The New Building On The Beach

There is a new building there on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is on Copacabana beach. It is called the Copa Star. At first glance, it looks like it might be a five star hotel. But a closer look reveals that this building, with its five-star restaurant inside, is a hospital!

Yes, it is a hospital, though you wouldn’t know it the minute you walk in. The lobby sports a grand piano, ultra-modern artwork by the famed Japanese artist, Yutaka Toyota, and overstuffed, fluffy sofas and chairs.

The restaurant was designed by a world class chef, as was the menu, which features dishes from around the world. Indeed, the restaurant is one of the finest in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Jorge Moll, the director of Rede D’Or, the parent company that built the hospital, D’Or plans to build more like it, in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. The building was constructed in a limited space, and occupies five stories.

There are 115 patient suites. Each suite of rooms has its own bathroom. There is a tablet in each room that the patient can use to control the temperature, the lighting, and even the drapes. The same tablet can be used to hold video conferences with the staff, the nurses, and even the doctors. The doctor can use the tablet to display for the patient the results of their latest tests.

There are 59 intensive care units. Each intensive care unit has a video screen controlled by the patient, which displays live scenes from the beach outside, the street below, and various areas around the hospital. This is done to combat the boredom and isolation a patient feels while in intensive care.

The nine operating rooms are the pride and joy of the hospital. They boast the latest in high tech, robotic assistants for an operation and other tasks. There are other pieces of high tech equipment in each operating room so that the doctors can perform further tests on the patient without having to wait. This improves recovery time.

The Copa Star plans to specialize in cardiology and neurology patients. D’Or operates a number of hospitals and clinics throughout Brazil.

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Fact Sheets of the Biggest Community Bank in Dallas: NexBank Capital

NexBank Capital net income in the financial year ending June 30, 2016, was reported to be $38.1M. Their assets valuation shot upwards by 61% to clock $3.5B while their total client’s deposits appreciated by close to 50% to reach $2.6B, in the same period. If you invested a thousand dollars with them, then you would have walked away with gains of 37.6% in just one year.

Divesting Plans Ahead

Speaking in an article published on, the President and the CEO of the investment banker said he was upbeat to report the significant ROI to their esteemed investors and shareholders alike. John went ahead to add that the proceeds would be reinvested in other viable growth opportunities NexBank Capital has been eying carefully.

BBB+ Rating Approved

The accredited lender issued loans totaling up to $2.5 B in the first six months of 2016 alone. NexBank was able to beat share and earnings estimates, and consequently, they retained their top tier credit rating agencies. The rating agent, Kroll Bond concurred with the sentiments of the President of NexBank Capital, and they upgraded their debt rates from BBB- to BBB+. Investing with the bank is therefore deemed a safe investment. Their current risk-based capital earnings ratio stands at a modest 12.98% which is a welcome relief to investors used to deal with risk factors of above 26% with a majority of the other leading banks.

About NexBank Capital

The financial powerhouse currently has around 150 employees working in their various branches, nationwide. The outlet got started back in 1922 in Dallas, Texas. According to Yahoo! Finance, Mary Pirello got promoted from being the Senior Vice President of National Warehouse Lending at the firm in the first half of 2016. Mary Pirrello now serves as the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association (TMBA); a post she’ll hold until the end of the 2017 financial year pending a contract extension. The prime services on offer include commercial, mortgage finance, and banking. The firm supports businesses by funding them with flexible and affordable credit.

Standing On Your Financial Side

Don’t feel like you’re alone when your financial life spirals out of control.

We help as long as you’re willing to embrace a helping hand. NexBank works to improve the financial life of our customers. We do more than keep your money locked away. The foundation of a better financial future begins with a perspective on your money. Your money is nothing to play with.

The decisions we undertake will make or break us, yet the world positions you, as a resident of Texas, to have a great advantage. The world is one big economy that ebbs and flows in every direction. The direction of our city is a representation of the potentials you have in our inner-city finance. There’s a financial side to everything in life, and you can be a part of it.

The “Wealth” Of Experience At NexBank

NexBank provides you with better financial access. This means our staff is highly trained, eager to increase wealth and the knowledge of your solutions. All it takes is a quick visit to your local branch. In no time, you’ll understand just why we hold such a large wealth of experience. Our knowledge comes from Wall Street’s best professionals.

Their expertise built NexBank from the success they have in the financial markets. The collective information, timing and mentorship you have in your hands is raw power. This is the power to change your financial destiny and with the odds in your favor. Who would have thought that Texas could become a center for international business?

The odds are truly on your side. …

Basic And Advanced Packages

The services at NexBank work through a number of options that get you started on your financial objectives. Some of you will buying houses at this time in the season, and your families are hoping for a place to call home. Others will be expanding business along the lines of growth made possible with a secure loan and an extra bit of cash.

