Steve Ritchie encourages Papa John’s employees and customers to remain loyal

Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s, a giant pizza company based in the United States. Some recent developments that took place were not so amusing to Papa John’s customers’, employees, and the society at large hence Steve apologized for the company’s failure. He announced some plans that were underway to make up for what had happened.

Steve Ritchie pointed out that the company would introduce experts from outside the company whose main work will be to assess the company’s social influence on its employees and customers. They are to come up with plans to better the impact. He also mentioned that his team of overseers will have a period where they reach out to the lowest rank of employees and give ear to their grievances. He promised that nothing would be left to chance concerning misunderstandings between the workers in a bid to look for a way forward.

The new CEO took up the responsibility as a wise leader to apologize for the company’s past mistakes. He understands that this is essential for the healing process of the workers and the overall rebuilding of the company’s name and image restoring it to its former glory. An important thing he pointed out was that Papa John’s is not a property of a sole individual but a structure that depends on thousands of people for its daily progress.

Papa John’s has 120, 000 employees and franchise workers worldwide since it is not just operational in the United States but also has thousands of business deals from around the world. Steve Ritchie mentioned in his apology letter that these workers have diverse backgrounds and that it is crucial for everyone to respect everyone else’s culture without the consideration of their origin. Steve stressed that any individual worker behaving wrongly towards their fellow workers or clients due to their background would be dealt with accordingly.

The last vital item in Steve’s letter showed gratitude for the employees as well as the clients’ loyalty to Papa John’s. Steve encouraged them to continue to offer their support to the company to ensure that the pizza company has regained its previous momentum in the food industry.

Sheldon Lavin Is The Leader Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the leader of OSI Group. However, he began his business career in the finance industry. Lavin had his own consulting company and worked as a representative for the banks. He has led OSI Group to worldwide prominence and has maintained his position in the organization for 40 years. Lavin took over for an organization that was originally a family-owned business operating in the Midwest of the United States.

Sheldon Lavin was working as a consultant when he came across the opportunity to join Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was originally a meat market founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. The company had grown into a very prominent provider of product to local food businesses in the Chicago area. They were currently working with the McDonald’s Corporation and experiencing a tremendous amount of success.

OSI was preparing to build a high-end meat processing plant catered specifically to the McDonald’s Corporation. Sheldon Lavin was requested by the bank to work closely with the process and mediate between both organizations. He developed a very strong relationship with both businesses over the years and his role grew gradually. It was suggested that he come on as a full-time member of the operation. Lavin accepted and began his journey to becoming the leader of one of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

The Otto and Sons and McDonald’s Corporation relationship proved to be very successful. By 1975 the company was ready to expand into international territory. The original founders were looking to retire, which left an opening for new leadership within the organization. Lavin was chosen for the job and began to push it towards his worldwide vision.

Sheldon Lavin is a world-renowned businessman who is credited for making a large impact on the world of food manufacturing. He believes in giving back to the community. Sheldon encourages the CEOs to take part in their local communities and not just focus on profit. Lavin is proud of the fact that he has a high retention rate at his company and that they are able to hire staff members who want to spend their careers at the organization.

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Kevin Seawright: The introduction of the entrepreneurial advocate

Kevin Seawright is one of the most revered and successful businessmen in the real estate industry. His work within his company RPS Solutions LLC has created enormous opportunity for thousands of first-time buyers, both in the quality of home they receive and the path they ultimately take towards that dream of homeownership. The work that Kevin Seawright and RPS Soultions LLC provide is long overdue. Often first time home buyers would fall victim to the shadiness of real estate agents and or a bad bank loan with a high interest. In conjunction with the National Community Stabilization Trust, Kevin Seawright has been able to deliver his knowledge and service to those with limited knowledge of the real estate market and who usually get taken advantage of. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

In addition to guiding first-time homeowners, RPS Solutions will purchase properties all over the city of Baltimore in order to bring affordable and custom made homes to a statistically pooer area of the community. Seawright recently announced that these types of moves by himself and the company can only improve the city of Baltimore and its society as a whole.

