Greg Secker Highlights the Path to Successful Forex Trading

As the inflation keeps rearing its ugly head into today’s society, many people see the need of finding new investment options to stay afloat during these harsh economic times. The forex, otherwise known as the foreign exchange market, is such an investment option that Greg Secker advises most investors to venture into. Despite the complexities found in this trading option, this venture has proved to be quite profitable to numerous investors, especially for international speaker and foreign exchange specialist, Greg Secker.

The most brilliant thing about the foreign exchange market is that you do not have to start with a large investment. With that initial small investment, it is possible to reap huge profits, but depending on your trading strategy, of course. If you have the proper strategy for risk investment then surely without a doubt forex trading I the right investment option for you. Also with the right forex indicator, it becomes quite easy for one to monitor his trading habits and keep track of the profitable trading choices. There are many indicators, and although there is no best indicator, generally it is ideal to find the right forex indicator that works especially for you.

Although forex trading comes along with its many challenges, it is safe to say that with the right knowledge and bit of experience you are on the right way to becoming a successful trader. Some of the tips that Mr. Secker shares for successful trading include having a firm grasp on the basics, finding a mentor you can emulate, sticking to a trading strategy that best fits you and alienating emotions from your trades.

Having reached multi-millionaire status in his twenties, Greg Secker is a renowned business man, international speaker, and philanthropist. He is responsible for one of the largest trading companies in Europe that have helped millions of people reach their financial goals. Born and raised in Norfolk England, Mr. Secker undertook Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

Greg Secker has received quite a lot of media attention, especially since he is an international speaker who teaches individuals about financial trading. Aside from his various initiatives, including Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust, he is also a published author with books such as, “Financial Freedom through Forex” and “Trading Your Way to Success.”

Sheldon Lavin Is An Inspirational Business Leader

Sheldon Lavin is a unique character in the meat industry. He began his career over 43 years ago. Lavin was a successful investor and worked in the banking industry. He also owned a financial consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin became the unlikely CEO of OSI Group. Under his leadership the company evolved from a McDonald’s burger supplier to providing food products to various food industries around the world. OSI Group employs tens of thousands of workers. Lavin prides himself on the culture that he has created at OSI.

Sheldon Lavin’s involvement with OSI Group and the food manufacturing industry began in 1970. OSI was then known as Otto and Sons. The company was presented with an opportunity to build a large meat manufacturing facility in the Midwest and become one of the primary suppliers of burgers to McDonald’s. Investors wanted Lavin to be involved in the process. He came on as a consultant. Levin made an agreement with Kolschowsky family. The agreement assured him that if he ever decided to be an official partner, he would have equal ownership within the company.

Over the years Lavin became more influential at Otto and Sons. He established a partnership with the two sons as the original founder of Otto and Sons settled into retirement. McDonald’s had a great relationship with Sheldon Lavin and requested that he come in to the business full time. Lavin agreed. Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin involved into running the company full-time.

OSI Group expanded throughout North America and into Europe. South America and Taiwan soon followed. At this point Sheldon Lavin was controlling half of OSI Group after original partners began to sell out. Eventually he gained full control of the company. OSI Group grew into South America, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Australia, South Africa, India and Japan.

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The Thoughts And Viewpoint Of Scott Rocklage

As a member of 5AM Ventures Scott Rocklage combines his thrity years of experience in healthcare, his leadership abilities, and his expertise in management. The FDA approved three drugs due to his dedication and knowledge and his clinical trials have resulted in more drug candidates.

Dr. Rocklage’s services have benefited Nycomed Salutar, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and Catalytica. His studies were conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley resulting in his B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Scott Rocklage readily admits his days are anything but typical. Some days he attends board meetings, others he focuses on life science or his company’s portfolio. His work puts him in contact with executives, scientists, and physicians as he provides assistance regarding their thoughts for potential medicines.

He has a fascination for the most recent treatments for cancer and believes even more improvements will be available in the future. He believes in organization, prioritizes his time, and keeps track of his responsibilities with the use of his calendar.

Scott Rocklage has discussed the differences he would make if he could begin all over again. He would concentrate more efforts on selecting his team and give his focus to a wider selection of individuals.

