Gourmet Dog Food Is Here

The sales of premium dog food are growing every year. The Daily Herald points out that sales have increased by 45% since 2009. Currently, sales of premium selections are over $10 billion per year. Considering the total revenue generated per year in the entire pet food industry is $23.7 billion according to Yahoo Finance, it is obvious pet owners realize high-quality pet foods are the better choice for their canines. Beneful, Purina‘s premium dog food line, is a perfect example of a brand that is going to draw in customers. Many wet foods produced by Purina Store/Beneful are modeled after menu selections found in gourmet restaurants. A few selections look as if there are packaged versions of home-cooked meals. And then there are dry and wet food items that may come from a health and nutrition store. The success of premium dog food in the Amazon market is leading to more companies getting involved in manufacturing top-grade dog foods. Established companies are looking to buy up currently-existing premium brands. This is interesting because gourmet pet food was not extremely popular a decade ago. Today, pet owners do realize that improving a pet’s diet is going to deliver the same benefits to a pet that better nutrition has on a human being. Beneful’s food choices promote the vitamins and nutrients found in them. Even the dog treats bearing the Beneful name highlight the positive effects such as their impact on a canine’s teeth. Dog lovers who want to be sure their pets are taken care of are going to be drawn to such health-conscious offerings. Access to premium pet foods is easier these days than what was the case in 2009 and earlier. Retail giants are carrying premium pet foods and this allows for more customers to buy the foods. And there are buying premium dog foods in huge numbers.

Beauty and Fashion Rules to Break According to Doe Deere

According to Doe Deere of Lime Crime
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She has created a magical, colorful, and cruelty-free line of cosmetics. Ms. Deere is a striking CEO. She is vibrant and colorful. She is a founder who does indeed stand out. She believes in uniqueness. She does hold the belief that makeup is for any boy or girl. Complete self expression is a wonderful outcome of makeup. Makeup has the ability to give anyone the full freedom to be themselves in every way. According to Doe Deere there are some beauty and fashion rules to break. There are many who will make the claim that fashion and beauty comes with firm rules. Doe Deere will claim that these set of rules are only suggestions. The beauty and fashion rules are not set in stone. The rules are meant to be a guide to assist you when you are just getting started. Beauty and fashion rules are merely good suggestions that can change with your particular style.

Favorite Rules to Break
There are some favorite fashion rules to break. The pallet and shade rules are some wonderful fashion rules that can be broken. Makeup has the ability to be whimsical and very colorful in every way. The following are some good rules that may be worth breaking:
* bold eye colors with bold lip colors; there have been claims made that every person must only wear one bold color at a time. This rule lacks fun. Bold colors really look vibrant on eyes and lips. It is all right to mix and match with bold colors. This may add excitement while looking refreshing
* don’t mix too many color combinations; everyone can enjoy a large splash and mix of colors. Mixing a variety of colors together may be worn without apologies. Color combinations can be paired together and will look beautiful when you trust your own instincts
* patterns cannot be mixed; it is ok to wear different patterns together. Some look great mixing 0ver 14 different patterns. A variety of patterns are great fun
* wearing sock with open-toed shoes and heels is against the fashion rules; socks can truly be stylish and wonderful
* neutral and tidy; everyone can have wild and fascinating colors added
* dress your age; you can enjoy your unique self without dressing your age.
* stay with one style; everyone can branch out when it comes to their style. Change and variety will add enthusiasm to your life

Studied Fashion Design in New York
Doe Deere was born in Russia. When she was 17 years old, she relocated to New York to study fashion design. She has a wonderful online career as a makeup artist. She started this career in the year 2005. She creates a stunning variety of high-performance makeup that offers intense colors for everyone.

How Stephen Murray Aided in the Creation of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a large investment firm that has holdings in businesses throughout North America. It also owns businesses in Europe. It’s hard to pinpoint the company’s investment structure because it owns stock in four completely different sectors. Only a small number of investment firms have lasted as long as CCMP. The company’s existence is a product of several buyouts and mergers. CCMP is named after the four firms that have a stake in the company.

This company has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital could be thought of as the organic product of several different financial institutions working together. The company’s leveraged buyouts often make headlines. It owns PureGym in the UK. PureGym recently bought out 43 LA Fitness locations. CCMP Capital was original called Chemical Venture Partners. The name Chemical Bank was phased out because it wasn’t really familiar to a lot of people. CCMP still has a lot of investments in companies that Chemical Bank would have invested in. CCMP isn’t a well known brand name, but it owns companies that are known throughout the world. CCMP’s management teams actively monitor their investments. The size of the company ensures that they will continue to see successful returns because of their ability to use their own capital as leverage.

Stephen P. Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital until early 2015. Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics degree. He later got an MBA from Columbia Business School. He went on to start a training program with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This is a company that would eventually merge with Chemical Bank. Stephen P. Murray founded CCMP. It was initially intended to be a branch of Chemical Bank. The business integrates the branches of a lot of different banking institutions. These institutions include Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan.

CCMP is now a huge banking institution that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Corporate mergers have given the bank huge amounts of capital to push around. The firm has seen solid returns for decades. The firm has a different team of people managing each of the four sectors it invests in. Some of the company’s investments have dried up, but the company’s portfolio is so diverse that this hardly matters. CCMP is the major shareholder in Quiznos. Quiznos claimed bankruptcy in 2014, but it hasn’t had a huge effect on CCMP’s earnings. CCMP has invested over 7.6 billion dollars in Quiznos and similar businesses. CCMP also has investments in the industrial, energy and healthcare sectors. The company’s selective investing strategy has ensured that the business is always experiencing solid growth.