Your dynamic and needs are our interests and concerns. We can help.

Ricardo Tosto Can Provide You With Quality Legal Advice

Are you looking for a lawyer who can help guide your organization through complex laws? Need an expert that can draft and review your organization’s agreements to keep your enterprise running smoothly? Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well known attorney and litigation expert. Ricardo Tosto has a prominent law firm that provides outstanding legal solutions to various clients throughout Brazil.If you manage an organization or run a business, you will benefit tremendously from having a reliable business lawyer. Lawyers have the knowledge and resources to help businesses and entrepreneurs understand the laws and how to avoid trouble.

Business owners and organizations hire lawyer for any number of reasons, including getting advice on purchasing or leasing property, labor and employment laws guidance, choosing a legal structure, tax preparation issues, and other matters that are essential to a running successful business.Ricardo Tosto aims to provide top notch legal expertise to his clients and help them stay in compliance with applicable regulations. Ricardo Tosto represents and advises many dedicated individuals, organizations and businesses in Brazil. Having a good lawyer is a necessity in today’s business world. Lawsuits , disputes, disagreements and other unforeseen circumstances can ruin a business if not handled appropriately.

That’s why it is imperative to have a competent lawyer on your side. Merging businesses, buying a business, acquiring of a business by another or selling a business are some of the activities where the expertise of a business lawyer is required. The decision to sell a business or buy one, for instance, comes with significant considerations.Many successful business owners and organizations have a lawyer on retainer. This is a great idea because it will allow you to focus on running your business while the lawyer handles the legal aspects of the enterprise. Ricardo Tosto is passionate about helping to facilitate his clients’ success in their various ventures. He dedicates his career to his clients’ business law and objectives from planning, legal structure, development and implementation. He provides personal and individual guidance and representation to protect his clients’ rights, assets and interests.

Todd Lubar has Lengthy Interview with Inspirery.

Arthur Becker is a real estate developer and investor. Becker graduated from Bennington College in the early 70s and then went to Dartmouth College to complete his education. He is the former CEO of both NaviSite and Zinio. One of his most recent projects was the redesign of an apartment building in Tribeca.

Todd Lubar got his first job at Crestar Mortgage after graduating from Syracuse University with a Speech Communications major. He stayed with the corporation for 4 years before he moved to Legacy Financial in Texas. Todd is now the President of TDL Global Ventures. All of his experience combined, he has been in the financial industry for well over 20 years.

In an interview Lubar was asked how he makes his money and Lubar explained that what he does is he finds people who are passionate about their goals and he assists them to achieve them. Todd explains that he wants to find individuals who may be spending their lives daydreaming about their passions and give them the financial backing they require to begin moving towards their dreams. Todd Lubar says that doing this is a calculated risk because so many of them are content with not chasing their dreams. His long resume has garnered him the experience required to pick out which of these individuals will act on their passions. These are the ones he backs financially.

Todd admits that at first he was doubtful that he made the correct career choice. He had to start from scratch and work his way up, he says it was quite an appalling experience. Lubar says that if you wake up the next day and stick with it, despite your inevitable failures then you are on the path to success. The best advice that Lubar had to give is to never lose motivation and remember if one approach fails you can always try another one. Check out LinkedIn for more.

When asked about the toughest business decision he ever had to make, he explains that every time he has to go on a business trip it is hard to stay away from his family for such a long period of time.

For those that may be interested in learning about financial business, Lubar recommends “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. He claims that the book has something for everyone in it. The book will help people maximum their professional time and will teach you how to maintain high expectations. Visit their Instagram page.

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Text Talkspace For Help With Your Mental Illness

In recent years, smartphones and technology have completely taken over our world. The combination of these two powerful things has transformed our daily lives, from the way we communicate with one another, to the way we shop and pay bills. So, it should come as no surprise that business is looking for ways to expand their digital service offerings to meet the needs of the tech-minded consumer.

Talkspace is one of the many organizations using the internet to transform the lives of others. Seeking help and treatment for mental health issues has long been stigmatized. The shame and misconceptions often placed around these conditions make it less likely for those who are affected to reach out. Talkspace offers a way for those individuals to seek help, right from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Users can choose from a variety of options like video and phone calls, or text-based service. With more than 1,000 licensed professionals trained in a variety of different areas, Talkspace has an option for everyone.

The organization’s unique approach to mental health treatment has received the attention of Magellan Health, one of the most successful health organizations in the United States. The company recently announced their collaboration with Talkspace. Soon, Magellan’s clients will have access to on-demand therapy provided through the Talkspace platform.

