The New Building On The Beach

There is a new building there on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is on Copacabana beach. It is called the Copa Star. At first glance, it looks like it might be a five star hotel. But a closer look reveals that this building, with its five-star restaurant inside, is a hospital!

Yes, it is a hospital, though you wouldn’t know it the minute you walk in. The lobby sports a grand piano, ultra-modern artwork by the famed Japanese artist, Yutaka Toyota, and overstuffed, fluffy sofas and chairs.

The restaurant was designed by a world class chef, as was the menu, which features dishes from around the world. Indeed, the restaurant is one of the finest in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Jorge Moll, the director of Rede D’Or, the parent company that built the hospital, D’Or plans to build more like it, in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. The building was constructed in a limited space, and occupies five stories.

There are 115 patient suites. Each suite of rooms has its own bathroom. There is a tablet in each room that the patient can use to control the temperature, the lighting, and even the drapes. The same tablet can be used to hold video conferences with the staff, the nurses, and even the doctors. The doctor can use the tablet to display for the patient the results of their latest tests.

There are 59 intensive care units. Each intensive care unit has a video screen controlled by the patient, which displays live scenes from the beach outside, the street below, and various areas around the hospital. This is done to combat the boredom and isolation a patient feels while in intensive care.

The nine operating rooms are the pride and joy of the hospital. They boast the latest in high tech, robotic assistants for an operation and other tasks. There are other pieces of high tech equipment in each operating room so that the doctors can perform further tests on the patient without having to wait. This improves recovery time.

The Copa Star plans to specialize in cardiology and neurology patients. D’Or operates a number of hospitals and clinics throughout Brazil.

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Larkin & Lacey, Taking the Kingdom by Force

For centuries, different civilizations have been fighting for world freedom and peace. Less than a century ago, Africa was ravaged with a lot of slavery and oppression, something that was also happening in other countries across the globe. In a retaliatory move, individuals that happened to be slaves at the time rebelled against their oppressors and finally found freedom and peace, the kind of liberty we enjoy today. \

As much as the entire world calls for global peace, there is a given category of people who feel that they can push their luck so that at the end of the day they gain access to other people’s resources, cheap labor, and what a view.

Migrants have been on the receiving end of some rather painful sentiments primarily because they escape to other countries in search of better opportunities but end up getting exploited in the process. Since not everyone in this universe is evil and self-centered, people have joined hands and formed organizations that are meant to protect the interests of the minority groups. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

Larkin and Lacey are two individuals that have shown their passion for helping others succeed. Through their Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, the duo has been able to financially support organizations that fight for the human, civil, and migrant rights.

Michaels Lacey and Jim Larkin are two individuals that have had a rather exciting life. At one point in their lives, the two journalists faced wrongful conviction and assault by Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff at the time. The duo ended up suing the county since they had for a long time defended the First Amendment Right through their work and because of their ordeal they felt that the County owed them a big apology.

Shortly after, Michael and Jim were acquitted of any wrongdoing and ended up receiving a $3.75 million settlement, money that they have ever since used to help others. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has to a large extent supported the cause of one organization in Arizona by the name of No More Deaths-No Mas Muertes. Throughout its history, No More Deaths has been leaving food and medical supplies along migrant routes thus giving them the chance to reach their destinations safely.

Above all, No Mas Muertes has also been providing migrants with shelter among many other items at the Southern Arizona Camp. Since migrants rarely cross over through the Mexican border, the organization has been helping the deportees reach their families back at home as well as document abuses on their behalf that they might have encountered with border security. In other circumstances No More Deaths-No Mas Muertes has been helping migrants recover lost property that might have been detained by border security during the checkup. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The above has been one of the key contributions of the organization since it has always felt that border security unlawfully keeps migrants property with selfish intents. Through the No More Deaths-No Mas Muertes efforts, fewer migrants die today than they did before. Therefore, Jim and Michael have been instrumental in funding No More Deaths-No Mas Muertes among many other groups so as to bring to an end human oppression.

