Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade And His Impact On Brazilian Motoring

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is an entrepreneur who has brought many cars and automakers to Brazil through his various partnerships. He is a doctor who started with a simple dealership, and he has partnered with some of the best carmakers in the world. Look below at what he has done to change the way that people drive in Brazil.

  1. The Dealerships

Carlos started by bringing a dealership to Brazil that sold Fords, and he had a partnership with Ford that brought some of their best cars to Brazil. This was one of the biggest deals in the history of Brazil, and it is one that allowed more people access to a reliable car. The cars that were sold in Brazil were some of the best that anyone could find, and they were priced well.

  1. The Plants

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has helped bring plants to Brazil to help bolster the job market. He has worked with both Hyundai and Subaru to have cars sold and manufactured in Brazil. There are many people who have better jobs because of Carlos, and they are working in places where there were not many jobs before. Carlos is hoping to spread around industry to make Brazil grow, and he has done this for years.

  1. Making Cars More Reliable

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has worked with major car manufacturers to make their cars more reliable for driving on the tracks of rural Brazil. Brazil is a massive country with many rural villages, and he wanted people to be able to drive comfortably to places that were once too hard to reach in cars that were made for nice European roads. His partnerships have changed the way that people drive in Brazil, and he has demanded improvements to cars that are sold and made in his country.

  1. Conclusion

The impact of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is seen in jobs, cars, and the economy of Brazil. He has helped people get better cars, and he has given people jobs working in the auto industry that he built almost by himself in Brazil.

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How DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani In Making U.A.E a Digital Country

As the founder and Chairman of DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani is leading the country to a bright future. Apart from building luxurious properties, he is dedicated to educating the youth and promote a sustainable environment. Born in 1952, Hussain Sajwani started his career in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for two years following which he moved into the catering industry and founded Global Logistics Services which is currently a booming business. He is currently worth a staggering $4.1 billion.

DAMAC properties have built 19,000 properties since its inception sixteen years ago and have 44,000 projects already in the implementation phase. DAMAC Properties build luxury class real estates that provide a very good standard of living for the citizens of the country. Some of their top projects include a golf course designed with the help of Tiger Woods, the world-famous Paramount Hotels and luxurious villas designed by Bugatti. With operations in U.A.E and the United Kingdom, they are expanding at a very fast pace.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is striving to make his vision a reality through DAMAC properties. They are actively involved in philanthropic work and have made huge donations to charities and non-profit organizations like Dubai Autistic Centre, Emirate Red Crescent, Dubai Cares Organization to name a few.

DAMAC Properties also treats its employees with performance-based incentives and a good work-life balance. Hussain Sajwani’s understanding of corporate accountability is a sign of gratitude towards the society that accepted DAMAC Properties whole-heartedly. Their focus on educating the youth has received an overwhelming response from the country with over 100,000 participants for their new initiative called One Million Arab Coders on the first day. The name itself describes the purpose of the initiative which is to train and equip the youngsters with the trending technologies in the digital market with the ultimate goal of making U.A.E a digital country. It is a two-year course divided into several phases with a focus on different programming languages for the youngsters to discover their interests and strengths before they move on to the advanced courses. Currently, the programme offers specialization in four trending profiles which are Big Data Analytics, Front-End Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, and a Web Application Developer.

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End Citizens United Speaks Out Against Judge Kavanaugh

After Judge Kavanaugh was nominated earlier this year by President Donald Trump, many people voiced their concerns with the choice. Among these was the organization End Citizens United who is fighting to get reform in campaign financing. They believe that Judge Kanavaugh will be a huge detriment to the United States and will put the right of millions of citizens at risk.

With campaign finance reform being such an important issue as of late, End Citizens United has no doubt that Judge Kavanaugh will side solely with the extreme right in the Supreme Court. If this is the case, special interest groups and corporate interests could very well be placed in higher importance than the rights of the rest of the United States. While the mega-doners may be paying large amounts to different campaigns of the Republican party, End Citizens United believes that the average American will ultimately be paying the price. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

There is a long history of Judge Kavanagh basing his decisions in a way that line up with special interests groups and corporations have donated to the Republican party. If he becomes a member of the Supreme Court, many are worried that the verdict by the Supreme Court that allows PACs to not reveal donors will be upheld permanently with little chance of being able to be overturned. They fear that under the vote of Judge Kavanaugh, democracy will essentially be up for sale to the highest bidder.

