Brian Bonar, Cambridge Who’s Who Financial Executive of the Year

Brian Bonar is a well-known finance executive. He was recently named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. He began as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Trucept, Incorporated, a company formerly known as Smart-Tek. Currently, Brian is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

This distinguished award is only presented to two male and two females who are named as executives of the year. The award is based on academic achievements, leadership abilities and other professional accomplishments.

Bonar ‘s business accomplishments are due to his experience, diverse background and specialized training. He graduated from James Watt Technical College and then earned a Masters Degree from Staffordshire University in Mechanical Engineering. Brian Bonar’s 30 years of experience in professional management in the finance industry makes him uniquely qualified to oversee the operations for Delrada.

For the last 10 years, he has served as CEO and chairman of the company. This position made him responsible for a large range of employer and employee benefits. He was also responsible for aftermarket products. Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

His company serves as Marketing Liaison and supplies its clients with a vast variety of employee programs designed to increase efficiency. Some of the programs included greater employee benefits, workers compensation and liability plans, risk management insurance, and financial management. They also provide business management and promotional services.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

In addition to his role as CEO and Chairperson of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Bonar is also the head of Allegian Professional Business Service. He also has an active role as union member with the American Finance Association.

The award given to Brian Boner is quite an honor considering the pool of qualified candidates. A select committee must choose the best candidates from a large pool of qualified people. The focus of the committee in choosing the candidates is picking the people who live up to the criteria in the professional aspects, as well as whose lives and attributes live up to the role of outstanding executives.

Venezuela Coca Cola Production Down

Reports from Dateas state that the Venezuelan economy is going through some really rough times. This affects the people and industry on several levels. The downturn in the economy has also led to a shut down of the Coke production plant in Venezuela. In fact, Coca Cola has suspended all production in the country. This is disheartening news for the people that work in the industry and the stock market. Clearly, the shutdown is due to the lack of an important ingredient in the product. That important ingredient is sugar.
The Coke Shut Down
Representatives for Coca Cola in Venezuela state that the shutdown had to happen because of the decreasing amount of sugar that is available in the country. Other reports further state that the country is in the middle of a water shortage too. The water levels in the hydroelectric plant are at an all time low point. The plant supplies the majority of electricity for the country. At this point, expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks the government has resorted to rationing water out to the country’s people. In addition, the oil industry is struggling with the economic changes that are seriously affecting the country. It is interesting to note that at one time, Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the Latin American region. Economists are looking to a change in the future to return the country to a better condition.



Madison Street Capital Proudly Serves Communities

Madison Street Capital inspires to develop strong companies within towns and cities throughout the United States of America. By providing guaranteed support and making a commitment to organizations such as United Way and providing the necessary needs of it’s clients, Madison Street Capital’s goal is to make a difference by changing lives and making a strong impact on local communities as well.

Based in Alexandria, Va, the United Way utilizes a nationwide program, committed associates, and a powerful public participation skill to enrich lifestyles and mobilize communities. United Way’s objective to pinpoint and help resolve important community issues, which includes creating significant changes through relationships with College Universities, Government Agencies, Financial Firms, and Voluntary Associations within the communities.

During 2008, a 10-year plan was established to make improvements in education ,to help communities to achieve financial stability and to get working families on the road to economic independence by 2018.

The highly skilled team of professionals at Madison Street Capital have extraordinary associations, experience, and the appropriate knowledge; permitting it to be among the top investment-banking businesses of the world. Madison Avenue Capital experts have the skill to arrange the proper financing and capitalization plan to meet each customers’ specific needs. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the investment banking company has establishments in Asia , Africa, and North America. Madison Street Capital has years of combined experience to provide numerous financial options supplying key marketplace investment-banking (M&An advisory), restructuring services, assessment and M&A services for hedge funds, buy and sell facet solutions for private-equity, company advisory providers, enterprise value options, worth for financial reporting, and fiscal opinion services.

Madison Street Capital also offers ongoing portfolio valuation services for a diverse set of resource-management clients. Their highly-skilled fiscal specialists know the risks that are involved because of inadequate disclosures in regards to high level and complicated investments which is why it’s fairly crucial to preserve highly- economic experienced professionals to assist in providing the appropriate services.

We are ensured by your tremendous knowledge in the review and equally economic evaluation parts as truly being an honored provider for handling the most sophisticated and difficult situations. Madison Street Capital understands the importance of support which is not unnecessary to concern a good view, what to a successful and substantially less expensive strategy prospects in change.