He believes fear should not be a part of taking a risk because entrepreneurship has given him the ability to control his future. He feels in order to succeed he must remain true to the knowledge contained within his business especially when times are challenging. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

The majority of his failures have occurred in the area of management. Now he understands once the wrong person is hired for a position their performance will not change. Simply said the wrong person will always remain the wrong person. Scott Rocklage thinks the most timeless book of all time regarding performance and business is the classic Good to Great.

George Soros knows how to Protest Injustice

Injustice is all around us. At any given moment, a governmental or institutional group can rise-up to create a lot of pain and wreak havoc on a group of people. Whether this group is a national minority, immigrants from another land or refugee settlers; the tyranny of a traditional institution can cause people to suffer. Men like George Soros cannot sit idly by while this happens.

George Soros is a man of great wealth and position. He is ranked as one of the top 30th wealthiest people on the planet. Soros has been around for a very long time. He was born in Hungary back in 1930. In 2017, he is 86-years-old. A man who has lived for almost a century has seen a lot of things throughout his life. He is also full of experience and wisdom.

Soros was a teenager when the Nazi’s overran his homeland of Hungary. Since his family was Jewish his father managed to deceive the Nazi’s to keep them from the horrors of the Concentration Camps. Even though Soros was spared that nightmare he had to endure other things. He had to watch how the Nazi’s negatively treated and oppressed his people. He knew that this could never happen again in life. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Fast forward to the present; George Soros is now doing everything he can to stop government dictatorship and institutional dominance from ruing the lives of many people. This is one reason why he helped to organize civil protest in Ferguson during the Michael Brown protests.

Minority people constantly suffer under the hand of police authority. This is especially true for members of the Black Community. There has always been a historical connection between police brutality and the Black Community. Ever since organized police forces came into existence within America; they have been used to subject the African American community to control and violence.

From the days of Jim Crow, to the Watts Riots of 68, to the Rodney King Riots of 1992; black people have always been protesting the devastating police brutality that has been happening within their community. This trend has to stop and George Soros is helping to change this situation.

Soros knows that social protest is an effective force for change. In an open society, people can protest and speak out to bring about change. Soros likes societies such as these because it brings about balance. The traditional authorities do not get to permanently dictate how things are going to be for people. Learn more about his profile at

Soros realizes that the groups he supported during the Ferguson protests were necessary for bringing about change. George Soros is committed to making life better for everyone. His Open Foundations Society operates for this purpose. Soros is a great man who is genuinely trying to make the world better for all people.

Jim Tananbaum’s Role in Revolution of Healthcare

On June 15, 2017, Mindstrong health reported that $14 million dollars were raised in the series A round of support in financing its neuropsychiatric diagnosis and treatment platform. Mindstrong’s Al- powered platform is created to monitor interaction patterns on smartphone gadgets. The firm’s platform is aimed at provision of continuous digital biomarkers of cognition and mood which includes attention, memory, speed and executive function. The round was led by ARCH Venture and Foresite capital partners, and also was joined by Berggruen Holdings, Optum Ventures, and the One Mind Brain Health Impact fund that is according to Palo Alto which is a Calif-based company. Foresite capital partners headed by Jim Tananbaum were among the investors of Mindstrong health who contributed.

According to INC42, Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the CEO of Foresite Capital with $1.1 billion in assets value under management. Tananbaum has over 20 years’ experience in building and investing healthcare companies. Before establishing Foresite Capital, Tananbaum co-founded two established biopharmaceutical companies and other two healthcare investment practices. After finishing in the medical school of Harvard, he established GelTex Pharmaceuticals which brought into the market two drugs for less than $80 million, but today these medicines generate to him $1 billion in revenues. Later, GelTex was acquired at an amount of $1.6 billion. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Jim also established and was the CEO of Theravance, Inc which with Theravance Biopharma, Inc adds up to market cap worth $2.75 billion. On the side of investment, Tananbaum was an establishing partner of Prospect Venture Partners III and II, and in his career earlier, Tananbaum was a Sierra Ventures partner where he assisted then in establishing the healthcare services investment practice. Jim has led various investments which include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amigroup, Healthon and Jaz pharmaceuticals. Jim is a graduate of Yale with a B.S.S.E and a B.S, graduated from Harvard medical school with an M.D, M.B.A from the Harvard medical school and M.S from MIT.Jim has also been on the advisory board and visiting committees to the program of Harvard-MIT HST and the President Advisory Counsel of Yale.