Arthur Becker’s Inspiration To Venture Into The Real Estate Industry

Arthur Becker is the Chairman of Zinio LLC, where he also serves as the chief executive officer. The company ranks as the leading newsstand in the planet. In the past, Arthur zeroed in on the technology industry. In the recent past, he started developing interest in the real estate business. To this end, he incorporated his company, Madison Partners, LLC. Previously, Arthur Becker worked for the Vera Wang Fashion firm, where he gained more knowledge about fashion and design. He generates money by investing in different properties that he renovates and later, sells or leases.

While investing in the technology industry, Becker made huge profitability margins. The executive advises individuals who are interested in the real estate business to take time to know all the verticals, given that it can be confusing. Most importantly, he urges them to focus on enhancing their marketing strategies. Arthur posits that while starting his business, he used his name, which was already known in the market, to promote his brand.

Arthur Becker contends that for one to start a personal business, he or she should have a strong marketing team that can help in popularizing the brand. They can also invest in business cards, shirts, billboards and pens to market their business. Becker attributes his success to his early entry into the market and hard work. He likes reading books that zero in on real estate business. He also enjoys following business trends and designs. The entrepreneur is a big fan of marketing and technological books. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

About Arthur Becker

Madison Partners focuses on early stage Bio Tech ventures and real estate investments. Before joining Zinio, Becker was the chief executive officer of a NASDAQ registered company, Navisite. The corporation offered internet technology services, as well as collocation and hosting solutions to businesses in the UK and US between 2002 and 2010. For seven years, he was a senior advisor at Vera Wang Fashion Company. In 2011, NaviSite was acquired by Time Warner. Since then, Arthur has been a private investor in real estate and technology industries.

As a residential development investor, Becker develops townhouses for various property owners. He has also expanded his business to Florida and New York. Becker is a proud alumnus of Tuck School of Business at Bennington College, Dartmouth.

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Logan Stouts Custom Health With IDLife

When looking to improve your health, you usually think about exercise. What you put into your body also matters. Finding the right products to help you get what you need can be tricky.

IDLife makes it simple. They use natural and high quality ingredients so you get the best experience from their products. They are also non-gmo, soy free, gluten free, and hormone free. You can find products to help with your sleep, energy, weight loss, appetite control, and many others.

Garmin likes what IDLife stands for and wanted to help make the goal to a healthier lifestyle easier to track. Garmin has wearable devices to help track activity and has made an app to work along side the products IDLife produces.

Logan Stout knows how good it feels to be in your best shape and health. He is a seven time world series player, coach, and successful entrepreneur. Logan Stout is also a published author. His goal is to empower people to be strong, successful, and have control of their lives.

Stout not only has a published book full of good information to help get people to success, he also has a website. On his website you can find ways to contact him and get personalized advice. You can also sign up for his emails. You will receive videos with different advice weekly for free.

Both Garmin and IDLife created by Logan Stout are successful and well known. Garmin specifically created the app to easily work with products from IDLife. The app is also customizable and user friendly. By using both of their products and knowledge, people can improve their lifestyle and live more productive lives. Getting healthy and feeling good about yourself doesn’t have to be hard. The resources that these companies offer could be the next step to getting healthy.


Understanding What Led Rick Smith to Create Securus Technologies

Have you ever wondered what the company that makes the communication system of correction agencies and prisons in the United States is?

There are many enterprises that handle the communication for other corporations, and this is called third-party telecommunication service. For prisons, however, the focus on security has to be tripled, and it must be the biggest priority of the brand providing the telephone service.

Sometimes, on the same note, there needs to exist a way in that communication system for the correction agencies to monitor and inspect past communications and analyze if there are any signs of crimes being committed and secret codes being transmitted through the telephone by inmates.

Because of these many rules and necessary precautions, the communication service provider needs to be specialized in providing for prisons and localities that handle dangerous individuals.

