A Review Of The Much Awaited Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand that is focused on a humanitarian mission that is meant to bring some change to the world and encourage the growth of humanity. The company has come out as an ambassador of peace and abundance through their focused mission that will see them hold celebrations in 2020.

Recently, Lovaganza announced the dates for the 2020 celebrations that are highly anticipated and the company is looking to arrange a major event that will showcase the cultures of the world and encourage people to accept each other and live in unity.

To be celebrated across the whole world, the event will focus on creating tolerance and sharing a message that seeks to encourage the cementing of relationships. Preparations to the events that will occur come 2020 is underway and most countries have began shooting trilogies to be used in the 2017 Traveling Show.

The Traveling Show
In 2017, Lovaganza will launch the Traveling Show, which is projected to market the 2020 celebrations and offer a preview of the events that will crown the day. This show will tour different places across the world offering a message that reminds people about the main event. To make it more effective, the company is looking to use trilogies, which will be presented on immersive screens to heighten entertainment.

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Before Lovaganza decided to put the celebrations in 2020, they had selected 2015 as the right year but due to lack of preparation and the materials that would push the event to appear impressive, the dates were pushed five years ahead. In 2020, the event will incorporate the latest technological innovations and will be presented in a unique manner to surpass any other major event that has ever captured the attention of the entire world.

About the Lovaganza Foundation
Apart from championing for the achievement of a peaceful and friendly world through entertainment, Lovaganza is also working to help those that are marginalized through the Lovaganza Foundation. The foundation is focused on eliminating any problems that exist in different communities and the biggest target on this mission is children to ensure they are offered sufficient support to live good lives.

Through the foundation, governments will be encouraged to offer support programs that ensure children receive proper healthcare and all the basic needs that are necessary to guarantee them a future. The foundation is set to begin operations in 2018 and will address issues across the whole world.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://academycreative.com/work/lovaganza/

Lime Crime’s Bold New Moves

Lime Crime is a very innovative cosmetic company that was started back in 2008. The glamorous founder of the company is Doe Deere. She quickly changed the way that people regard makeup. Most companies insist that makeup is merely a tool to cover up imperfections and look better. However, her idea was that makeup is a form of creative expression and a way to demonstrate an individual’s unique personality. Her first edition consisted of her Unicorn line of lipsticks. The bold and vibrant colors in the company’s makeup line allow the creative individual an avenue to express their creativity to the world.  Check them out on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.


Lime Crime Bold New Moves

Lime Crime is the type of makeup company that likes to take bold moves. Certainly, this is expressed through their very distinctive and radical line of makeup products. For example, the Velvetines made a big impact on social media sites. Thousands of followers shared their photographs wearing the dazzling line of makeup. The Velvetins were an instant success. The early successes led to rapid expansion and the addition of the Superfoils, the revolutionary water-activated wet/dry liquid foil eyeshadow. They scored another major hit for the company on social media sites. More good news is on the way. New Metallic Matte Velvetine shades are due to hit the makeup scene. The new colors include happi, rose bronze, posh, metallic plum, vibe, and pinky mauve. All the new additions to the makeup line are available exclusively on the Lime Crime website.


About Lime Crime

The company is based in Los Angeles. However, it is easy to get your hand on their unique band of makeup right on their website. The company is constantly updating their line of products and the website is the first to carry the new products. All their products are cruelty free and vegan. This is something that is top priority with Doe Deere, the founder of the cosmetic company. The company remains a social media darling with well over 2.5 million followers. Those that would like to know more about the company or Doe Deere should visit their Facebook page or their website.

Who is the New Plastic Surgeon in Austin?

The latest plastic surgeon to start a practice in Austin, Texas is newer to practicing in the area, but not new to the practice of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden recently started her plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas after a move from her former practice in Manhattan.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing plastic surgery now in Austin for nearly five years. She had a plastic surgeon practice in New York for about seven years. She is a board certified plastic surgeon. She has all of the abilities and more of a plastic surgeon. She has aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty, cosmetics, chemical peels, juvederm, fillers, breast augumentation, breast implants, face lift, liposuction, dermatology, body contouring and many more surgeries and services on her list of procedures she is trained and certified to perform.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has credited her success on her strong resolve and balance she has created in her life. Education, career and family are all things she is resolved to have present in her life. She works harder than most to have a balance career. Her resolve to have a family once she was in her late thirties was not ruined by not having a man in her life that she wanted to marry. She chose to have IVF treatment, so she could have children before her last eggs were up. Her children are the reason she chose to move her plastic surgeon practice to Austin, Texas. Texas is where her other family members live and she wanted her two children to enjoy being surrounded by family.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is pleased to see that she has been able to build a new plastic surgeon office in Austin in only three years. She is a doer, so she has never been one to be idle. Her new practice has far exceeded what she expected it would be in only three to four years. She credits her resolve, her doer attitude and her organized method of living as the reason why she has been able to achieve this feat. Additionally her calm and relaxing personality have made her a popular plastic surgeon in the area for patients who want to be at ease when receiving a plastic surgery procedure.

