Hussain Sajwani: A Wealthy Real Estate and Property Developer

Hussain Sajwani is one of the richest men in the United Arab Emirates. He managed to build his wealth by investing in the food service industry and the real estate and property development industry. His net worth is around $2 billion as of 2018, and it keeps on increasing as his businesses continue to thrive. He is the owner of DAMAC Properties, one of the premier real estate and property development firms in the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani has a different career path after he graduated from the University of Washington. He used to work as a private contract manager for GASCO, a company focusing on the production of natural gases, oil, and petroleum. However, he chose to leave the company because he believed that he would never become rich if he would decide to stay as an employee.

What he wanted was to become an entrepreneur, so he started brainstorming about the possible businesses that he could build within the United Arab Emirates that has the chance to grow. He thought of building a food catering services firm since he has an available location situated between an American base and an engineering company. When his business was opened, some of his clients were soldiers from the base and the employees working for the engineering company. The food services firm owned by Hussain Sajwani has experienced tremendous growth, and it soon expanded to other regions, like Africa, and Central Asia.

In 2002, the DAMAC Owner, was informed about the government’s plan to develop Dubai into a financial hub. He founded the DAMAC Properties and ventured into the real estate and property development industry. He wanted to help develop Dubai, and he used the wealth he saved from his food catering business to establish his new company. In a short span of time, the DAMAC Properties became involved in a lot of projects all throughout the United Arab Emirates. Because of the fine detail that he adds to his projects and the striking results that the company produces, many contractors across the Middle East have contacted Hussain Sajwani to become their business partners.

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Southbridge Capital Offering Diverse Financial Solutions

Southbridge Capital is a financial solutions company based out of Connecticut. They offer their financial solutions to a diverse group of people who are experiencing the negative effects of debt.


Debt has a far-reaching impact on the people of the United States. In fact, research suggests that citizens of the United States experienced more debt than citizens of any other developed country. Debt can serve as a stressor that triggers mental illness and often leads to depression and anxiety. But Southbridge Capital is here to help.


This may explain why millennials are self-reporting the highest levels of depression and anxiety in decades. Many young people are finding it hard to keep their heads above water financially in a world of income inequality and shrinking economic opportunities. Southbridge Capital can help anyone with their debt solutions. For more details visit LinkedIn.


This debt solutions service also extends to corporations. Southbridge Capital has extensive experience with corporate financial solutions and they charge extremely reasonable fees. The financial solutions company does this by redefining the structure of a corporation in order to shed off some financial liabilities.


Southridge Capital has been financing firms for more than 20 years. They have worked with more than 250 public firms and has made their work public through a Twitter account. The company started its Twitter account in 2010 to give the public financial advice. You can follow their twitter account to see any upcoming deals pertaining to equity, local programs and nonprofit organizations.


The staff at Southbridge Capital can help a corporation through bankruptcy. They are also incredibly skilled at improving a company’s balance sheet as well as guiding corporations through mergers and acquisitions. Southridge offers the perfect financial solutions to any company, big or small, in the United States. And companies will be pleasantly surprised at Southbridge Capital’s affordability.


Individuals and companies can take advantage of Southbridge Capitals incredible credit strengthening programs. They are also proficient in securitization and reorganizing financial structures. And it’s all headed up by Stephen Hicks who is responsible for the strategic concepts for his firm. Hicks is surrounded by a strong list of corporate peers.



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Investing in Natural Resources with Matt Badiali

No one would mind to invest their money, and acquire more returns. The problem comes in when one doesn’t know where to invest their money. They need to know a safe investment where the risk chances are low. Matt Badiali helps people who are willing to invest in the Natural Resources.
Badiali has a rich history on the subject. He says that with his approach of the “boot on the ground” he has gained a lot of knowledge in the industry. By that, he means that he believes that for you to understand something, you must see it for yourself.

Matt Badiali has met with very many prominent people in the industry. He has interviewed many CEO’s of the industry and got to understand the mining process. Badiali has even lectured geology in University of North Carolina, and Duke University.

Currently, Badiali is writing for the Banyan Hill Publishing. He explains that his educational background inspired the idea. He understands the financial markets and has an affluent educational background on the natural resources.

Successful people like Matt Badiali have habits that govern their lives and make them the great people they are. Badiali says that he works to get rid of all distractions when he is at work. He also focuses on one thing at a time, which helps him meet deadlines with time, and with no pressure.
The other habit that has contributed to the success of Matt Badiali is his avid reading. He says that there is no limit to education. You got to keep researching to avoid being passed by opportunities.

