George Soros Thinks he Is a Money God

Consumed and enthralled with tipping the global economy on its head, George Soros thinks of himself as a monetary god who is getting ready for something big. With all the funding he has passed into the political scene in the United States to bring it down economically so it falls apart and will then submit to a global new world order, it just does not seem to come to fruition. He is now eighty five years old. He only has a few years left. Yes, people are living longer now with all the healthcare innovations, yet, when it is time to go, it is time to go. Many people hope it will be his time to go as they love their United States and George Soros does not.

George Soros is working hard to undo the sovereign states in the United States so that he can establish socialism in the world without the United States. He feels that the world should be able to vote in the United States elections because the policies have a worldwide effect and that should mean that the rest of the world should be able to have a say in matters of the United States. So he has his billions of dollars invested in various groups to disrupt the order in the United States. He has funded groups such as Move on dot org and Occupy Wall Street to cause disruption in the electoral process. He funded the Obama run for the White House. He funded Black Lives Matter a group that is influencing militant Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam to assassinate policemen as has transpired in Dallas Texas, Baton Rouge, and Kansas City in the last few weeks. The goal is to keep the home fires burning out of control.

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George Soros also funded Governor John Kasich to stay in the Republican Primary Race until Ted Cruz dropped out by donating 700,000.00 for John Kasich to run attack ads on Ted Cruz but not Donald Trump. Soros does not want Ted Cruz to ever become president because that would be counter productive to his political outcome preference which is globalism and dissolution of sovereign states in the United States. He is totally against the United States Constitution and Cruz is a staunch constitutional conservative for decentralized government and power to the states. Read more about George’s life story at

With George Soros’ endless bank rolling of various groups and political candidates such as the Clintons and others who are for big centralized government and globalization as is President Obama, he is doing everything he can to destabilize the economy here so that his dreams of a Fabian Socialist Utopia worldwide will fall into place. He just purchased billions in gold stocks so the end may be close. He hopes to see it. In reality, his efforts are just not adequate as the Founders put together a government whose people seem to find a way to pull back together.

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FreedomPop Changes the Mobile Carrier System

FreedomPop has been growing through the cracks these past couple of years as the company extends their reach around the globe. FreedomPop, at their core, is a mobile phone company that wants to focus on giving customers exactly what they ask for without having them deal with all of the extra garbage. So in order to make that happen FreedomPop started up their own freemium plan, offering customers a limited amount of talk, text, and data for no cost. With this free plan as the core of FreedomPop’s offerings, the company has grown in exponential ways. Let’s take a look at what else the company is offering.

FreedomPop CEO Stokols knows that the company needs to continue elevating what they have for offerings in order to keep customers coming back. Running your company like a digital buffet of services means that you need to have more services on tap. This has led to a few key expansions that’ll keep customers more than happy. One of the newest, more popular, plans is the $5 WiFi expansion. For the better part of the last year we have seen FreedomPop work toward implementing over 10 million different WiFi hotspots throughout the United States. These hotspots were installed so that users of the $5 plan can access them whenever they are in the area.Imagine that you live near a WiFi hotspot: would you want to spend money on purchasing actual WiFi for your home, or would you rather just tether for $5? Not a bad deal at all.

Next up, we should point out that FreedomPop has partnered up with Sprint in order to get their coverage as far and wide as possible. While Sprint isn’t the largest cell provider in the United States, they are one of the big four and more than capable of keeping you in connection with people that you need to get a hold of. Along these same lines FreedomPop is working with Samsung technology to give customers new phones to choose from when joining with the network. While FreedomPop is ‘bring your own phone’, you still have the option to buy some of the newer phones available.

FreedomPop hasn’t become a house hold name yet in the United States but it is well on its way. With successful expansions overseas it seems like just a matter of time until it is considered next on the list of ‘big mobile carriers’.

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Doe Deere Proves Her Cosmetic Prowess Online


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because she wanted to make her own cosmetics, and she began by making the cosmetics in her own home. She has released videos online that explain how she made the items in her home, and she has proven that her products are all quite genuine. This article explains how Lime Crime has become a destination for women who are in need of the best cosmetics products for their counterculture lifestyle. Learn more:

#1: Why Does Doe Share Her Wisdom Online?

Doe shares her wisdom online because she wishes to help her customers understand why Lime Crime is much better than other brands in the industry. Her videos and pictures depict a woman who is totally-free to create any look she wants at any time, and Doe wants her customers to feel the same freedom she feels when using her cosmetics.

#2: Showing Off Amazing Colors

The Instagram pictures and videos created by Lime Crime are perfect for women who want something that is flashy. The flashy colors offered by Lime Crime will match bright hair, and they will help women wear something that makes them feel as though they have step out of the comfort zone of traditional cosmetics. Doe explains that all her cosmetic products lean on the edge of what is considered mainstream.

#3: Social Media Connects Millions

Social media accounts are a swift method of reaching customers, and Doe maintains her social media accounts for the benefit of her customers. She prefers to help customers learn how to use her products well, and she shares advice that she uses to create her own personal style. Customers are free to copy Doe’s style, or they may work with her cosmetics to create something completely different.

