Vincent Parascandola professional achievements.

Vincent Parascandola is known to be a financial advisor working with AXA Advisors, and he is the senior executive VP of the AXA group. He holds a Bachelor`s degree in Science from Pace University, NY. Among his duty as the top executive president, is to recruit as well as train new advisors, to increase the growth of sales of the firm and to ensure that its level of production has improved as compared to the producers that already exist. He is also supposed to ensure that there are profit margins that are appropriate. Check out Alumnius for more.

Vincent Parascandola started his outstanding expertise in a financial field back in the year 1987 at Prudential, working for the company as a sales agent. He is well equipped with high skills concerning advisory affairs. Before he started working with AXA group, he held the managerial position in MONY Life Insurance Company. When he later moved to AXA, he began working at AXA Group unit as the president of the Advantage Group. Vincent Parascandola leadership qualities are very exceptional, there times when he worked as a co-manager at AXA Company. This task required him to deal with very many financial officials across the globe.

Vincent Parascandola is an eloquent speaker; he delivers speeches during different conferences held by industries and companies. During his service as a vice president of AXA group, he has achieved a lot in his line of duty. Vincent was recognized with GAMA’S career development and master agency award. For more details visit Crunchbase.

AXA is ranked as being the global leader as far as financial protection is concerned. The firm mainly deals with protecting its client’s families and property as well against risks. It also helps its clients to manage well their savings and assets. The company is said to have very many professionals who provide it with plans that strategic on matters concerning company growth.

Vincent Parascandola is the cheerleader of the company who has changed it to be the leading financial protection company in New York. He has been able to do it because of vast experience of twenty-five years in sector dealing with finances making him a very outstanding leader in business. Check out his Vimeo account to know more.

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George Soros Is Still Fighting The Republican Party Behind The Scenes

When Donald Trump won the election, Hillary Clinton went into hiding. Clinton was no match for Trump. His street fighting instincts hit a nerve with people around the country. Those people want change, and Trump gave them change. His promises will be hard to keep, according to humanitarian and philanthropist, George Soros. Soros is a Hillary Clinton fan. Mr. Soros gave the Clinton campaign more than $12 million through a couple of Democratic PACs. Clinton is an Open Society Foundation supporter, and she ran for office supporting the principles Soros uses for his Open Society Foundation platform. Soros is not shy when it comes to standing up for human rights. He has spread more than $12 billion of his money around the world to help organizations establish a democratic presence in non-democratic countries and what George Soros knows.

Trump calls Soros a poor loser. But that doesn’t bother Soros. Mr. Soros is familiar with Trump and his famous business dealings. A few years ago George gave Trump millions when he saw a chance to make money on a Trump hotel project in Chicago. But that is the extent of the Soros-Trump business relationship. George has a different mindset when it comes to politics and human rights, and he is making political life uncomfortable for Donald Trump. Soros is doing that behind the scenes. George is part of a deep-pocket donor group that is rebuilding the Democratic Party. The group meets regularly to brainstorm about the future of the Democratic Party and learn more about George Soros. There’s little doubt. Soros will be financially active in the 2018 mid-term elections and the presidential election in 2020.

But 86-year-old, Hungarian-born George Soros is more than a hedge fund legend and a political supporter. He is a world-class humanitarian. He also meets with economic leaders to discuss the global issues and the pitfalls that may turn that economy sour over the next couple of years. Soros meets with the European Union on occasion. He tries to help the EU get out of their financial debacle and the bad choices that keep the euro in a state of financial limbo. The EU is a disorganized group of nationalists acting like a cohesive group of liberals, but the façade doesn’t fool Mr. Soros and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros doesn’t need to work or to promote anything. He can do what other billionaires do. He can hide behind that glass wall of financial secrecy. But Soros does not act that way. He is on a mission to free countries from oppressive governments and radical leaders. He has a clear picture of what the world should look like, and he’ll spend whatever it takes to make that picture a reality. Soros critics say he flaunts his political and economic concepts for the recognition and the money. But his friends know the truth. George Soros wants the world to be a better place. And he is willing to give a lot of money away to achieve that goal and Follow him

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Highland Capital: How To Get Reliable Financial Advice

When you have a financial advisor on you side, it is easier to make financial and investment decisions and stay focused on the right path. Working with a reputable firm can give you peace of mind, and help reach your financial goal.

