Alex HernAlex Hern has been in the business for more than two decades. In his business career, he has shown an inclination towards young technology-based companies. Most recently, Hern has co-founded Tsunami XR, a company that focuses on the delivery of cloud collaboration services. Tsunami’s platform provides visually rich and, highly interactive digital work spaces. The work spaces are capable of integrating data from video conferencing to 3D and CAD content. The application has helped teams to improve on operational efficiency, design sophisticated products and, improve the morale of workers. The soft is flexible and can operate on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. It can also be used on virtual reality and augmented headsets, with a satisfactory level of security.

Alex Hern is a world-class business leader. He is an expert particularly in the areas of transformative technology in communications, SaaS, digital media, mobility and, security. Throughout his career, he has helped incubate tech-based companies in their formative stages. He jointly founded Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, where he also served as the director. The company is famous for powering the search technology for Yahoo, AOL and, MSN. Hern also co-founded Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO and, served as its director. YESM was a web directory firm dealing in the web directory and e-mail marketing. He also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies. The company was financed by L-3 Lockheed and, its main business was the commercialization of incubators. Alex Hern doubled as its chairperson and Chief Executive Officer.

Alex Hern says that the idea to establish Tsunami TX is an inspiration from the computer industry. The world is drifting from the CPU era to mobile and GPU technologies. The shift necessitates the development of appropriate software that can leverage the immense capabilities of tablets, smartphones and, personal computers. Tsunami is out to create a wonderful and exciting collaboration platform with roots in graphics technology.

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