Relmada Therapeutics Seeks to Change Its Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Executives

Relmada Therapeutics recently filed an amendment request to the Nevada District Court following its previous complaint against Laidlaw & Company. Relmada Therapeutics, which is a clinical company offering novel therapies for controlling chronic pain, apparently made an agreement with Laidlaw to provide it with investment banking services. It is accusing Laidlaw & Company of failure to honor the terms of agreement citing intentional breach of contract.

In its capacity as Relmada’s investment banker, Laidlaw allegedly released confidential information about the company. Consequentially, Relmada wants Laidlaw to pay for the damages caused by the oversight. Relmada also wants monetary compensation to cover the fees it used to respond to Laidlaw’s false proxy materials.

If the Nevada District Court judge agrees to the amendment, then Laidlaw will have to part with a lot of money to cover the breach of fiduciary duty. In its claim, Relmada noted that the court had already provided Laidlaw’s executives Mathew Eitner and James Ahern with an injunction.

About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a multi-national firm operating in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company was formed in London, but it later relocated to the United States with New York City becoming its main base of operation. Laidlaw & Company offers investment solutions to thousands of clients. The company was formerly known as Sands Brothers International Ltd, but it changed its name as a result of poor reputation.

Laidlaw has a long history of reputation crisis in the United Sates. It is a notorious company that is popular for repeatedly violating SEC laws and financial regulations. Relmada Therapeutics’ case is just one of many complaints the company has been mentioned in. Within a span of two years, it received complaints from over 60 clients, which is a bad thing for an investment banking company.

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New Brunswick DEVCO Struggles to Meet Loan Repayment

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority did not have the funds to pay $1 million in principal and interest that it owed for a $20 million loan it got from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. It’s been five years now that The Improvement Authority had already been missing payments, totaling $7 million. The loan was originally made in 2005, which funded the construction of a New Brunswick hotel called The Heldrich. The hotel also has a conference center that the New Brunswick Development Corporation (a nonprofit) developed.
Stephen Sweeney, the president of the state’s Senate said that the corporation is a shining example of what can happen when public money is put towards the efforts of private firms and turned into large construction projects. The company is also being modelled by its sister company in Atlantic City, called Atlantic City Development Corp. They plan to raise over $200 million in financing (public and private) along with $19.5 of CRDA funds to develop a new project in the Chelsea section of the city called Gateway.

Chris Paladino is the attorney who put together both projects and oversaw the $20 million loan for Heldrich. The hotel has experienced low occupancy and has not attracted as many guests as it could have. The corporation had to use $750,000 of its own funds to fund certain basic costs. The CRDA loan was part of a $100 million package, including municipal bonds. The senior bond holders have been paid back with 5% interest on schedule, but subordinate bond holders have not seen a payment for a number of years.


Devco, also known as New Brunswick Development Corporation, is a private nonprofit development company specializing in real estate. It was founded in the 1970’s as a way to revitalize the city. It was named as a powerful engine of economic growth by the New York Times.

They focus on creating alliances with public and private partners. They finance projects that are of mixed-use. Their strategies often involve hotels and other large projects. DEVCO has handled over $1.5 billion of development.

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The Growth of Town Residential

When buying a house, the house must be perfect for the consumer not only because of the excess amount of money spent to obtain the perfect house, but also for the time and effort that has been put in in order to obtain the perfect home that fits all of the requirements of the individual. For individuals looking to live in the city, New York City has become a popular resident for individuals that not only look to have a job in this vibrant city, but for individuals that also look to go to school in the city that is known to never sleep.


New York City, one of the most vibrant cities in the world is also a city that needs to be navigated in order to figure out the many different options for real estate in all of the different neighborhoods within this city. As more and more individuals decide to move to this city, the demand for real estate has continued to exponentially increase and the shortage continues to increase as well. In order to obtain the best home in this energetic city, new residents of New York City have been recommended to make the much needed investment of a real estate agent. A company that takes care of its clients in this large city is a company worth keeping.


Of all the real estate firms in New York City, one firm in particular stands out as one of the best that provides not only the best customer service, but also some of the most tailored options. This company is known as Town Residential and is unique to all of the other firms for the ability to adapt to any customer and to give the best advice that will fit the need and the requirements that the customer has.