According to the Daily Beast, most Americans are concerned about the Supreme court nomination. End Citizens United has battled other Supreme Court decisions and nominations that they see as potentially dangerous or problematic to the right of American citizens since their formation. They have voiced their concern with a previous nominee of Trump’s, Judge Gorsuch, who they also saw as a threat to passing campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United wants to let every average voter know that they have the power to make a difference in their country. They have arranged forums in which citizens can voice their concern and be shown how to take action against the injustices they see happening.

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Southridge Capital Has Been Careful Built Over The Last Twenty Years:

1996 was a big year for Stephen Hicks. He had seen previous success working in the hedge fund industry of New York City but wanted to make a go of it all on his own. It was during that year that he gained the opportunity to follow his instincts and found Southridge Capital. Since that time, he has served Southridge Capital in the roles of principal and also CEO. As part of his duties, he manages over a truly impressive investment portfolio while managing the overall business development needed to keep Southridge Capital continuing down a path of innovation. Being able to maintain the highest standards in terms of commitment to clients is a critical skill when working in the financial industry and Stephen Hicks has built Southridge Capital to be able to consistently deliver on this.


The fact is that Southridge Capital has helped countless people since first opening its doors in 1996. That commitment to clients is what has made it work. Debt problems can be one of the most significant issues that people face these days. It can be a significant drain on personal happiness. Southridge Capital has been there to help for so many people over the last twenty plus years.  You can checkout for more info.



A typical day in the life of the Southridge founder Stephen Hicks includes a thorough review of the portfolio as it stands on that particular day. He also makes sure to prioritize items that must be accomplished on that particular day and then communicate this to the members of his team. With a solid foundation of organization in place, Stephen Hicks is also able to consistently bring new and innovative thinking to the forefront. This has been a successful strategy he has used over the last couple decades that he has spent building up Southridge Capital. For more details you can visit



Jim Toner Advice On How To Be Successful

Jim Toner performs his daily duties to assist individuals to create improved financial status in the long run. He has been in the industry for 25 years, making him an experienced businessman in the real estate sector. According to Jim, there are several aspects and values that people need to change in order to make it in life. One of them is attitude; it plays an integral part in improving riches in real estates.

Individuals should have a positive attitude in whatever they do as it affects the operation of a business. Spending time with innovative and business- oriented people also leads to a person following their footsteps and later develops his financial status. Real estate investor Toner suggests that the simplest method to build value is working hard on the body and mind. A proper physical exercise is vital for making adjustments in the financial life. Through exercises, bodies get to have a better shape and also making better decisions. After working, your appearance changes and become more pleasant to the market and being in a better position to make orders for the business.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) believes in faking it till you make it approach. Building a life where you copy what the rich do usually turn out to happen in future. In order to become successful, one should value the essence of time as it cannot be retained once it is wasted. Besides that, another key issue that people should be vigilant and know is their tax exposure. This is because individuals should be accountable for paying revenue and also know when not to abide by them.

Toner said every successful person who has made it in life has taken several risks to where they are. Risk taking is encouraged, but it should initiate with a small amount so as to be safe. Jimmy Entrepreneur Toner believes that every individual can earn cash in a variety of ways in the market, especially in real estates. Numerous wealthy people have built their riches through real estates.


Betsy Devos’s Voucher System Coming To A School Near You

Neutrality is at the crux of Betsy DeVos’s argument for educational tax credits and vouchers. She argues that the government is simply giving families the money to fuel their children’s educations. They are the ones deciding where the money goes. If they decide to send their kid to a religious school, so be it. It is their choice.


Opponents of the tax credit and voucher system say that federal, state and local governments will be giving money to religious institutions. It is a simple violation of the separation of church and state, they argue, and it makes the entire system un-American. But Betsy DeVos seems to be winning this argument as she is the current Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration.


During her short tenure, she has expanded her tax credit and voucher system to 40,000 more students in the United States. This adds to the 250,000 students that already have access to the tax credit and voucher system. These students are spread out over 17 different states and that number may be expanding in the very near future.