If you want to find a great team of investment advisors to advise and guide you, consider Highland Capital. For many years, Highland Capital has delivered outstanding money management and investment advisory to entrepreneurs and organizations. This reputable company has well trained and experienced financial advisors and wealth management professionals.

The expert team at Highland Capital has the resources and knowledge to help you select lucrative investment opportunities and achieve great success. These professionals have helped a large number of clients start their investment portfolio and reach their goals.

Many investors have unfulfilled expectations and want to find a company that has a proven track record. They want to find a better solution so they can have a better investment experience.

To improve their odds of success, they need to choose an experienced and reputable team of advisors. That’s where Highland Capital Management can help – to provide investors the knowledge and guidance they need to attain the success they desire.

Highland Capital works with new investors and experienced investors to help them get financially organized and be on their way to success. The services provided by Highland Capital allows their clients to take control of their money and finances and make better decisions for their future. Highland Capital and its investment experts review all aspects of their client’s financial life and advise them on the right opportunities or strategies for them.

Before you get started investing, it is crucial to have a discussion with your financial advisor or a money management professional to ensure you have a good understanding of what is needed to help you reach your goal.

Highland Capital management has an established history of rendering top notch investment advisory and financial planning services and can evaluate your situation and then recommend a suitable opportunity for you.

The Best of Both Dental Worlds: MB2 Dental

As a dentist who has seen both the sole-practitioner and corporate side of the dentist industry, Dr. Crhis Villanueva sought the best way to have the two sides merge together. He wanted the support and structure of the corporate dental side, but also wanted to keep and maintain the feel of a sole-practitioner dentist and thus the idea for MB2 Dental was born.
MB2 Dental, now heading into its first decade in existence, has over 1,000 employees and the impact of the company can be seen and felt everyday. With most of the company’s 70 locations in the southwest in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico, the region finds itself with the best dental care business model in the country.
The vision behind MB2 Dental came about when Dr. Villanueva was trying to take the dullness out of the dental industry. Too many practices were either too corporate with not enough of a familiar touch, or too small without a business structure. MB2 Dental, and the vision from Dr. Chris Villanueva, put the doctors first, therefore putting the patients in the best care possible. He wanted doctors to have the ability to work together on both sides of the industry. Having the ability to bounce ideas or different techniques off of each other is how Dr. Villanueva felt the best dentistry businesses could run. He has two core values for his company: (1) make the patient experience their best and (2) empower the doctors to make sure the patients are getting the best care possible.
When Dr. Chris Villanueva came into the dentistry business, there were only two options a new dentist could choose. Option one was corporate dentistry where you would have the best equipment and the business side would be completely separated. Option two was starting your own private practice, which meant less bureaucracy from others and more ownership for yourself. He sought a solution that would make the best of both worlds fit. His idea for MB2 Dental blossomed into what it is today through his hard work and perseverance. And of course the support he has shown his doctors and patients have helped put the idea into practice.

FreedomPlus gives you Freedom From Debt

Credit is something that takes time to build. Containing a credit card is a responsibility and stems up previous credit history. In the article, different methods of saving your money and building your credit are given. Offering advice to help you begin the road of great credit is just one of the goals of this program. Through these suggestive methods, a new form of credit history can be produced and will ready you for future loans and excellent credit. Helping you in almost every area of credit such as auto loans, student loans, rent, and others, the credit rebuilding site produces different tactics to help improve credit. Building your credit back to what it used can be more simple.