One of the most renowned companies in the business is the Securus Technologies, led by the CEO Rick Smith.

Rick Smith was the President and CEO of the telecommunications corporation Eschelon Telecom, so he has a long history of expertise in the business. Read more on

The firm was founded in 1998, and it was meant to provide innovative solutions and third-party accessibility to their telecommunications to their clients and partners.

A few years later, Rick Smith saw the necessity of having a specialized telecom company for prisons and correction departments, because law enforcers were struggling to find a call center service that could provide extensive security in their system and allow monitoring of past calls whenever it was needed.

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Securus Technologies was then born in 2008 as a solution for these departments to handle the telephone communication of inmates with their families and friends.

Since that time, Rick Smith has led many innovative changes that have made the company truly stand out in the business because of their focus on finding modern ways to implement their system into the agencies. In other words, Securus Technologies was one of the first prison-specialized telecom providers to ever delve into the smartphone system to be possibly used in these correction localities with the full security of a telephone service. It has been received with great feedback.

The other primary objective that is extremely necessary for a communication service in prisons is a way of controlling the entire telephone system from inside the administration office of that facility. For example, there are phones that inmates can utilize to call their parents and friends. There needs to be a way for the agents of that facility to directly monitor the calls from an office because there are many inmates to utilize the phones at the same time.

Rick Smith, understanding the necessity of a customized technology, has included both objectives into a single product. More than a hundred facilities around the United States are utilizing the services of Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith has developed a service that has acquired tons of positive feedback throughout the years. Rick Smith has developed a service that has acquired tons of positive feedback throughout the years.

Top Qualifications of a Talent Recruiter like Julie Zuckerberg

Have you ever wanted to become a talent recruiter?
Most professionals in the area love their jobs as the executive recruiter of a company or firm. Being a recruiter means meeting new people every day and being able to analyze the competitors of a job opening deeply.
Candidates often form a momentary bond with the recruiter as they share their personal life, information, and often tell a bit of their story as well in the data acquisition phase. Many recruiters enjoy immensely this part of getting to know many people and their stories.
Although it isn’t just easy stuff that comprises the occupation of being a talent recruiter, it is a career that allows for flexible working hours, relaxing social conversations and, more importantly, every company needs a recruiter to fill job offers inside their offices.
But, what is required to become an executive recruiter of talent?


We analyzed an American recruiter who goes by the name of Julie

  1. She has an impressive record of successful hiring projects, tons of strategies to hire the best for her clients and lots of experience in the market, with more than fifteen years serving as a talent recruiter for large and small corporations alike. Nowadays, Julie Zuckerberg is recruiting for the multinational bank Deutsche Bank.

While it isn’t clear what distinguishes a great recruiter from a good one, we can say that experience is a primary qualification for this job, as experience allows you to understand your candidates better every time you meet new people.
Julie Zuckerberg has a successful record since the beginning because she was lucky to comprehend exactly what it takes to identify the right candidate for that job offering. Sometimes, skills and qualities among the candidates you are analyzing may have different weights depending on what is the task seat that you are filling. Sometimes, dedication is worth more than a deep understanding of math; other times, math is essential. You have to know exactly what is needed for a good professional to fill that gap for your clients.
That is the main reason why Julie was able to assist in the success of the companies she passed through during her time leading their recruitment teams. She worked as both a tutor and a leader of the other junior recruiters, teaching everything she knows about the most important traits to be analyzing.
Julie Zuckerberg got her degree at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She studied Philosophy at the University, but most of her knowledge in the recruitment career came from self-taught knowledge and by seeking specialists and successful professionals in the area.
Analyzing the professional history of Ms. Zuckerberg deeply, she worked as Vice President, Executive Recruiter and Leader of the Executive Recruitment Team for Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions.
Considering that she got her position in Citi as an Executive Recruiter very early after graduating from her University (she got in Citi in 2007!), it is a very impressive doing to grow so fast in a large company like Citi.
Right now, she is at Deutsche Bank, as the Executive Recruitment Lead. With an impressive track like that, she will grow very fast inside the bank.