That’s because Betsy DeVos seems to be playing politics expertly. She has completely removed herself from media attention while letting the Trump Administration take all the heat. She is far removed from her fumbling of Congress’s questions during her confirmation and being barred entry to public schools by throngs of protesters. Now she visits charter schools all over the country in order to connect with local communities. And it’s having quite an effect.


She recently made an appearance alongside Pit Bull down in Miami. The Cuban-American pop star is known for his aggressive rap lyrics that many consider misogynistic. She deflected questions about his lyrics while espousing the benefits of tax credit and vouchers used for charter schools. Her appearance alongside the celebrity should go a long way in promoting her ideas with the electorate of Florida.


The secretary seems to pick her battles wisely. She fought Donald Trump behind closed doors as he repealed Barack Obama’s protections for transgender students in public schools. Her aide witnessed her fierce fight and her failure to change the president’s mind. The secretary then went to her employees to apologize and warn them of the upcoming rule change. Then she put on her smiling face, went out to the media and defended the president’s actions despite her vehement private opposition to the repeal.


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What Is It About Ryan Seacrest That Built His Career?

Ryan Seacrest is a unique host that started off as the original host of American Idol. He started with another host, but after the first season of two people hosting the show, Ryan Seacrest was given the full role of the host of American Idol. His career catapulted quickly after the first few seasons when the show was reaching millions upon millions of viewers across the nation every single week. The show reached its pinnacle in just its first few seasons, and it quickly opened the door later on to create newer shows also in the world of music and competition.

What Is It About Ryan Seacrest That Built His Career?

According to GQ, what’s unique about this man isn’t so much that he was just a good host, but it was also the fact that he had charisma and a personality that stemmed far deeper than a music reality television show. He appeared in interviews and red carpets with a sense of style and upbeat personality that he had such a stronghold on his fans. He buildup his own fanbase simply because of his unique approach to business and being a celebrity himself. He has taken his life to new heights by becoming a successful business man and philanthropist. As per, he created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has been responsible for inspiring the youth through different entertainment initiatives. Seacrest is continuing to create an inspiring place for the young to gain knowledge about the industry and media.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has starred and hosted in all sorts of shows outside of just American Idol. Whether it’s co-hosting a show with incredible Kelly Ripa or even hosting his very own radio show, Seacrest does it all. His infamous sounding voice has made him a millionaire.

He also provides an incredible producing ability through his production company. He currently produces the spinoffs and the current show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, alongside several Netflix and other TV shows. He is the man that does it all, and when people ask him how he does it, he explains that it’s his drive and general motivation that keeps him going daily.

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Ara Chackerian Contribution in Healthcare Department

Healthcare startups are struggling on ten rush for an output of influence and venture capital as the economic growth continues. The baseline is that the startups are enhancing and developing their marks in an already strong segment of an economy. Ara Chackerain is a healthcare innovator who is not surprised by the sudden rise of the startups. There are no strangers in the medical imaging field who are likely to cause fascination in the healthcare department. Ara Checkerian stated that the recent and the latest player in the in the world of medicine are mainly concerned about value and innovation. Investors are always anxious regarding the various startups that they continue to underwrite. Some of the venture capitalists are worried about their investments in that they are not resulting in either initial public offerings of mergers and acquisitions as most of the startups stagnate in an enviable cash position.


Some few years ago, Ara Checkerian discovered that some of the healthcare innovations could promote patients’ results as well as streamlining the medicine business. Some of these innovations include AI, Digital Imaging, robotics and much more. The Currently, Huge data computation, digital record keeping, as well as advanced diagnostics are among the many credible and reliable technologies being that are being implemented by healthcare institutions that developed as a result of the latest innovation edge of the startups. However, the great ideas will always require tremendous investment. Ara Chackerian believes that a successful healthcare startup highly depends on the gifted entrepreneurs who can innovate, sell their innovations and give some returns to the investors.


Ara Chackerian is a prominent serial entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as an angel investor. He serves as the Managing Director at ASC Capital Holdings Limited. The primary objective of ASC Capital Holdings LLC is to invest in the initial stages of various healthcare organizations. Ara Chackerian stands as the co-founder as well as the board member of TMS Healthcare Solutions which is a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment provider. These types of treatments are meant for resistant depression patients. Ara Chackerian has contributed significantly to the development of the healthcare industry. For more details you can checkout