Though Town Residential is a new firm, this real estate firm has been exponentially growing and has attracted countless loyal customers that seek out excellent options in a variety of different neighborhoods within the city. Town Residential knows the city and is able to offer all the requirements that are requested in all of the different neighborhoods within the city. Whether is be Soho, Upper East State, Upper West Side, Chelsea, or the many other options, Town Residential will always see to the needs of the customer. At Town Residential, the customers are treated like partners rather than just like customers.


The specialty that Town Residential specifically has is in luxury apartments and providing some of the best apartments in the city at the best price for the client of the firm. Though this real estate firm has only been around for six years, the reputation is excellent and has continued to grow over the years. With unrivaled competition, Town Residential is expected to continue to grow within the next several decades by helping find the best apartment in the city for the customer. With experts working with this firm, the customer is always please with the results.

Marc Sparks Impresses With Spark Tank Initiative

I have been aware of Marc Sparks as a respected businessperson in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas for a number of years, but I have only recently discovered how impressive he is as an entrepreneur when I read about his Spark Tank initiative. As an entrepreneur and investment specialist I had followed the business career of Sparks for a number of years as he appeared to me to become one of the most respected business leaders in this field in the state of Texas; it was only with the announcement of the second recipient of the Spark Tank Award that I realized how important Marc had become as a local philanthropist.

Mark Sparks works alongside Lynne Sipiora to work through applications for the Spark Tank initiative to uncover a deserving project during each application period they believe will have a lasting impact on the Dallas Fort Worth area. The second recipient of the $5,000 grant is the not for profit Mommies In Need group that provides qualified nannies to aid families who are affected by a medical emergency, but cannot afford a specialist nanny to aid in their time of need.

The $5,000 grant will allow Mommies In Need to provide the help and support families require without any financial burden on the family in need. I was happy to read the Mommies In Need group were already working to put the $5,000 grant to good use with the employment of bilingual nannies, and those with specific medical training; I believe initiatives like the Spark Tank grant provided by Marc Sparks play an important role in helping the local community with providing support for those who require assistance in difficult situations.

I was pleased to see Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora have already opened up applications for the third round of funding for the Spark Tank grant, which will see applications close on Oct 1st 2016. In order to be eligible for the grant each organizations must be registered as a 501c3 non profit for at least two years at the application time; the Spark Tank panel allows applicant ten minutes to make a presentation detailing why they should receive the award before a question and answer session with the panel.

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The Growth of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is reliable and responsive market leader in the provision of services that meet and exceed customer expectations in the field of facilities management, global-scale management, and advanced professional and technical services.

According to the company’s website, IAP aims at solving the most challenging problems of its customers with their proven expertise and ingenuity as well as modern technology.

Whenever the United States Army troops march to, IAP Worldwide Services is always there to provide services to them. As indicated by the PR Newswire, the company has over the years successfully met the contingency and emergency needs of the United States military.

IAP provides various facility and logistics support services mainly for the United States Department of Defense. However, it also works for other government customers such as state governments and commercial enterprises on

Based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, IAP Worldwide services was founded in 1990 in Irmo, South Carolina a specialized procurement and Logistics Company. The company’s initial name was International American Products, Inc. before it changed to IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. in March 2005.

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The company started out with its first contract by providing generator supplies to the U.S troops in Saudi Arabia. It then turned out to become one of the leading and most trusted partners with the United States military.

Over the years, IAP has continued to win contracts from the government for international procurement as well as other services. Some of the services it offers on for the public sector include emergency response, aviation support services, logistics, supply chain services, network and communication services, and expeditionary services. IAP Worldwide services also provide power services including both permanent and temporary power services and solutions, renewable energy services, and power plant operations and management.

In 2004, IAP held a total of $370 million worth of government services contracts according to its website. Two years later, IAP Worldwide Services acquired G3 Systems Ltd, an engineering company with operations in Britain and overseas. This expanded its services and solutions to cover deployable, modular systems and fixed infrastructure.

In 2015, the company expanded its services by acquiring Aviation and Logistics (A&L) from DRS Technologies, Inc. as well as Tactical Communications and Network Solutions (TCNS). TCNS is a provider of engineering, communications and technological solutions to the United States Military while A&L is a service provider in logistics, aircraft repair management, and mission support. IAP was able to integrate these skills and talents as part of its growth and expansion strategy.

IAP Worldwide Services is a world-class leader in providing a wide range of services and solutions to international government agencies and commercial clients. The company runs its operations in more than 100 different locations in at least 20 countries across the world.