The other thing that he urges the interns to do is work for as many firms for free as possible. He says that filling your resume with experiences related to your field is critical. For instance, if your dream is to work in a sugar factory, find a spot and gain experience; if you dream to work in an oil company; work there for free. The knowledge acquire is priceless, and it sets the pace of your career. It differentiates you from other interns who just did awkward things like build sheds during their internship. Experience in your field is everything.

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Eric Lefkofsky Leading Philanthropist and Serial Entrepreneur from Chicago, United States

Eric Lefkofsky has made a name for himself in the United States as one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs. He is one of the co-founders of Groupon Inc, which is one of the leading online platforms connecting merchants to consumers. Along with success Eric Lefkofsky has achieved as an entrepreneur, he is also known for his various philanthropic ventures. Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that is involved with many high impact initiatives across the country, which is mostly associated with civic causes, human rights, medical discoveries, and education. Lefkofsky Family Foundation has funded the education of many meritorious students in the state of Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky has also supported many start-ups that have impressed him and which he feels has the growth potential.Recently, Eric Lefkofsky started Tempus, which is one of the leading technology firms in the field of medical data. Tempus aggregates the cancer treatment-related data to help the doctors to understand the various treatment patterns they can follow for specific patients with identical characteristics. Currently, most of the cancer patients are getting similar treatment, but the medicine should be more personalized, and it is what the data that the Tempus is gathering from various medical centers are trying to achieve.

The medical data that Tempus is aggregating in a centralized fashion would take years to collect, but with the help of technology, Tempus aims to get the treatment-related data available to doctors in just a few clicks. Eric Lefkofsky has witnessed the trauma that the cancer patients have to go through, and he wants to help through the help of technology available today. Eric Lefkofsky has been able to collect considerable funding in the second phase as well for Tempus and has himself invested in Tempus. Eric believes that technology can make a significant impact in the world of medical discoveries.

OSI Group Exhibits Decades Of Corporate Brilliance

Leaders at OSI Group believe in growth and expansion. The company has continued to fortify its position in the food manufacturing industry after getting its start many decades ago. Sheldon Lavin has initiated the push since he became involved full-time the 1960s. He has gone on to become the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. The company is currently ranked 58th on the Forbes list of privately owned companies. OSI is a provider of meat to several countries including Brazil, Austria, Mexico, and Poland. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

OSI Group entered into a joint venture with K&K Foods in order to bring supplies to the Pacific Rim. OSI has gone on to expand into the Philippines as well as China. Acquisitions such as Flagship Food Group and Baho Foods were key for OSI to establish itself in the European region. Baho Foods is a growing company as well and its executives look forward to benefiting from the resources of a large organization such as OSI. Flagship Food Group has great relationships in the European region. The company brings a specific market share to the OSI business model that had been previously undiscovered.

OSI Group has continued to expand its capabilities in respect to satisfying its clients. It currently offers a variety of products such as hot dogs, ground beef, fish and poultry. There are several food chains associated with the organization including Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Subway.

OSI Group evolved from a family-owned business known as Otto and Sons in the early 1900’s. Otto and Sons was a meat market that grew into a processing organization within the Chicago area. The company began a working relationship with the McDonald’s Corporation in the 1950’s. Otto and Sons was an innovative network that was prepared to fit the process of growth of the McDonald’s Corporation. It soon became the exclusive provider of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation.


The Chainsmokers Give Some Insight Into How They Create Their Music

The Chainsmokers have been putting a lot of synth and electronic in their latest music and they even posted a video for their fans to see on what goes into making some of their songs. While it is only a brief video, they’ve assured their fans that they have more in-depth videos coming on the makings of their songs. Over the years, the Chainsmoekrs have become famous for their hit songs and unique sounds, mainly catered to the partygoers and college students. Nearly all their songs are about fun and dancing, which is certainly not a bad thing. Much of their work over the years has including collaborations with tons of different artists in the business.

The Chainsmokers have become known for their unique style, but just this last year they have started experimenting with that style and have tried out other kinds of music. Sick Boy released this year, allowing the Chainsmokers to show their fans a different side of themselves as well as their music. This new style is not as upbeat and fun as their usual sound, as it is focused on bringing across a much more serious tone. In this new music, they have started to relate more to their audiences, putting their own stories into the music and talking about some of the things they think they need to since becoming famous.

Regardless of what type of music they are putting out, it seems fans all over the world will continue to support the Chainsmokers for their talents and their honesty that they portray in their music. Alex and Andrew of the Chainsmokers are completely focused on the future and how they can evolve as artists and they will continue to bring new sounds to their fans as often as they can put new music together. Audiences around the world can expect some big songs coming from the Chainsmokers in the near future with some highly anticipated collaborations.