With Talkspace, anyone can access treatment without ever leaving their homes. Their extensive, nationwide network of licensed therapist has more than 3,000 hours of clinical experience and are committed to providing unbiased support to Talkspace users. To help connect users to the best therapist for their individual needs, the organization offers a free initial consultation with a Matching Agent, who will also shed light on how the platform works. Over 500,000 people trust Talkspace therapist with their mental health needs. Let’s all join the fight to destigmatize mental health, and support those who are coping with the difficulties of these conditions.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Takes Over The Top Leadership Of Bradesco Bank

Banks all over the world have the primary responsibility of providing financial services to clients. They play a central role in every country’s economy hence the need to be managed effectively. Bradesco Bank is a financial institution rated second by market value in Brazil. Recently, the bank announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be taking over as the chairman of the board of directors following Brandao’s resignation.

Brandao initiated the decision to resign on a personal account though he will still be in charge of some of Bradesco’s holding companies. He has reportedly expressed his belief in Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s ability to drive the company forward. The bank has upheld its long-standing tradition of sourcing from its human resource base whenever senior positions become vacant. Currently serving as the CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will hold the two executive offices until March 2018 when the new CEO will be elected.

The transition and change in management is a step towards renewing the bank’s board to ensure its continuity. The incoming chairman is a product of Bradesco and so will be the new chief executive officer. This management culture has been lauded to be favorable as internal employees are well versed and cultured in the dealings and ways of the company. The bank recently amended its bylaws to extend the maximum age limit for CEOs from 65 to 67. This was particularly done to enable Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to see through the process of acquiring HSBC and also to provide ample time for leadership transition.


The decision to promote the current CEO has now shifted all the attention to whoever will take over his position. Since appointment process at Bradesco is systematic, the successor will most likely be picked from among the seven current vice presidents. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has hinted key qualities required for the job are good leadership and self-motivation.

The seven individuals in line for consideration include; Mauricio Minas, Domingo’s Figueiredo de Abreu, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, André Rodrigues Cano, Josué Augusto and Octavio de Lazari. Each of the candidates heads various departments within the company. They have served Bradesco over a considerable duration and have significantly contributed towards the success of the firm. They will, however, have to wait until March this year to know their fate.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in Marilia. He attended the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a BA in Philosophy, Sciences and Letters. He later acquired a postgraduate degree from USP’s School of Sociology and Politics. Trabuco started working at Bradesco Bank in 1969 as a clerk. He has progressed through various ranks to become the company’s chairman of the board of directors.

He was appointed as the development director in 1984 before being promoted to the managing director executive in 1998. He also served as the executive vice president of the company before taking over the presidency from Marcio Cypriane in 2003. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has marked his days as president of the bank with increased return on equity and acquisition of HSBC, the largest purchase the firm has ever made.

His contribution to the bank’s high performance has played a crucial role in his appointment as Chairman. He is expected to uphold the bank’s vision of being an industry leader in driving economic and social development in the country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a visionary leader and is expected by the market to drive Bradesco to greater heights.


Betsy DeVos Brings Conservative Edge to Washington D.C.

When President Donald Trump took office at the end of an incredibly tough, and likely controversial campaign, he was finally in a position to act on his campaign promises. Chief among President Trump’s campaign promises was his decision to drain the swamp and fill his administration with outsiders who were willing to fight for his agenda, which was fundamentally different than the establishment. In order to make this happen, President Trump had to turn to political outsiders in order to staff some key positions. From Ben Carson to Betsy DeVos, President Trump sought to bring in qualified change. DeVos, as it turns out, will likely be one of Trump’s most fascinating selections. Betsy DeVos was tabbed to take over as the Secretary of Education and she did so, albeit narrowly being confirmed by way of the Senate. Now, DeVos is in a position to actually render out change. Let’s see a little more about her in order to learn of the direction that she will be taking the Department of Education.


Betsy DeVos comes into Washington D.C. as a complete political novice to the federal government and that is exactly what President Trump was looking for. Despite being fresh to the federal government, DeVos is someone who has spent her entire life trying to engineer change regarding the things that she feels most powerfully about. Betsy DeVos is a reformer, a devout Christian, and an adherent to the philosophy of school choice — a concept made popular nearly fifty years ago by the writing of Milton Friedman. As a school choice activist, also known as the school voucher system, DeVos has worked tirelessly to try and change the education system. Through her work, DeVos has helped to bring school choice, privately funded institutes, to 17 different states that will reach almost a quarter of a million students.


Born and raised on the Western edge of Michigan, Betsy DeVos would end up attending Calvin College. At Calvin College, DeVos would sharpen her mind and become something of a political maven, albeit in her own way. While DeVos has never run for office of her own, she got a taste of it when her husband, Dick DeVos, ran for Governor of Michigan. Now firmly on Team Trump, Betsy DeVos will be given a long leash with which to work as she seeks to implement some of her conservative and faith-based positions.