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How is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Reaching Amazon Sales Figures?

Looking at how successful Amazon is in the clothing market, you have to see how many different clothing companies are fighting for that same dollar. There are thousands of clothing companies doing everything they can to catch Amazon but fall short, as Amazon continues to bring in 20 percent of all the sales in this high competitive niche. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of those clothing companies looking to break away from the pack, and $250 million in sales of workout apparel in a little less than three years has given the field reason to take notice.


Listen to the way that Hudson talks all about the reason her athleisure brand is so successful. It isn’t low prices, it isn’t top-quality, it all comes down to reverse showrooming and a very creative yet unique membership plan for loyal customers. Looking inside one of the Fabletics stores at the local mall, we see women taking advantage of this relaxed atmosphere. We have women who are trying on all the new active-wear inside the store, taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz, and stopping by just to window-shop. Many times these women leave the store without making a purchase, and still the company is seeing explosive sales numbers.


Now when you visit the Fabletics e-commerce site, then the real explosion in sales occurs. One of the driving forces behind those sales is the fact that members who have already tried on the clothing at the mall store will see those pieces are uploaded to the online account. Rather than shopping the vast online inventory and worrying about sizes, you simply start filling your shopping cart with all the latest in tank tops, yoga pants, and leggings. What is happening here is instead of this site getting one or two items in the cart at checkout, women are buying a dozen things at a time.


The membership benefits do not stop there however. What members of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics enjoy is free shipping for their online orders, discounts on all workout apparel, even the assistance of your very own personal shopper. Your personal shopper looks over the lifestyle quiz answers and picks one item for you each month, you can buy or reject without any pressure. Seems like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to do all the things that companies like Amazon are not doing, and it could push this company to the top some day.

Reasons Why Various Non-Jewish Stars in Hollywood Find Kabbalah Fascinating

Madonna, a Hollywood star, recently got fascinated with Kabbalah and this was followed by a number of other stars following suit. What could have motivated these non-Jewish stars become attracted to Kabbalah centre, a Jewish mysticism. The trend started after Madonna showed interest in the old Jewish tradition and went as far as opening a Kabbalah center and investing heavily in order to study it. A number of Hollywood stars also expressed interest in learning the ancient tradition of the Jewish people. These include Sandra Bernhard, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, late Elizabeth Taylor, late Sammy Davis among others. Here are a few reasons why the sudden interest in Kabbalah from Hollywood stars.


Sandra Bernhard opened up and stated that Kabbalah helped in eliminating at least 80% of all the chaos she was experiencing in her life. Paris Hilton concurred with Sandra and went on further to add that after her split from Nick Carter, she recovered by going to the Los Angeles based Kabbalah Center. After telling her breakup story, Paris got a red string bracelet from the center and she visits it regularly.

However, it is not only personal problems that lead to many Hollywood stars getting interested in Kabbalah. The late Sammy Davis spoke to Time Magazine and revealed that he wanted to be a part of a history that runs for about 5,000 years as well as be part of something that would provide him with inner strength that would enable him to turn the other cheek. Madonna reveals that helping people is part of Kabbalah. The late Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism due to her interest in Kabbalah. She supported the Simon Wiesenthal Kabbalah Center. Marilyn Monroe on the other hand, got interested in Kabbalah as she felt no connection with the “fundamentalist christianity”. She got interested in Kabbalah due to its close family life concept to learn more: click here.

About the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles

Kabbalah Center’s roots started way back in 1922 by the first-ever master kabbalist, Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is a not-for-profit organization that offers courses on Kabbalistic and the Zohar teachings online and also in city-based and regional centers globally. The Kabbalah presentation was build up by Philip Berg, a director, together with his wife Karen Berg.

David Giertz Talks Social Security

Finance expert David Giertz, the President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s financial sales and distribution organization at, says that financial planners should be speaking to their clients more about social security. While discussing social security options may seem like an obvious topic for professionals giving financial advice, many fail to do so, and this is bad for their clients on Giertz’s team conducted a survey of retirees and discovered that, surprisingly, advisers don’t always mention social security to their clients when planning for the future.

One reason for this is that social security regulations are extremely complex on In fact, as David Giertz points out, the handbook for the government program is well over 1000 pages long, so advisers are often not comfortable discussing a topic they aren’t fully knowledgeable about themselves.

