Keeping your dogs healthy and happy with great products from Beneful

Finding the right kind of nutrition for your dog is of the upmost importance for you. With so many brands out there to choose from, how do you know that your dog is getting the important nutrients that he or she needs to live a quality life?

At PurinaStore, Beneful offers dog owners delicious products that dogs are sure to love. Real meats and vegtables encompass the mixtures of these products so you know that your dog is getting the nutrition that is so vitally important to them. One variety that keeps dogs interested in mealtime is Beneful Originals Real Beef Dry Dog Food. This blend has a 5star Amazon consumer rating, it has the great beef flavor dogs love, while packing in rich antioxidants. Hints of spinach, carrots and peas make it all the more interesting to a dogs palate. There are also Chicken and Real Salmon flavored Dry Dog Foods with the same great benefits.
Beneful also carries Prepared Meals, such as Chicken Stew with Rice, Carrots, Peas, and Barley. These come in handy 10 ounce containers in packs of 8, and are resealable! But I doubt you will have any leftover to reseal. Dogs absolutely love these! And they can also be added to the dry food, if so desired. See,
We all know how important snacks are, especially when our dogs are craving a little something in between meals. Beneful has some great new options like Beneful Baked Delights Heartfuls with Apple Flavored Filling, and Real Bacon Dog Treats. And for smaller dogs, they offer Beneful Incredibites with Real Beef, a dry dog food snack.
Last but not least, many of us have dogs who may gain a little weight, especially during winter months when, let’s face it, all of us may not be as active. For those of us who may want to keep watch over a more healthy weight for our dogs, there is Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken Dry Dog Food. Maintaining a healthy balance of calories without skimping on taste, this is a great option for maintaining a healthy weight for our four legged friends. This blend has a mix of tender and crunchy pieces, and is blended with vegtables and apples! With so many great options at Purina, Beneful products are sure to have something for every dog’s tastebuds!

The Founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group

As the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group (DFG), a group of independent and licensed companies, David Osio is responsible for the domestic and global strategy firm. The team is focused on giving expert financial advisory services and asset management. In addition to collaboration with the board of DFG in defining the vision and mission of the company, David Osio oversees operational matters, ensures effective management practices, and participates in the development of the portfolio of financial services firm. After establishing the first asset management company to the needs of the Latin American market, especially Venezuela, Mr. Osio has spent nearly 20 years transforming DFG into a global company with offices in the leading financial centers such as Geneva, New York, Miami, Panama, and Lisbon. The group deals with an exclusive clientele and is one of Venezuela’s premier financial consultative agency.

David Osio worked with the Latino International Bank from 1989 to 1993 as deputy president of commercial banking. As manager of the departments of corporate and private banking, he was responsible for defining strategies. During his time with the Latino International Bank, Mr. Osio reached increases in the international portfolio of the bank, counterbalancing the relative instability in Venezuela’s banking industry at the time. In this capacity, all corporate departments, customer acquisitions, and market strategies were all under Mr. Osio’s supervision. The banks’ significant development and formidable international standing were due to his determination. Highly experienced in business management and financial services, David Osio has been pivotal in the Venezuelan and Latin American market in financial law, commercial banking, and financial advising.
In 1988, David Osio graduated as a lawyer with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas. He began his career in Venezuela as Director in the Legal Desk MGO, providing legal advice to multinational clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro.

Nearly ten years later, David Osio completed a specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas, from 1996 to 1998. In 2010 he achieved advanced professional credentials, studying Management Investment Portfolios in the New York Institute of Finance, further sharpening his skills in investment banking and advising.

Other than his career in the financial sectors, Mr. Osio is dedicated to supporting the Wayuu Taya Foundation and donates to the Orthopedic Hospital for children in Venezuela through charity. His interests include art collection, international travel. He can be found playing with The Miami Symphony Orchestra where he is registered.

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Madison Street Capital Is Optimistic About Recording High Hedge Fund M&A Transactions

A leading international investment bank, Madison Street Capital, released a report detailing transaction activities as well as available M&A prospects in the hedge fund industry. The report highlighted that the investment bank managed to close 42 hedge fund deals last year. This was an increase of 10 transactions compared to the 32 transactions undertaken in 2014. In addition, AUM, which measures the volume of transactions, registered a 27% increase in 2015 relative to 2014. Experts in the industry believe that 2016 shall be a profitable year given the deal momentum as enhanced by increased transactions towards the fourth quarter of 2015.