Investment Grade Wine With UKV PLC

UPDATED May 10th, 2017 – Check out UKV PLC’s new blog here.

Wine is a beloved beverage by many. Wine is something that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. At the same time, wine can be an investment and give huge returns.

These wine investments consist of highly regarded wine brands that cost a significant amount of money to purchase. There are many companies out there that work as wine consultants that search the globe, finding the most luxurious wines for their clients. While there are many companies that do the same job, there is only one wine firm that sets the standard in wine buying and selling. That company is UKV PLC wines, also known as United Kingdom Vintners.

UKV PLC Wines works with the most highly regarded people in the world, finding them the best wine and champagne. This wine consultant company allows individuals to buy wine and champagne off of their website. They also provide individualized services to high profile clients who desire a certain type of wine or champagne. UKV PLC specializes most in investment grade wines. Many people believe that wine is still a good investment and they believe it will give them huge returns in the future. United Kingdom Vintners is currently witnessing a huge demand in wine investments and wine sells. There are markets for certain wine and champagne that are emerging and those markets are bringing in a significant amount of money. With these markets, more and more people are learning how to invest in wine.

UKV PLC has a rather substantial social media presence. Their Instagram page has many followers and they post about the wine and champagne that they sell as well as where the spirits come from. The wine consulting firm also has a twitter page and a Facebook page. Each of those pages have followers who desire to learn more about UKV PLC.

Todd Lubar and the Makings of a Businessman

Mr. Todd Lubar is an investor and a businessman who works in the industry of real estate. Mr. Todd Lubar is based in the city of Potomac which is located in the state of Maryland. He is an owner of a company which has its main building set up in New Jersey. The company is called TDL Global Ventures, LLC. TDL Global Ventures, LLC is an organization that is dedicated to investments. Over the course of the last four years TDL Global Ventures, LLC has been expanding significantly as Mr. Todd Lubar has been occupying the position of President of the business.

Mr. Todd Lubar used to be a student at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He went to The Peddie School In Hightstown since 1987 which is located in New Jersey as well. In 1995, Mr. Todd Lubar completed his higher education the Syracuse University as he majored with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Speech Communications and Rhetoric.

The first position that Mr. Todd Lubar had worked was as a loan originator. He was working for the company of Crestar Mortgage Corporation. After a few years at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Mr. Todd Lubar was offered another position which he accepted, and so he became a part of the Legacy financial group for which he worked at an equity position. Mr. Todd Lubar was incredibly talented and successful in his line of work. He was offered a promotion, and he became Senior Vice President for a charitable organization called Carter Funding. What led Carter funding to offer Mr. Todd Lubar the position was his philanthropy work and his raising millions for charity. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Ever since Mr. Todd Lubar was a teenager, he has had a fascination with the industry of real estate. He enjoyed reading about it in books dedicated to the production and hearing real estate people in business talk about it. That inspired him to create his company TDL Global Ventures, LLC and to become an integral part of the Potomac real estate community. Mr. Todd Lubar also uses his business to do more philanthropy work. See more:

Check out his website

WEN’s Unique Combination Of Ingredients Promotes Healthy Hair

There are a lot of different products made to cleanse the hair. Cleansing conditioners are formulated differently than traditional shampoos. The unique combination of the cleansing agent and conditioner allows this type of product to clean without removing the essential oils necessary for maintaining healthy hair. The key to a good cleansing agent is found in the balance of ingredients. Cleansing conditioners have the perfect balance of both cleansing and conditioning, which eliminates the harsh degree to which some traditional shampoos strip away the oils and moisture hair needs to stay soft and flexible.