Seawright first founded the company back in 2015 as a way to bring a positive change to Baltimore. He and other professionals in the real estate business where determined to bring change through the legal and real estate system rather than through pure advocacy. With a Masters in accounting from Almeda University, there is no doubt that Mr.Seawright was the right person for the job, not only because of his intelligence but a majority in part to the kindness within himself. Recently, Mr. Kevin Seawright was able to organize a toy drive for children at the Christ Haven Pentecostal church in Philadelphia. He and his company were able to bring over 200 children a more joyous Christmas this year.



Insights On Live Music Productions From Business Owner Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson got an interesting start in business in comparison to the company he now owns. Hutson attended college for theatre design, worked as a sound engineer, and was employed as a project manager, but the vast majority of his long-term work was working for Billy Graham as he toured the world. After leaving Graham’s team, Clayton Hutson established his own firm focused on rock and roll performers and created a business that produces, oversees, designs, and manages live music performances.

Honored to have worked among some of the true industry greats such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’Roses, Clayton Hutson has built up quite a resume. When asked how he feels about industry trends, Hutson cites his admiration for the pushing of boundaries and use of new technology in order to keep things fresh. His company utilizes the newly manufactured brighter lights which are smaller and more powerful plus easier to maneuver, in addition to other such new developments. Hutson remarks on how he recognizes the popularity of massive video screens, especially in use for large arenas, but respects how especially creative artists such as Lady Gaga and Pink have incorporated acrobatics, silks, and other eye-catching stunts to capture the attention of large crowds instead of wall-sized screens.

Clayton Hutson follows a step-by-step path to bring great ideas to life. For him it starts with a vision. He mentally uses past experience and knowledge of how certain concepts will work to play through new concepts in his mind. To transition from a mental concept to reality, Hutson utilizes a lot of CAD design and always keeps practicality in the mix because as he points out, at the end of the grand ideas, every item still has to fit through the door and into the proper places. The key to Hutson’s level of success is realizing that he has to know every detail, such as every door measurement, in perfect precision. He is always seeking out perfection, looking to awe the client, and taking seemingly minute details into consideration. In conjunction with a tremendous work ethic that often drives him not to sleep until things are done, Clayton Hutson sets himself apart in the live music production industry.

The Sweet Success of Beauty Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Over the years, the world of cosmetics has grown in popularity with tons of stand out beauty brands that entice consumers globally. It’s estimated that today’s global beauty industry is worth up to $265 billion nowadays and it’s stunningly estimated that a woman will spend $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime! So, it’s no wonder there is a garden variety of cosmetic lines advertised in today’s marketplace. And there are so many make-up gurus around that boast of their products are made with healthy ingredients and created without the use of animal testing. One such beauty trendsetter is Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere. Her unique brand of popular vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics have won the hearts of scads of girls and guys since it’s inception in 2008. And now most recently, the inspiring entrepreneur has launched a new stylish jewelry line- Poppy Angeloff.

Doe Deere’s biography is as magical as her beauty products. Born Xenia Vorotova in Russia, she always dreamed about living in the United States as a young girl. She was enamored by all things American, like the popular images she captured in magazines and the movies. She couldn’t help but imagine that life in the U.S. was the stuff dreams were made of- and she was right! As fate would have it, Doe’s mother relocated her family out to New York City to try out a new lifestyle in America. It was 1998, Doe was just 17 and living the kind of lifestyle she dreamed of–but there were countless hardships for her small family unit. Doe and her younger sister were being raised by a single parent in the Big Apple. Although her mother was an certified accountant back in Russia, it was hard for her to obtain work without American credentials. She took housekeeping jobs to make ends meet with teenage Doe helping out with odd jobs for neighbors. However, the family’s money ran out they were forced to live in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. It was a rough time in Doe’s life and she would escape reality by dreaming about being a fashion designer. And she enjoyed sketching out imaginative designs on paper for a pastime.