Still, if President Trump thinks that Betsy DeVos will be a puppet for his agenda, well, he would be wrong. Betsy DeVos is fervent in her belief in the school choice system and she is generally conservative in most of her positions. With that being said, Betsy DeVos is no dog to be paraded around. Betsy DeVos grew a reputation as a political bulldog and a true fighter within the arena and she’ll even go up against her party if her faith leads her in that direction. Now, we wait and see how effective DeVos will be in her pursuit of education overhaul. Learn more:

OSI Group President David McDonald: Helping The Company Expand Globally

David McDonald has worked for the OSI Group, a major international food processing company, for more than 30 years. Currently the company’s president and COO, the Iowa State University graduate has played a major role in the company’s growth and helped to put its award-winning environmental sustainability policies in place. McDonald, who has a BS in animal science, was raised on an Iowa farm. That background has made him a valuable addition to the OSI Group staff. Since joining the company in 1987, he has received several promotions culminating in him being named company president.

McDonald is married and has 6 children. The Iowa native and his family currently live in Warrenville, Illinois. The headquarters of the OSI Group is in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald is a staunch supporter of the activities taking place on the Iowa State University campus. He is involved in the school’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, funded scholarships for Alpha Gamma Rho, his college fraternity, and arranged for ISU students to visit the OSI Group facilities in China. In 2004, the Alumni Association of Iowa State University gave David McDonald their Young Alumni Award.

Several organizations have given David McDonald leadership positions because of his vast experience in international business and the food processing industry. He heads the North American Meat Institute board of directors, is a Marfrig Global Foods independent director and was director of OSI International Foods which is located in Australia. Since McDonald has been with the OSI Group, the company has expanded a great deal internationally. They now have more than 70 processing facilities and a significant presence in China, India and Europe. The company recently acquired Flagship Europe and the Dutch food services company Baho Foods.

McDonald recently explained that even though the OSI Group is a global company, a major reason for their success internationally is that they have local management teams. Those teams understand the local culture in the places they do business and pay close attention to the dietary preferences of the local population. This enables the OSI Group to think globally, use their size to make sure their facilities are efficient, while acting locally when it comes to creating solutions to and addressing the challenges they face in each local market.

Now the largest poultry processor in China, David McDonald says the OSI Group has focused on China because the country is the world’s largest growing consumer market.

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How Securus Technologies Helped Us to Catch a Fugitive

I work in law enforcement and have been called in many times when local authorities have trouble catching a fugitive. This year was no different, except the fugitive in question took it personally and would go on the offensive to bait me into meeting him one on one. There was no chance of me giving him the satisfaction, but he was the most challenging of criminals I ever had to confront.


Even when we would have a lead on his location, he would be close to the woods and simply disappear into the night. Even with dogs and helicopters, we were unable to locate him and bring him to justice. As the months passed, my frustration grew and so did the pressure from my superiors to get this guy off the streets. It was around this time that I decided I need to get more help.


One of my close friends in an agency across the country had been working with Securus Technologies to help tighten up their communications at his jail. He informed me that the company had training available and some of the software may come in handy in my case in particular. The reason being is that this criminal was always close to his mother, and we believed they were talking in coded messages all the time right under out noses.


So when the team came by and trained me on the technology, I immediately took a new approach in going after my fugitive. One day, the covert alert feature notified me that I had to get my team in position. Knowing where he was and the location of the nearby woods, we were able to position a team at the perimeter and catch him before he could even reach the treeline. This technology was instrumental in bringing a fugitive to justice.


Dr. Clay Siegall Shares His Passion For Sports

After his passion for curing people of cancer the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall, has a passion for sports, football in particular. He writes about it often on his official blog. One recent story he wrote about was that The New York Jets appear to be very interested in the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield. They met with him before he played in the Senior Bowl and it’s entirely possible they’ll sign him in the draft if he is still available.

He also wrote about Quarterback Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles. He had been the teams starting quarterback but he tore his left LCL and his ACL ending his season. His backup, though, has played well enough that his team will be in the Super Bowl. He says in Dr. Clay Siegall’s article that it’s tough not being out on the field but he’s still trying to do his best to help the current quarterback succeed so that his team can hopefully beat the New England Patriots.

When Dr. Clay Siegall opened the doors of Seattle Genetics it was a very different world when it came to cancer treatment. Back then doctors used a lot of chemotherapy to treat cancer which kills cells that are cancerous and normal indiscriminately. The only hope with this is that they kill the cancerous cells without also killing the patient. His focus is on using antibody-drug conjugates to create targeted drug therapies that only kill cancerous cells. This is not only a lot more effective but they don’t also kill the patient.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been an executive in the biotechnology industry for many years. He also used to research and development for cancer drugs. His research led to him obtaining 15 patents and he has published more than 70 papers on cancer. Through strategic partnerships he has signed with other major players in the industry his firm now has over 20 cancer drugs in clinical development. In 2011 his company launched one called Adcetris though a partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. It is now curing people of lymphoma in 70 nations around the world.