In 2016, assets in the industry have registered success despite the below average performance of the hedge fund strategies recorded in 2014. In order to have higher required returns, most investors are diversifying their portfolios to varying alternative asset management sector. These investors hope that they will be able to match their returns with liabilities. Most managers running small hedge funds are not in a position to operate at their optimal portfolio capacity levels because they are unable to attract new clients. These managers are also incurring astronomical operational costs and are under extreme pressure to lower their fees. To this end, most managers have been forced to reconsider strategic alternatives.

According to Karl D’Cunha, the deal environment has registered impressive improvement in 2016 as compared to 2015. Karl continues to asset that different deal mechanisms are being deployed to incorporate the needs and preferences of buyers and sellers. Karl posits that the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented. This way, more consolidations will continue to take place, especially formation of partnerships that are geared towards bridging distribution to provide a range of product offering. Karl is a senior managing director at the Madison Street Capital. This information was originally mentioned on as highlighted in the link below

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has employed the services of professionals that have vast experiences, extensive relationships and remarkable knowledge. This way, the firm has become a premier investment bank in the globe. The company specializes in corporate finance as well as providing advisory services regarding mergers and acquisitions. The experts employed by the firm are in a position to arrange capitalization structures and appropriate financing based on the specific needs of the clients.

The headquarters of the investment bank are located in Chicago, Illinois. The company has offices in Asia, Africa and North America. Owing to its many years in the industry, Madison Street Capital is able to offer a wide variety of services that include restructuring services, hedge funds, valuation as well as corporate advisory services and financial opinion services. Since its inception, the investment firm has assisted many clients in broad range of industries. This information was originally reported on Madison Street Capital’s website as explained in the following link

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Madison Street Capital Firm Overview 2011 from Madison Street Capital

“Magic Mike XXL” Sees The Franchise Hit New Levels Of Success

The movie business is notoriously fickle, but certain movies seem to go from strength to strength as they hit a nerve with the movie going public; “Magic Mike XXL” is one of those movie franchises that seems to push on to greater success at all times. The original “Magic Mike” movie was a surprise box office and critical success for Warner Bros. Pictures, before the release of “Magic Mike XXL” led to what many feel is the launch of a franchise that could run and run.

A reported budget of just under $15 million was followed by a box office return of more than $120 million to make this one of the most successful movies in terms of profit levels of 2015. Many movie Websites and magazines are now stating the “Magic Mike” franchise could continue with the return of Channing Tatum’s Mike to the group of male strippers could lead to a third film being produced and more beyond that.

One of the areas of “Magic Mike XXL” that has been praised by critics and the public is the portrayal of women in the movie, which often shocks those who have yet to take in this comedy drama. Crystal Hunt takes the role of Lauren in the movie to show the high quality of the supporting cast featured in “Magic Mike XXL”, the Emmy nominated actress brings her skills to the role featured in party scenes with the male stars of the movie.

Crystal Hunt has done much to build a successful career as an actress and producer who has been working in the entertainment industry since she was a child. A Clearwater, FL native, Hunt is known for appearing in a range of roles, including her breakout performances as Lizzie Spaulding in “Guiding Light” and Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live”. Hunt enjoys a varied life and career that also sees her look to business as the owner of a pet boutique in her home state of Florida.  Check out her photography website, and be sure to have a look at Crystal’s official fan Facebook.

Coworking Spaces Make It Easier For Workers To Succeed

As an alternative to working from home or from an office, coworking has soared over the past few years.

While the term coworking can mean different things, most agree is about choosing an individual preference to work along side others instead of working separately.

Harvard Business Review researchers have found people who work in a coworking space thrive, achieving a 6 on a 7-point scale.

Their study identified coworking spaces as places of work where very different combinations of freelancers, remote workers and other independent workers gather together outside the traditional office environment to work.

Some of their findings included the workers found their work having a more important effect and that they are more in command of their work. Unlike a more conventional office, coworking spaces are made up of members who are employed by an array of diverse companies and projects, which allows for less direct competition.

The environment also allows for more of a cooperative, collaborative and learning sharing.

The coworking spaces are more often than not accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The workers can decide to take an extended period of time off during the work day or choose at what time they want to focus solely on their work.

The coworking spaces also allow the workers to feel connections with the others who share their space. And yet socializing is not required or enforced which the coworkers find just as important as it allows them to decide when and how to work together.

The study also determined coworking is increasingly making its spaces available to an added variety of people as well as businesses not just freelancers and remote workers. For example, companies are integrating coworking into their business strategies as an alternative place for employees to work.

Whether coworking spaces are the answer for employees, they should be in command of and have flexibility in their job surroundings.