After almost a year living in poverty, Doe’s family met a social worker who introduced them to Sanctuary for Families– non-profit organization that helps troubled female immigrants. There they got acquainted with the group’s leader, a feminist attorney who saw their great need to succeed in the big city and was instrumental in inspiring Doe to enroll into NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After Doe’s mother finally landed an accountant job, the family of three moved out of the homeless shelter and into another housing project in New York. Through hard work and determination, Doe’s family began to realize their ambitions. A decade later, Doe launched her own whimsical beauty brand, Lime Crime and finally reached the kind of success she dreamed of having ever since childhood. Today, this thirty-something beauty magnate enjoys inspiring women all over the world with her rags to riches story and how they also can achieve their goals with hard work, ingenuity, resiliency, and a dream for a brighter future.

The Future Success of the Chainsmokers According to Alex Pall

Alex Pall is one of the members of The Chainsmokers, who has helped the band take the world of music by storm since 2014. The first hit song of the band was “Selfie”. The song was followed by many other great non-singles that were ranked top on the chart. Alex Pall recently tended at an interview with Interview Magazine and discussed various topics ranging from future of the group to their future strategies.

From Alex Pall’s interview with Interview Magazine, we learn that the success of The Chainsmokers is as a result of luck which is expected to be offset over time. The future of the band is bright because its members such as Alex Pall are talented in the field. Through Alex Pall’s efforts, The Chainsmokers has managed to produce popular music lyrics which have stood the test of time.

In the interview, Alex Pall claimed that the songs that he has written and composed have made the band successful and they include “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Roses,” and “Sick Boy.” He has created a reputation and a name in the band which has defined the musical culture. Through the interview, we can also learn that his legacy is beyond making top hits.

He has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the most successful musicians. The success of the band has also made their personal lives successful. For example, Alex Pall has managed to own a Hollywood Hills apartment which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The interior of his home proves his electric style. The house has an orange couch and trippy pillows, and a neon sign within the kitchen.

The interior part of the house shows us that he likes mixing things that may not go together so as to create unique and new works. He applies this to music which has helped him and his team become successful. From the Wall Street Journal, we can also learn that Alex Pall and his team have a unique understanding of what it takes to be successful DJs. Their art has moved to a new level, and they are not planning to back down.

Jeunesse Global: Mark Macdonald and The Zen Project 8 Weight Loss Program

Jeunesse Global is an international company that leads with innovative youth preserving supplements, skincare, and weight loss programs. These products are sold around the world by a dedicated group of independent agents. The agents are supported by Jeunesse Global’s technology network, leaders, and their many support conferences. They only offer one program for weight management, and they only have to offer one because the course covers everything.

Mark MacDonald produced the Zen Project 8. Before joining Jeunesse Global, he was already a household name from his appearances on CNN and Dr. Oz. Mark’s philosophy is simple. He breaks everything down into manageable steps with targeted goals in mind. He also profoundly understands that there is more to it than having a plan, you will need support, and you will get support from Mark and from the other 20,000 Zen Project 8 fans. You will not be going it alone with this program.

Week one focuses on meal and plate preparations. You will learn what it means to eat clean and how to flush out toxins. The goal of the week is to teach you why the body bloats and how you can prevent it. You may be amazed at how much weight is just from bloating. After week one, you will move onto the second phase. It lasts for three weeks, and this one focuses on melting and burning off fat while maintaining and building sleek muscles. Here you will learn to more about food choices because your body will be changing. Finally, the last section is where you switch from burning to maintaining your healthy body. This is just as important as all the other steps. Mark teaches you how to not only survive in the real world but also thrive.

When you join Zen Project 8, you will get supplements designed for each process. For example, the protein shakes are produced to slowly release into the bloodstream, which leaves you feeling full longer. The product is only available to Jeunesse Global. There are several dietary supplements to enhance your system as you progress. Zen Prime, which is herb and plant-based, and Zen Shape, which was featured in Forbes issue, are two examples of the vitamins in the system. Mark’s and Jeunesse Global’s Zen Project 8 program is complete and unlike anything else out there in the weight loss market arena.