand.

Product link: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

A Review Of The Much Awaited Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand that is focused on a humanitarian mission that is meant to bring some change to the world and encourage the growth of humanity. The company has come out as an ambassador of peace and abundance through their focused mission that will see them hold celebrations in 2020.

Recently, Lovaganza announced the dates for the 2020 celebrations that are highly anticipated and the company is looking to arrange a major event that will showcase the cultures of the world and encourage people to accept each other and live in unity.

To be celebrated across the whole world, the event will focus on creating tolerance and sharing a message that seeks to encourage the cementing of relationships. Preparations to the events that will occur come 2020 is underway and most countries have began shooting trilogies to be used in the 2017 Traveling Show.

The Traveling Show
In 2017, Lovaganza will launch the Traveling Show, which is projected to market the 2020 celebrations and offer a preview of the events that will crown the day. This show will tour different places across the world offering a message that reminds people about the main event. To make it more effective, the company is looking to use trilogies, which will be presented on immersive screens to heighten entertainment.

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Before Lovaganza decided to put the celebrations in 2020, they had selected 2015 as the right year but due to lack of preparation and the materials that would push the event to appear impressive, the dates were pushed five years ahead. In 2020, the event will incorporate the latest technological innovations and will be presented in a unique manner to surpass any other major event that has ever captured the attention of the entire world.

About the Lovaganza Foundation
Apart from championing for the achievement of a peaceful and friendly world through entertainment, Lovaganza is also working to help those that are marginalized through the Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation is focused on eliminating any problems that exist in different communities and the biggest target on this mission is children to ensure they are offered sufficient support to live good lives.

Through the foundation, governments will be encouraged to offer support programs that ensure children receive proper healthcare and all the basic needs that are necessary to guarantee them a future. The foundation is set to begin operations in 2018 and will address issues across the whole world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://academycreative.com/work/lovaganza/