Madison Street Capital’s delivers as one of the best service providers to resource managers with the finest quality of assistance to the market.

Our business understands the necessity for independence in increased security’s present surroundings. Our practice’s construction blocks stays our motive to reducing conflicts of interest and ensuring that our stats are objective.

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Lime Crime Makeup Company is Dominating Instagram

Social media accounts can turn anyone or any company into a sensation overnight. Not everyone has that special touch to become an instant hit, but there are exceptions, like Lime Crime.

An Instant Hit on Instagram

Lime Crime, a makeup company, is sweeping the digital world. The company has hit Instagram and was instantly welcomed to the community. The company’s Instagram has surpassed 2 million followers. The brand uses their Instagram account to connect with customers and has made a community for those who love Lime Crime products.  They can be followed here: @limecrimemakeup

What Do Lime Crime Followers Have in Common?

Lime Crime was built on Doe Deere’s vision of a cosmetic line that was bold, natural, and unique. For far too long the bolder side of some people has been laid dormant because cosmetic lines like to keep colors generic and subtle. But Deere wanted a bit more splash, so she introduced colors that one would not normally associate with makeup.

The colors are so vibrant that one might call them neon-like. This sense of breaking away from conventional makeup is part of what connected the 2 million and plus followers to each other.

Another thing that connects Lime Crime’s Facebook followers together is their love for natural products that do not contain unorthodox or artificial ingredients; the products are beeswax based. Beeswax is a natural moisturizer, which does wonder for the lips and is also cruelty-free.

These are just some of the reasons why Lime Crime’s followers are more than just fans but a family. Yes, beauty matters to them as much as self-expression, but they are also connecting on moral grounds. It would not be surprising to see followers of Lime Crime following each other from time to time.

Lime Crime–as an Instagram sensation–is definitely breaking ground, which is to be expected because that is what Doe Deere’s vision did for makeup.  Check them out online, where Lime Crime lipsticks can be bought.

The Investment Bank Of Laidlaw and Company

There are many investment banking services out there, but Laidlaw and Company has demonstrated exceptional expertise in managing investments. They manage the investments of numerous companies and public organizations. However, they also manage the investments of many individuals. The company has a very long track record of skill at investing large sums of money. In fact, their track record goes all the way back to their founding in 1842. Not only are they very skilled at investing money, but their fees are also reasonably priced. They offer a lot of different options for investors to choose from. Whatever investment style suits your needs, Laidlaw & Company will be able to use it for your money.

Laidlaw will use an investment strategy that is good for your specific needs. They work with a wide variety of different types of investors. They work with public organizations in various regions of the United States and also England. In addition, they manage the funds of companies. However, they also manage the investments of individuals that have very unique tastes in terms of risk tolerance and the mode of investing. The company on is very skilled at helping people to invest in stocks. However, they also are skilled in helping people to invest in various non-traditional investments.

Laidlaw and Company has a lot of different offices. While the company is an English company, they have a number of offices on in the United States. They have an office in London. However, they also have offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Stamford, and Melville. Laidlaw & Company gives the contact information for all of these offices on their website. They also make it possible to track your investments online, and this can help you to guide your investment strategy as time goes on.

Children’s Hospital Short On Medicine Due To Economic Crisis

The JM de Los Rios Children’s Hospital in Caracas is one of the country’s top medical facilities. And although the hospital employs some of the most skilled surgeons and doctors in the world, children are still dying.
Every part of Venezuelan society is touched by the desperate economic crisis according to recent report by El Venezolano. Quality healthcare for all citizens was a promise made during the revolution. That promise has fallen on deaf ears, and many children paying the ultimate price. The government is unable to supply the badly needed drugs for sick patients. Cancer medicines, anti-epileptic drugs and even antibiotics are near impossible to find.

Former chief of the hospital’s intensive care unit, Huniades Urbina, is a man on a mission. Him together with Mr. Osio have been attempting to expose the shortages at great personal risk. The corridors are lined with President Nicholas Maduro’s loyal militia. “The climate of fear is real. Anyone who dares to tell the truth is deemed disloyal and could be subject to arrest or worse,” says Urbina.

The country is in a state of emergency, says Urbina. “Everyone is poor. Even the doctors.” The paltry sum allotted by the government is not enough to live on, and most people are forced to purchase subsidized food.

A few people have turned to securing medications from underground organizations. “It’s the only thing people can do until things change,” said Urbina. International assistance is a possibility, but for now, Venezuelans are forced to secure drugs any way they can.