Philanthropic Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein works to make sure that everything that he does in life is philanthropic. This is his mission and something that he prides himself on. He is a caring person who always works to make sure that people who have less than him get what they need out of their lives.

One of the biggest things that he has done is created the foundation with his wife. This has allowed him the opportunity to serve many people and has given him a chance to be as philanthropic as possible. This has been something that he has dedicated his life to. He always makes sure that he puts his charity before anything else in life and always wants to make sure that the people who he takes care of are able to get what they need from the foundation that he created in combination with his wife.

Adam Milstein is an Israel-American. He was born and raised in Israel where he led a relatively normal life. He fought in a war for the Israel army before he made the choice to come to America. Since he has been in America, he has been very successful. This is where he founded his charity and where he continues to work on it although he goes to Israel very often. He worked to found the Israeli-American Council and is still a very active person on the council today while also contributing his philanthropic efforts to it through the use of his charity.

While Milstein has been very influential in the American and Israel relations, he has also brought a lot to the table for Jewish communities. He has helped them to have access to the resources that they need and has been able to provide them with charitable donations. He uses his charity to help these communities and does so almost exclusively. There are very few other charities that operate in Israel that work with Jewish people. He makes sure that they are comfortable, that they have necessary resources and that they have good relationships in the country that they have chosen to live in.

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Andy Wirth Bonded With Navy SEALs To Recover Life-Threatening Accident

Andy Wirth could have died! He fell to the Earth in a freak skydiving accident that landed him painfully and missing an arm in a vineyard. A vine pole intersected between Andy Wirth and his arm, lopping it clean off. He admits now that he was uncertain at the time of his survival. He has come through it with a whole new life, thanks to help from some great but super-tough friends: The U.S. Navy SEALS team. The man’s ranger training become his salvation in the end.

Wirth was very fortunate to have his arm successfully reattached after a fast air-lift to a top hospital in the area. The surgery was difficult, but that was just the beginning for Andy Wirth. The physical recovery was quite difficult. The pain was intense for many months. His ranger training helped get him through, but most of his physique suffered in the lethargy of the recovery process. It was after Wirth met two members of the Navy Seals. The hard as nails approach is just what Wirth needed to kick his recovery process into turbo drive. He claims their close friendship contributed in a major way to Wirth’s recovery.

The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth, has led the resort located near Lake Tahoe, in the mountains of California. The whole process of recovery after nearly dying in the accident, has strengthened Wirth’s dedication to his family and community. One indication of how strongly he feels about this is that he was nominated and has accepted a role in his community, becoming Chairman of the Board at the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. Read more in this CBS News article.

True Value makes Adjustments to its Pricing Strategy

True Value unveiled its new pricing and merchandising approach at the co-op’s General Session in Denver. This move is part of its expansive strategic plan. Kenneth Goodgame, the senior VP and also chief merchandise officer of True Value stated that nobody can make money from opening-price-point product. This was due to the few opening price points that customers were to expect following the adjustments. Ken added that by offering more assortment products of higher and mid-price-points, it will be possible to differentiate the company from the discount competitors. This will drive higher value for customers while increasing the gross margin for retailers.

Another important step is the addition of regional buyers to help improve the assortment relevance and boost the product productivity. This effort will be assisted by Geo-Demographic Analysis, which is a new tool contained in the True Value box for measuring trade-area dynamics. Goodgame said that in the past, the company only relied on Basic, Dominant and Expanded assortment choices (basically large, medium or small). This used to ignore the geographic requirements of retailers. The move would enable the company to add assortments that would meet the consumer’s geographical needs. These assortments are available for urban, rural and suburban local markets.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an exceedingly influential Operations Management Leader who specializes in the creation of million and billion-dollar OEM excellence. He manages to do this using a combination of merchandising, innovative marketing, smart business strategy and streamlined financial oversight. Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He is the current SVP CMO at the True Value Company and a Sales, Marketing and retail merchandising expert.

Goodgame focuses on delivering a balance between employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems and key performance indicators. This enables profitability and improved performance of the company. He capitalizes on his ability of promoting growth through cost analysis, leadership, quality improvements, productivity enhancements and composed negotiations. His extensive experience offers him a veteran eye to make navigation in the market shifts that are rampant. He also uses this experience to avoid some costly mistakes and various stalls that other people tend to miss frequently.

John Goullet Is Looking For The Best In People

John Goullet loves to look out for people and go the extra mile for them. It is in his nature and it was how he was brought up and how he operates. Quite frankly, he does not know any other way to conduct himself. It was how he was raised by his mentors and his family members. He is all about paying it forward. His job at Diversant as Principal Executive is one that allows him to do that every day he is on the job. They offer support and support is something that someone can not put a price tag on in today’s day and age.

There are a lot of people that see the world as a dog-eat-dog world. They are out for themselves and only themselves. They are afraid of the competition and want nothing to do with it. They would rather keep things the status quo and keep their position. However, there is the future and it is important to look out for the future IT professionals. It is a passing of the torch, so to speak. When they are working for Fortune 500 companies in their future, they need to know what they are doing and how to do it the right way.

