Nicki Minaj a Body without a Soul

Nicki Minaj is a popular American singer, she possesses a body of profitable popular songs, and a physical body which is constantly on display to the media and to her fans. She is idolized by many preteens and teens for being popular but her political and social ethics seem to be sorely lacking. She is, in fact, a physical presence without internal substance. Minaj was recently asked by the Human Rights Foundation to cancel a performance in Angola sponsored by Unitel. The letter explained that the organizer of the event, Unitel is owned by the family of Anglan president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, unfortunately dos Santos and Unitel are both considered to be in violation of human rights. The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization considers dos Santos a dictator.
Minaj responded to this letter by, immediately, jetting to Angola to make preparations for this upcoming concert. The letter advises against dealing with dictators, or government corruption, or human rights violators. She disregarded the letter.
The warning letter was sent by Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, a Venezuelan human rights activist and film producer. He preferrs to be called Thor Halvorssen. The New York Times calls him a maverick, who champions the causes of the poor and powerless. He is dedicating his energies to right the inequities of the modern world.
Nicky Minaj and Thor Halvorssen are two very different people. The world would be a better place if Halvorssen had some of Minaj’s millions and if Minaj had more of the ethics and sentiments of Thor Halvorssen.
Entertainers are supposed to be in tune with the common folk but it seems than Minaj is only concerned with her bottom line. She should change her tune and awaken her desire to not only make millions but help the world become a better place for everybody.

Discover the Functions of Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health is famous for the administration of superior care facilities and the capability to provide ambulatory services. The company has its chief focus on the improvement of the accessible care to patients and the patient’s outcomes by providing procedures that are minimally invasive. The systems are supposed to be provided in a patient setting that is of low cost. Nobilis Health frequently makes use of the patient marketing and other proprietary technologies that are modern so as to drive forth patient engagement and proper education. Nobilis Health currently has more than seven surgical facilities that are found in Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale. The facilities are also in contractual partnership with some other amenities that are situated in Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, and Tennessee. Nobilis Health is famous for the development of systematic research of marketing channels that are modern. The research is done so as to be able to identify the most appropriate mix of patient awareness methods and education. Some of the traditional channels that are used by the corporate for research include the print, radio, television, yahoo web and point of care methods. The marketing channels include the social, search, web, and the mobile methods. The company runs campaigns that are aimed at blending the consumer and professional tactics to identify and also recruit the most suitable candidates for the programmes. These consumer marketing tactics consist of the use of websites, local marketing, paid search, and in-house call centre. The professional marketing tactics include referral coordinators, patient referral cards, and patient fax referral. Nobilis Health’s strength lies in its ability to develop and manage successful specialized surgical centers. When the company has done the identification of the proper marketing mix, it often results in the actualization of patient education objectives, which comprise of the identification of symptoms of a patient, identification of treatment options, and the awareness of the disease state and its current condition. The patient is immediately made aware of his rights and the treatment methods that are available. All this happens through the use of effective communication channels that have been established by the firm that makes dialogue between the patient and the treatment expert seamless. Nobilis Health can combine marketing with a form of excellence, especially in the implementation phase. This is done to be able to move the patient effectively through the patient continuum. The continuum mainly involves the awareness and also the education phase of the patient up to commitment and treatment.

Doe’s Fashion Rule Breaking

Fashion rules are all about colors that match and making yourself look better. Doe Deere is all about making you feel better about yourself no matter what you are doing in your life. Doe Deere has worked to create an empire of uniqueness where all of her followers will be able to improve not only the way that they look, but also the way that they feel about themselves. She knows that there are many fashion rules in the world, but she also has a few favorite rules that she knows you should break. Breaking these rules will not result in a travesty, but may result in your confidence levels skyrocketing.

Dressing your age is so out. Doe Deere thinks that no matter what your age is, you should dress in the way that you like. You do not have to dress your age to be attractive or feel good about yourself. Some people may feel better when they do not dress their age. It can be fun to dress however you want and not worry about breaking any rules. By throwing this rule out the window, you will be able to make yourself feel younger or even older if that is what you want.

If there are many things that you want to wear, but you don’t because you have to go to a special occasion or somewhere that it might be inappropriate to wear it, you could be suffering as a result of a fashion rule. Doe Deere does not want you to wear a bathing suit to your Christmas party, but she wants to help people break free of the little black dress epidemic.

Have you ever wondered how much more comfortable your Louboutins would be if you could just wear a cute pair of socks with them? Wonder no more! Doe Deere has thrown this fashion rule out and so should you. You can choose to wear your open toe pumps with a pair of socks and do it in a cute way. One thing to remember when you are doing this is to make sure that your socks are not too thick that you won’t be able to fit into your favorite pair of heels.

As a fashion blogger, Doe Deere has seen her fair share of fashion rules. She religiously followed these rules until she realized how ridiculous they were. Through both her blog and her makeup line, she has made it clear that these rules are for chumps. You do not have to follow any fashion rules just to look good. You will always look good no matter what you are wearing as long as you have the confidence to rock what you are wearing. Doe Deere has worked to make these rules less prominent and she knows that you can come up with your own favorite rules to break.