One prevalent coworking space located in Midtown Manhattan, WorkVille NYC is known for its motivating atmosphere that ranges from move-in ready private offices, shared offices to open desks as well as team spaces and an interior back office suite for six.

WorkVille NYC’s residents consist of start-ups, satellite offices as well as small businesses.

Just steps from Times Square, WorkVille NYC facilities offer phones, whiteboards, wired Internet, terrace lounges and event spaces among other amenities.

Anthony Marsala Spot on Hard to Get List

The 40 under 40 list is not one that comes easy and not something that just any industry “expert” gets on. It takes a lot of success, overcoming many obstacles and having just the right attitude to ensure that anyone gets a spot on the list. This can mean the difference between being the less-than-half of people who make it from the eligible pool and being the other ones who have to work even harder to get on the list the next time that it rolls around. Anthony Marsala was one of the select few who were selected to be on the list.

The NACVA puts out a 40 under 40 list every year and does so with the intentions of listing the best people in the industries they are major players in under 40 years old. The list is a tradition and something that many people work toward throughout their career. To be put on the list is almost a way of “getting there” from many different angles and the goals that the people have been working toward. It is a great time for anyone to be able to make a list like that, especially people who are under 40 years old.

Anthony Marsala has been successful since his original plan of founding the Madison Capital firm. This means that he has seen the company become better and grow from Day One. He has been working toward making it better which has, in turn, made him better. He has had a successful career and has big plans to continue the success that he has seen at the firm. He knows that without the success of Madison Street Capital, he would never be able to see the big things that he has seen or do many of the other things that sit on his resume.

Madison Capital is a financial firm that is dedicated toward helping the clients that it serves. It, and the employees who make it up, have been helping people since it first began and they have always wanted to see a great deal of success with the clients that they have. Because they focus the majority of their efforts on the clients, they have been successful. It is easy to see how always putting the people of the company first will help others to recognize that the clients should come above all else to see the type of success that Madison Capital has had.

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Shah’s Philanthropic Life

Shah Sanjay Began his career at KPMG working in London working as an Accountant attached at an entry level position and later moved work at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank and then moved to Morgan Stanley. He served in the management position in Morgan before turning out of employment sector to start his company Solo Capital in 2009. Shah from his school days knew how to manage his part-time well and after founding his firm he gave most of his time in the daily management of Solo Capital.
Shah Sanjay is born of immigrant Parents from Kenya, but he was raised in London. He got married to Usha and had three Children, Nikhil their youngest Son started to develop mischievous behavior at the age of four years. The family thought the condition was normal just like any other illness, but it becomes frequent and consistent. They rushed Nikhil to Dubai Hospital where Doctors did not realize the real cause of his problem, but the boy immediately undertook intravenous fluid replacement. Nikhil condition worsened he was transferred to Portland Hospital and got diagnosed with Autism. Shah family devoted much of their time to Nikhil to show affection that led to Sanjay relegate his daily management of Solo Shah. Shah was advised by Doctors to hire a physiotherapist for the period of five years for Nikhil.
Shah Philanthropist work started early due to his big heart for the Vulnerable and underprivileged Children by sending to donations to children in India through Plan International. Due to the illness of Nikhil, Shah established a foundation called Autism Rocks with an ambition of promoting awareness about Autism and early detection in Children. Autism Rocks helps other firms and individual in carrying out research about Autism in Children through providing funds. The awareness message is driven to people by use of musical concerts and charitable events that members of the public are a call to support through donations. Most of the funds come to Shah Sanjay, who is the President and founder of Autism Rocks. The Foundation is based in London with offices in Dubai.
Shah Sanjay is the founder and President of Solo Capital Markets and other many firms across the United Kingdom. Solo Capital Partners is regulated by Solo Group holding which is further owned by Aesa S.a.r.l. Solo Holding Group Controls the operations of British Virgins Island, Malta and The Cayman Islands and recently Solo Capital Markets purchased Old Park Lane Capital, which is under the ownership of Shah Sanjay.