Cleansing conditioners often help hydrate the hair as they clean. This process also helps maintain a healthy scalp, which promotes the growth of new hair. Using a cleansing conditioner on a regular basis could help improve the overall condition of dry, brittle or dull hair. They also provide the added benefit of combining two products into one to help save time and money.

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WEN’s Unique Formula

The WEN Hair by Chaz cleansing conditioners use formulas that set them apart from other types of cleansing conditioner products. Each variety on WEN has its own special blend of natural plant extracts that help nourish and hydrate the hair. These extracts could include the beneficial properties of aloe vera, tea tree oil or chamomile. As a sulfate-free cleansing conditioner, WEN gently cleans the hair and scalp by removing the dirt and debris that builds up during the course of the day. The natural extracts contained within each product also help repair damaged hair.

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Why Your Online Reputation Is Everything

Although many consider the internet as a powerful marketing tool it is not without its cons. oftentimes, the internet has misleading information that internet users use to formulate negative opinions about something. Imagine having a prospective employer Google searching your name and interpreting your Halloween photo of being an ex-con as a real life photo. Having misleading information can be disastrous and it is becoming more of a problem than ever.

As the world becomes digital, we are becoming more reliant on the internet. With irate consumers leaving comments about businesses on Google reviews, slander has become easier than ever. Fortunately, there is a way to set the record straight and defend your online reputation.

The best way to combat the misleading interpretations on the internet is to hire an online reputation management company. A reason to hire online reputation managers is because they are experts. Online reputation managers possess the “know how” of cleaning up a person’s reputation on the internet. They do this by placing the negative information to the back of search engines and advertising the good information to the front of search engines. As a result, their client’s online reputation looks as good as ever.


Although there are people who can do it themselves, it is best to leave the task up to professionals. It is important for internet users to carefully consider the online reputation management company they choose for themselves. As with any business, there are scammers who will leave you disappointed. It is important to research the company you choose. Otherwise, they might end up taking your money and leaving your reputation looking worse than ever.

For those who floss their lives daily on social media, it is also important to consider what you post. The rude comment one made on Twitter could have been picked up by the internet and immortalized forever. With that being said, most people want to present the best of themselves to the world. This can be done by taking your online reputation seriously and making sure you do not have any potentially threatening information available.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Has Survived and Thrived

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the largest document providers for retail mortgage companies and lenders in the world. The company started in 1991 as a small, local title company that served its local area very well. Over the years it has grown, developed its proprietary technology, and the ability to provide documents at lightning speed, outworking its competitors by a mile.


In the world that where Nationwide exists the bottom line is the speed of delivery and the accuracy of the delivery to the customer. Retail mortgage companies and lenders rely on the assurance of companies like Nationwide for their supply of the necessary documents that are used to verify ownership and release of liabilities in property transfers.


Nationwide has nearly a 100% speed and accuracy rate of delivery on all of their documents which outpace the rest of the industry by a lot. Picture a real estate closing where, at the last minute, the proper documents fail to show up, are inaccurate, or they are the wrong documents. Think it seldom happens? Think again. It happens more often than people think and the disruption it causes can be serious. The closing has to be postponed, and it is possible that a buyer might just decide to do business elsewhere.


A lot of the success that Nationwide enjoys is credited to the employees and the training that they receive. The training is intense, and the business can become pressure-packed, but the employees are trained to handle it. As John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide says that employees are trained to handle pressure as they are aware of its possibility going into the position. There is a backup plan that helps employees take a short break if they get in over their head. A backup will step in and spell them for awhile.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales for Nationwide has stated that in addition to the employee factor, technology has been the difference maker for the company. Right now, Nationwide can reach into any United States county, jurisdiction, and any other document repository and find it and get it to the client immediately. Most larger customers have their portal, where with the proper security code, the customer can dial in and receive the needed documents on their own. The have to go through Nationwide’s technological system, but that is an immediate transaction for the customer.


As the past is probably a precursor to the future, the years to come for Nationwide will fare even better. That will be quite something to see.