However, because social security frequently amounts to 40% or more of retirees’ income, it needs to be examined as fully as possible by financial advisers to ensure that clients aren’t missing out. A frequent mistake at that retirees make is activating their social security benefits too early, which can cost them thousands of dollars in annual payments.

David Giertz

David Giertz, who also goes by the name Dave Giertz, has served as a senior vice-president for Nationwide as 2013. Additionally, David Giertz heads the company’s financial division

Known in particular for his expertise in financial matters relating to social security, David Giertz uses his considerable experience and knowledge to help Nationwide do right by their clients. Giertz works out of the company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and other major media organizations for his financial views.

Financial Security at AXA Group

Vinny Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of Finance at AXA Group, a reputable financial organization. He is also the financial advisor to AXA Group. AXA Group was founded in 1859. Vinny Parascandola joined AXA Group in 2004.AXA Group is involved in a variety of activities. These activities involve helping businesses and families towards financial security. Additionally, Vinny Parascandola is responsible for the productivity, management, recruiting and the retaining of competent financial professionals.

Vincent Parascandola has been in the finance industry for more than 25 years. He started his career experience in 1987 at Prudential serving as an agent. In that same year, Vinny was titled the National Rookie. In 1990, Vinny started work at a Life Insurance Company known as MONY. In MONY, Vinny took management roles in both the regional and the local areas. Prior this position as Divisional President, Parascandola worked with Advantage Group as the president. Advantage Group is a subsidiary of AXA Equitable whose aim was to draw professionals in finance. Mr. Parascandola also worked at New York Metro Branch as the co-manager.

Vinny’s competence and the urge for perfection are attributed to his educational background. He attended Pace University where he attained a degree in Bachelor of Science. As an alumnus of Pace University, he went back in 2014 to give a commencement speech to the graduating class. This act put Vinny as one of the most inspiring leaders. To recognize Vinny Parascandola’s work as a leader, he has received various awards. Vinny earned GAMA’s Career and Development and Master Agency Awards.

Furthermore, Vinny is not only involved with AXA Group’s management but also with other companies. These companies include GAMA, Florida chapter and LIMRA. Mr. Parascandola is entirely involved with wealth management. This in itself contains strategies for financial investment and protection, estate planning, business planning, retirements and providing solutions to client’s financial needs.

AXA Group aims at bettering the future of its people. Vinny is the team leader in promoting people’s talents. Vinny together with AXA Group have acquired $582.7 million AUM. They also have 43 branches across the nation. AXA Group is found to have a commendable financial strength courtesy of Vincent Parascandola.

An Appraisal Of The Traveling Vineyard’s Business Model

The Napa Valley is world-famous for producing some of the most exclusive wines. For decades, the region has been renowned for having some of the best vineyards in the world. Nonetheless, there is more to Napa than wine production. The region attracts tourists who come to sample other attractions. This means that by taking a trip to Napa, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will revolve around wine.

Top Attractions in Napa

The region is famous for being home to the Napa Art Walk, which will surely mesmerize you more so if you are a lover of 3D art. The walk attracts hundreds of art lovers who come to sample breathtaking sculptures. The Napa Valley Historical Society is another popular attraction. This is a must-go place for those who want to see how Napa Valley looked like hundreds of years ago. Other attractions in the region include the Round Pond Estate, the Silverado Cooking School, and Robert Louis Stevenson State Park.

The Traveling Vineyard in Brief

This is a firm that enables wine lovers to make money from the comfort of their homes while working as wine guides. The firm was started in 2001 with the objective of providing exquisite wine tasting experiences in a relaxed environment. Guides who sign up reach out to local community members and in the process, earn a living. The role of these guides is to build partnerships within the local community while advising customers about wines for special occasions. Almost everyone can work from home. The firm trains its guides until they feel that they are ready to venture out on their own.

Once prospective guides submit their application expressing an interest to partner with Traveling Vineyard, the company pairs them with an experienced team leader within the locality for mentorship and training. During this time, the trainees will be taught about crucial aspects of the wine business including marketing and how to approach clients. Being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard comes with lots of benefits. One can create a working schedule that suits him/her best. This is not usually the case when working on a full-time basis. It is also a fun-filled experience since guides meet new people every day.