#4: Doe Has Built An Online Empire

Doe has built an online empire that women may shop with when they are in need of better coloring. There are vegan products that appeal to that lifestyle, and there are bright products that will compliment dark colors offered everywhere else in the cosmetic industry. Complimenting a lifetime of dark colors may be done on the Lime Crime website.

Doe Deere is an innovator who believes that shopping online for bright colors is a proper method of looking special. Women will feel as though they have walked into a new world of color and beauty, and they may wear as much Lime Crime makeup as they like.

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The Power of Investment Banking

An investment bank is a financial mediator that executes a variety of services. Investment banks specialize in handling large and complex deals. Many investment banks are associated with or are subordinate companies of larger banking establishments. For example, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank are some of the largest banking institutions.

Investment bankers are the ones who help governments, corporations, and other groups strategize and control their projects. Investment bankers save their client’s time and money by foreseeing any risks involved with a project before moving forward. Investment bankers are the experts in their field who understand the present situations of investing.

Investment banking can be tricky. Martin Lustgarten is an example of an expert investment banker. The CEO of Lustgarten, Martin, out of the Miami, Florida area.

Like Uncle Ben said to his nephew, Peter Parker (Spider-Man), “with great power comes great responsibility.” This applies to investment banking; handling company’s funds and having the power to do things with those funds is tempting to some. But it can also land them in a lot of trouble, like many before them.

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Michael Zomber Produces Films Through Renascent Films

Renascent Films is a company that was founded by Michael Zomber and his wife Andrea back in 1998. The company has released several films that were produced Michael and Andrea, such as the Soul of the Samurai and Deep Sea Diving.

The following list contains several movies that were produced and distributed through Renascent Films.

Soul of the Samurai: Michael Zomber directed this documentary and released it through the Cinema Guild. The documentary tells the story of how the Samurai survived through centuries of war in ancient Japan. The Samurai lived in a time of violence, honor and tradition. They believed in a code of honor known as the Bushido: Way of the Warrior, and they also invented a weapon known as the Samurai sword. Zomber uses 3D animation to bring Japanese woodblocks to life in this film.

La Cucaracha: Eric Roberts stars at a Walter, a penniless man who moves to Mexico to start a new life as a writer. He spends his days in a local tavern drinking and receiving food out of pity, and he spends his nights trying to write his novel in an abandoned shed. He has the opportunity to make money as a hit man, but the mob shoots him in the back when the situation does not go as planned. He survives the gunshot and plans to get revenge on the group who attempted to murder him. The film also stars Joaquim de Almeida and Victor Rivers.

Deep Sea Diving: Deep Sea Diving is a critically acclaimed one-woman show starring Diane Luby Lane. This theatrical show is also known as Born Feet First, and it was actually produced by Andrea Zomber.

Renascent Films did more than just produce films, documentaries and theatrical shows. The company has also helped independent producers with financing and technical expertise. Fans can still watch the Soul of the Samurai through Cinema Guild today. Be sure to check out what Zomber has to offer as a writer on Amazon.

George Soros advises against Brexit

George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire, philanthropist, investor and author. He was born in Budapest in 1930. He chairs Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundation supports democratic ideals in many countries. He is also among 30 of the richest people in the world and is one of the greatest financiers in history. Due to this, his views on investing and economic issues get a massive following.

George Soros predicts that there would be great consequences if Great Britain opts to leave the European Union. He says that there would be a currency and stock market disaster if that happens. Some of the people who agree with him include former soccer star David Beckham and British Prime Minister, David Cameron. He further continued saying that if Britain left the European Union, the British Pound would be severely weakened, and standards of living would be lowered. He cited what happened in 1992, commonly known as ‘Black Wednesday’ when the British currency lost 15 percent of its value due to Britain opting out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Soros said in an opinion article in the Guardian newspaper that this time round it could be even worse and that the currency could fall by 20 percent or more.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

The supposed proposal of Britain to exit from the European Union is known as “Brexit.” As with the case of the 1992 exit which brought about a rise in manufacturing exports, George Soros noted that it would be highly unlikely this time round. He estimated that the pound and the euro would be of the same value if “Brexit” were to happen. During Britain’s European Exchange Rate Mechanism exit, Soros Quantum Fund bet against the British currency, and he made a profit of a billion pounds. This incident occurred on a Wednesday, and that’s why it was given the name “Black Wednesday.” The British Pound at the time was overvalued against Germany’s currency. Soros gave three main reasons as to why Brexit wouldn’t be as beneficial as Black Wednesday. These reasons are:

– The Bank of England cannot afford to cut the rate from the already low levels.

– Brexit would bring about uncertainty in trading conditions and hence the loss of currency value wouldn’t help exports.

– Currently, the UK has a large current account deficiency, and there is a probability that there will not be another inflow of cash.

Soros said that a vote to leave could lead to a “Black Friday” at the end of the week.

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