RWS’ New Reputation Management Software Has Just Been Announced

RWS provides services to retailers centered around certain independent durable goods. Sellers like RWS bring the public things like furniture, appliances, and mattresses. In short, the purchases are somewhat larger in scale than others, and so the demographic can be primarily a solid one.
On August 23rd, 2016, Retailer Web Services (RWS) announced their new software WebFronts Review. This software has been developed partially based on a consumer survey which was conducted among a group of 1,400+ participants. The survey concerned buying habits based on the information which consumers gleaned from reviews of products by other consumers. From that research six best practices were developed by RWS, which will be explored.

The best practices used for this demographic rely in a high quotient of review sharing. Basically, Monitoring, Alerting, Responding, Soliciting, Showcasing and Sharing is the process around which WebFronts Review has been developed. When online reviews from multiple websites can be monitored from a single location, it’s easy to alert users that a new review–positive or negative–has been produced. From there, responses can be sent out either automatically or directly. There are templates for such responses designed to streamline response time, as well as that spent composing an answer to a good or bad review. Solicitation comes in the form of actionable feedback requested either from negative or positive reviewers. Negative reviewers are encouraged to say what they disliked. Should that be something fixable, a company can fix it. Positive reviewers are prompted to say what they did like, and which aspects of products actually worked. When a positive review is gained, it should be showcased on the main website of the company; and this shouldn’t be an hours-long process, but the click of a mouse. Additionally, good review is a good way to Brand Yourself and should be shared on social media so disparate consumers and long-time regulars can be made aware.

Using these best practices, RWS has designed a new software which is part of an increasingly integral quotient of retail operations in modernity. Protecting reputation through cogent online marketing and management really can’t be understated in today’s world, and opting out of such programs isn’t an option anymore.


How Helane Morrison has Carved a Successful Compliance Career

Helane Morrison works at Hall Capital Partners as the Chief Compliance Officer. Besides this, she serves on the financial advisory firm’s executive committee. The company is privileged to have such an experience individual in it ranks. It has been steadfast in its efforts to clean up the image of financial services firms, which was tarnished by the economic meltdown of 2008. Hall Capital Partners endeavors to enforce accountability, regulatory compliance and integrity in its dealings. Helane’s work is to ensure that these qualities are adhered to.

Ms. Morrison’s role at Hall Capital Partners befits her sharp and assertive mind. She is also known for being hardworking, something that has made her a legendary figure in the field of compliance. She always insists that all investments that the firm makes on behalf of its clients, are above board. She works in liaison with a team of financial experts whose role is to ascertain that brokerage firms, or mutual funds that are chose by the firm are trustworthy. Helane leads a highly dedicated team of compliance staff, who ensure that such issues are not overlooked.

Ms. Morrison’s Résumé

Helane is a journalist and attorney by profession. She studied journalism at Illinois’s Northwestern University where she graduated with honors. Thereafter, she joined the University of California Berkeley School Of Law for further studies. While at law school, Helane worked as the editor in chief of the faculty’s law review. This greatly helped sharpen her research and analytical skills, which came in handy later on in her career as a lawyer and compliance officer.

Helane had the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of Harry Blackmun and Richard Posner, all of whom are renowned American judges. She served as a legal clerk, a position that shaped her legal background besides helping refine her skills. Between 1986 and 1996, Ms. Morrison was a legal practitioner at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Her work ethic, attention to detail and the ability to deliver ahead of timelines saw her elevated to a full partner in 1991.

While working at the firm, she mostly handled financial issues, something that opened her eyes to the gross violations that go on in the financial services industry. She jumped ship and joined the Securities and Exchange Commission, which she served for 10 years in different capacities. Apart from her corporate roles, Helane speaks frequently on matters related to compliance. She is affiliated to the American Bar Association.

Don Ressler Finds The Right Passions And Forms The Right Partnerships

With Don Ressler, he knew what market to look into. He is actually the founder of more than one successful business. He has a hand in JustFab and all of its subdivisions. He has also been involved with other ventures. Before Don got himself involved in the fashion industry, he was involved with health and fitness. Don Ressler is someone who is very passionate about athletic pursuits. He also has a taste for clothing. Fortunately, he has found a market that is very open for him to step into. He has seen this market when he and his wife went shopping for new athletic clothing. He has then made some steps towards bringing forth unique products so that people will be more interested in buying from the activewear section which is how Fabletics was born.

One very important aspect of his business is Adam Goldenberg. They met when they each had their own businesses. Adam had Gamers Alliance. With Adam’s marketing skills which earned him his position of Strategic Planner, the success of the fashion project was a sure thing. Adam and Don knew they had a great combination. Therefore, they sought to make it work.

