Born in the year nineteen thirteen 17th February ,Alastair Borthwick was raised in a small town named Toon and later relocated to Glasgow. While in Glasgow, he attended Glasgow High School until the age of sixteen when he left school to work at Glasgow Herald. It was there where he was given a job as a copywriter where he wrote copies from correspondents phoning in. He was later promoted to become an editor where he edited some of the pages which were featured in the small newspaper he was working for. He worked with five other staff members who assisted in publishing the newspaper.

As per, Alastair Borthwick also wrote articles which talked about men and children. Alastair lived in a time when recreational activities such as rock climbing and hitchhiking were considered activities of the rich people. It was when he joined “Open Air” where he was involved in hitchhiking and climbing. In addition to that, he wrote articles about the working class in Glasgow and Clydebank. Later on, he got a job at Daily Mirror but was declined by London Lifestyle. He later went back to broadcast at BBC in Glasgow. He published his first book “Always a Little Further” which was a masterpiece and is still published up to date. His book was about social change and the outdoor activities in Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick was later enrolled in the army during the second world war and was appointed as an intelligence officer of the 5th battalion. The battalion fought the Italians, Germans, Belgians, North Africans and Hollanders. It was during the war when he gained inspiration to write about the different regimes in the war. He documented it in his book which is known as “Sans Peur” which also became a masterpiece. He became a legend through leading soldiers to war against the Germans and turned out successful. Later after the war, he went back to Glasgow where he got back his job of broadcasting at BBC. He was later laid to rest on 25th September 2003. Alastair Borthwick was a prolific journalist and writer who will live to be remembered through his books which are still being published up to date.

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