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The importance of Feeding your Dog with Beneful Dog Foods

Beneful Dog Foods are foods made by Nestle Purinastore processed frоm natural foods. They аrе high-quality foods thаt are balanced giving the dog all it requires for a healthy lifestyle. They do not contain unnесеѕѕаrу іngrеdіеnts like fillers, flavors or соlоrs and meet the AAFO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for a development of puppies and upkeep of adult dogs.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals
Good ingredients are what one will find at the heart of our Originals with Real Salmon recipe. Real salmon accentuated with sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots is 100% nutrition with a taste all adult dogs will love.These foods are compared and considered as canine’s fast food.
Chopped Blends™ with chicken, carrots, peas, and wild rice
Keep the dog’s taste buds excited with this finely diced, savory mix with real ingredients that can be seen served a little sauce to let its delicate flavor and delightful texture shine through. Many canine lovers know that thе diets of their pets are as vital аѕ thеirs.
Beneful® Dry Dog Food Playful Life with real beef & egg
At the heart of our Playful Life recipe, there are healthy ingredients. This product is made from real farm-raised meat and blended to perfection with whole grains and accents of vegetables. It’s 100% nutrition, a taste an adult dog will love and the protein essential for active muscles.
Beneful Wet Dog Food Savory
After every meal of meaty chunks, wholesome grains and veggies the canine will be happy. It will love digging its teeth into this prepared blend. If there are any leftovers, just reseal the tub.
These foods are simple to digest, and the nutrіеnts are quickly absorbed. Pеt оwners have noticed that thеir dоgs produce fеwеr and lеѕѕ smеlly stools. These foods enriched with nutrіеnts соrrеcts imbalаnces thаt аrе іn a dоg’s system.
People who don’t feed Beneful dog food don’t know its advantages. They can’t comprehend that thеir pets may be sick frоm consuming unhealthy diets. Dogs that feed on a well-balanced meal feel gоod both іnside аnd оut. Beneful is available on Wal-mart and other local stores.

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How a Public Relations Company Dealt with its Own Reputation Crisis

A year is now over since Status Labs had its first-hand encounter with reputation crisis. The firm was hauled into negative reviews because of controversial actions of one of its former executive. The controversy started as local news and transformed into a state media story.

Despite helping more than 1,000 established business and prominent individuals in improving their reputation as from 2012, Status Labs found itself in the similar boat. The firm maintains a positive view of the online reputation management sector. It understands reputation management is an instrumental tool to various types of business plan. The company offers second chances to deserving businesses and individuals.

Dealing with bad reputation

Status Labs moved swiftly to deal with the crisis. It began by changing the leadership. The workers unanimously demanded the executive in question to resign. The Status Labs’ team published the resignation news on popular media including an open letter from employees of Status Labs as well as a team photo. This step helped the general public to understand that their anger was misplaced.

The firm started engaging in local community activities. It began to support Austin non-profits and charity organizations such as Caritas, Capital Food Bank of Texas, Urban Roots, and Dress for Success. The company’s employees enjoyed volunteering in community projects, which boosted their morale.

A summary on Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the Co-establisher of Status Labs, a prestigious online marketing, public relations, and reputation management company. Currently, he is the President of the company tasked with the responsibility of overseeing strategic investment plan of the firm. Due to his extensive experience in management of reputation for both institutions and high profile individuals, Fisher is a valuable asset for Status Labs. The main offices of the company are headquartered in Austin while other offices are available in Sao Paulo and New York.

Under the able leadership of Fisher, the company has grown to more than 35 employees, created meaningful relationships with prominent public relations agencies, political campaigns, executives, and Fortune 500 firms. He has profiled top publications like New York Post, Daily Beast, Smart CEO, Christian Science Monitor, and Biz Journals.

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Bailey The Beagle Loves Beneful Tuscan Style Medley Wet Dog Food

My dog named Bailey is a beagle. Bailey used to have a very bad habit of eating food off of family members plates if they walked away from them for even a minute. After countless dog food brand changes, we finally found Beneful. Ever since being on Beneful Bailey has not stole food off of anyone’s plates no matter how long they are away from them. Bailey loves many things about Beneful as do I. As Baileys owner some things I love about Beneful are that it is nutritious and is very reasonably priced if bought from Wal-Mart. Some things that Bailey loves about Beneful dog food is that it comes in many different flavors and types and tastes great well filling him up. Bailey most of the time eats Beneful’s wet dog food [] instead of the dry dog food. Bailey’s favorite type of Beneful wet dog food is the Tuscan style medley. Beneful’s Tuscan style medley is made with beef, carrots, rice, and even spinach. Due to the healthy and nutritious ingredients of Beneful dog food, Bailey is able to stay fit and healthy as well as happy and full. Last but not least is Bailey’s third favorite type of Beneful wet dog food and it is their roasted turkey medley. It is nice that Bailey can eat meals that are well rounded and still delicious to him. When I feed Bailey Beneful dry dog food i buy him Beneful Incredibites in the real beef flavor. Beneful is truly the best dog food out there and their is nothing better than being able to give my dog the best well not breaking the bank at the same time. Due to the great quality ingredients used in Beneful I will never have a unhealthy dog again. Beneful is also available online via Amazon.