Adam knew how to figure out how to provide products that were both unique and popular. Don Ressler knew how to take the latest trends and capitalize off of them. Don Resslers’s knowledge of trends is what makes the JustFab enterprise one of the most unique and popular enterprises on the market. Don not only provides the trends that make it easier for people to find the clothes that will bring about an extra spark to their wardrobe, but to find some new potential trends. If there is one thing that Don Ressler and Fabletics is showing a lot of ability in, it is keeping ahead of the trends. They don’t just offer products that are different. They try to bring forth products that have a special appeal for customers so that they will sell. Both Adam and Don also know when to market the products that they are offering to their customers.


Doe Deere: The Face of Women Business Owners With Hopes of Success

For some women, makeup boost their confidence and enhances their personal appearance. for them, makeup is used to express themselves and re-create their image in a fun and feminine way. For women like Doe Deere, makeup is the epitome innovation and ambition. The creation of her cosmetic line Lime Crime was less about supply and demand and more about carrying a childhood ambition into a profitable business entity. Surprisingly enough, Deeres’ message provides invaluable advice that is as simple as make up but as complex as the industry.

Doe Deere encourages women to pursue their passions by exploring their gifts. Lime Crime is an example of identifying that gift by analyzing your underlying talents and then selecting a vehicle that utilizes utilizes talents exquisitely. Deere was not an expert at applying makeup when she first got started. Infact, she believed that she was not very good at it. it was not her expertise and cosmetics that influenced the startup of her company, it was her strong desire to be unique in her fashion expressions and her passion for introducing her unique creations to her peers.

Doe Deere took the time to learn how to make lipstick, eyeshadows and mascaras using her own ingredients. This allowed her to create colorful products that were not available anywhere else because they otherwise did not exist. Once she debuted her creations to the world, the momentum from her ambition merged with fate, and her business became extraordinarily successful overnight. As one can see, once women discover their deepest ambitions and identify their hidden talents, the obstacles that would normally hinder the progress will become nonexistent.

Another message Deere emphasizes is the concept of avoiding self place limitations. Because Lime Crime is a cosmetic brand, it would be expected of Deere to consider expanding the brand by incorporating additional cosmetics. while the concept indeed makes sense, it does not represents a complete assessment of the possibilities. makeup is not only part of the cosmetic industry, it is also one of the many pieces of the fashion sector. Makeup is just as much about fashion as it is cosmetics, so Lime Crime is a fashion brand that has the capability of expanding by taking the main color palette and using it to create fashion brands that produce purses, jewelry, shoes and other accessories. Deere has embraced that notion, having attended fashion school in New York and is making progress in adding clothing and accessories to her line up. She still plans to incorporate the distinguishments that make her brand what it is which is bold, vibrant colors. But since that style of boldness is applicable in various areas of the fashion industry, Deere plans to monopolize her uniquely colorful concept and expand it into other revenue streams.

Considering that cosmetics as a whole is a $62.46 billion dollar a year business sector that has permitted women like Doe Deere to accomplish their ambitions and reach a status of extraordinarily wealth. In offering motivation to women who may want to follow in her footsteps in business, her message of encouragement for women entrepreneurs to follow their inner ambitions and remain open minded is not only a direct reflection of her own success, but a testimony of how effective her methodology is.

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Shine With Botanical Oils: WEN

How could any of us have missed the television commercials for WEN by Chaz Dean? The models with the flowing manes, rich with color, tangle free and silky looked almost too good to be true.
We have been conditioned to believe that ramping up the hair to such finesse requires a multitude of products. Hair magician Chaz Dean has been able to pull off the same effect with just one product. This product doesn’t push and pull the hair either which way, it repairs the hair and allows it to shine from within.

Bustle writer Emily McClure trial tested the product for all those doubters out there who would trust a first hand account. Along with descriptions of how the product change her hair she also included photos so readers could see the difference in her hair with their own eyes.

It is easy to see through the progression of photographs that Emily’s hair did drastically change with the use of WEN cleansing conditioner. The natural botanical oils in the cleansing conditioner kept her own natural hair oils intact and added moisture and a mega watt shine. Emily felt that her hair was heavy at first but only because she was used to very lathering and stripping shampoos. This effect was felt not right after washing but after sleeping on her hair, so she simply changed her washing routine to the morning instead of before bed.

Overall Emily’s experience with Wen took some getting used to. She felt as if she were using a lot of product at once in her hair per cleansing session. However, it also ended up being that she streamlined her washing routine and did not need to use as many products to get her hair where WEN did with just the one product. Learn more about Wen, visit Need Wen? Order online today, check their products on or purchase it directly from Sephora cosmetics.