When they have that support, they lean on it when they get started working for a Fortune 500 company. They remember the lessons they were taught and they remember the advice they were given by someone like John Goullet. This is a man that knows the IT world like the back of his hand. He is all ears when it comes to questions and he also has an open door policy. If anyone needs anything at any time while with Diversant, he has an answer and he has a good answer. Even after they are done with Diversant, he makes himself open to people and there for them. The support does not just end when they get the job. Support is a never ending thing and something that people need not only at work but in life as well as it will throw many unexpected curve balls.

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James Dondero, Dallas’s best

James Dondero is one of Dallas’s best. His giving is local in nature, and as CEO of Highland Capital Management, he has made lots of strides in causes that align with his heart—veteran, education, and healthcare initiatives all are covered by his philanthropic vision.

Recently, he realized he had a budget to spend, and so he hired The Dallas Foundation to connect him with causes that would benefit from Highland Capital’s money. The Dallas Foundation then combined with Highland Capital to create The Highland Dallas Foundation, which seeks to create new long-term giving projects to improve North Texas.

They wanted to create giving that would be bold and effective, and James Dondero says that he hired Linda Owen to be the director of Highland Dallas because of her “experience, guidance, and relationships” in North Texas. Dondero has some connections himself, and has worked with The Perot Museum, The George Bush Presidential Library, and The Dallas Zoo.

One of Dondero’s goals is to create long-term goals for giving that will aid non-profits and help them get off the ground if they need to. It takes a lot to sustain a non-profit, and Dondero doesn’t want to give up on non-profits after a one-time gift: he wants to continue to support them.

Can The Highland Dallas Foundation help improve North Texas? We think so. It appears that the combination of James Dondero’s vision with The Dallas Foundation’s expertise is perfectly situated to create in Dallas an even more wonderful place to live.

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Talk Fusion Innovates Again

Talk Fusion recently received the award as the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year. It was given to the company by TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) for its excellent innovation. The reward is typically given to companies who make big changes or create an entirely new product. The product was launched in March of 2016. It allows users to chat face to face in real time using the new WebRTC technology. It can be downloaded on the app stores on Google and Apple devices, among others.

It is currently very popular and near the top of the charts worldwide due to its ease of use and groundbreaking features. In fact, this is the second award this year that Talk Fusion received from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It proves a track record of success, says their CTO, while also tying into their larger goals for changing the world.

The fact is that Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app is not just a video communication tool. It is changing the lives of people everywhere. First of all, the representatives live in many countries where other jobs are hard to come by. The payment system is instant, meaning they can access their money when they make a direct sale.

Secondly, you can try out the technology for free for 30 days, which is how generous the startup is being. This lets you see all of the features they are promoting. And the proceeds from regular payments go toward amazing causes all around the world. This is thanks to the CEO’s visionary leadership. He insists that the company is ethical and gives back to the community even as it grows. This includes giving to charities, animal rights groups, and helping children in orphanages have enough to eat.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He was working as a police officer at the time. He innovated a way to send videos embedded in emails. When his IT friend and expert chipped in, they were able to take the app larger.

Soon, people all over the world were demanding the ability to use it. It has grown rapidly since then. Now they are in 140 countries.

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Norka Luque Views Music From a Different Perspective

To many artists, music is just an avenue for getting money and earning respect from peers and fans. However, Norka Luque views music from a different angle. She believes that music is a crucial tool by which an individual makes a positive impact in the society. Norka understands the benefits of music and its strong influence on people’s emotions. She acknowledges that through music, a person can bring joy to people’s hearts, create hope to the hopeless and educate the ignorant.

Norka Luque is one of the few artists who share with others the joy and positivism associated with music. Her song lyrics are objectively selected to create a positive impact on people, both young and old. She motivates them to be resilient and persistent enough to chase their dreams. She uses her story as a female musician to make people believe that the impossible is possible.

Norka’s rise to popularity as a musician in US and Venezuela did not come on a silver platter. It was as a result of a combination of hard work, passion, practice and tenacity. She began her musical ambitions at a tender age. Her parents gave her the support she needed to engage in music as a child. She trained in some of the best music schools in Venezuela before moving to France to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

While in France, Norka did not stop loving music. The bond between her and music was very strong, and nothing including school could separate them. She formed a band in university. The band could perform at university events and popular clubs within the city. She continued to sharpen herself each day. She was beginning to gain popularity for her amazing performances. Norka Luque experienced a drastic shift in her musical career when she was called by Emilio Estefan Jr, a popular music producer, to join his team.

Under Stefan, Norka produced several singles that were widely applauded by the Venezuelan showbiz. Her single “Miracle” hit the country’s music industry like a storm. The popularity of the song quickly spread like a wildfire. Within two days after the release, it hit the top of the charts in the country, topping the charts for 14 weeks.

Norka Luque currently lives in Miami, FL where she continues to pursue her musical ambitions. She is working on a new song “Milagro,” which will be produced by her own company Norka Music.