Through the borrowing company FreedomPlus, they offer personal loans that is not dependent upon credit history. They allow you to talk to a consultant and even goes beyond your credit report to focus on providing you with the money requested. Providing custom offers the program ensures fast, easy and simple transactions to receiving money. The company has been rewarded positive reviews from known members of the press such as The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Business Times and others. This is evidence that would back up the credibility of the company. FreedomPlus also provides jobs for those who are interested in joining the team. This team is comprised of professional credit worthy individuals who are in the business of building your credit all the while providing you with the money you need. Having built a relationship with FreedomPlus, managing your debt can be made easy.

With managing debt, FreedomPlus provides many ways to asses the situation allowing you to borrow loans offering them at your discretion. FreedomPlus is a company that provides loans to those who have been rejected by credit.

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Bob Reina: He Is Here To Stay

Bob Reina is the type of individual that is here to stay when it comes to making positive changes in the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs more positivity and it needs more consistent individuals. Bob Reina is as consistent as they come. When he fully commits to something, it is impossible to stop him. Right now, he is on a mission to find the next big thing and also on a mission to change lives. Let’s get one thing straight: if anyone can do it, it is Bob Reina. He is built for this moment and he is built for this stage. He embraces it, he is a leader, and he goes after it with no second-guessing.


When he talks about looking for the next big thing, it is a big reason why Talk Fusion is such a successful company. They are always looking for ways to innovate, improve, and change things up. They are never just satisfied with the way things are, as they are looking to expand, grow, and be the best they can be, day in and day out. It is the name of the game for them, and it is why people have come to rely on them, trust them, and use them for all of their video needs. They know this is a company that has its head on straight and follows through with their mission.


All anyone needs to do is read an interview with Bob Reina. When they read an interview with Bob Reina, it does not take long to realize he is for real. He is a very well-spoken individual with plenty of heart, passion, and courage to go along with it. It takes courage to start up a company, go after it, and really make sure it runs smoothly.


It also takes courage to go out there and say things about being on a mission to change lives. People have that in writing and they are going to hold you to that. It is Bob Reina’s way of putting all of the pressure on himself, which is the way he likes it. Learn more:


Clay Siegall: His Influence, His Legacy

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, few people will ever get the chance to do so. Brilliant minded individuals work in every industry on earth. For cancer research, there is one guy that sticks out like a sore thumb, and his name is Clay Siegall. Siegall is a talented individual as well as an accomplished one. The guy has literally written 70 publications, and he’s the holder of about 15 patents. If you have no clue to who he truly is, just know that Siegall is one of the most prominent names in the fight against cancer.

Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington, is a premier biotech company that specializes in commercializing and developing antibody-based therapies. These advanced medicines are far superior than the cancer medicines of the past thanks to their delivery system. Antibody-Drug Conjugates are a form of antibody-based therapy, and these medicines attack cancerous cells inside the human body. Unlike past drugs, antibody-drug conjugates deliver a powerful cell-killing blow without making the patient sick. This is proprietary technology that hasn’t been seen before and as of today, these medicines have brought in over $350 million in earnings for the company. Seattle Genetics just so happens to be run by Clay Siegall, and his influence is all over the products. Siegall is also the company’s CEO, president and founder, which dates back to 1998.

Blogging is something Siegall does in his free time, and he takes full advantage of the different avenues for releasing beneficial information. This is a time where he speaks on a variety of other topics like politics, science and sports. Siegall has recently talked about some of the newer drugs that Seattle Genetics has in its pipeline and what can be expected in the future. All bases are being covered at each and every blog post.

The legacy of Clay Siegal is a supreme legacy that most people can’t obtain. Luckily, he’s using his knowledge and hard work to better mankind and society. Though he’s been in the business for quite sometime, Dr. Clay Siegall’s legacy is still being prepared.

Sheldon Lavin – CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is an International Food company that supplies food to companies all over the world. Lavin is also the president of OSI International Foods LTD. He is dedicated and committed to actively remaining involved in the company’s operations and development. Lavin has been working in the industry since 1970 and has many years of experience involving the financial aspects of the business along with the workflow. Otto & Sons eventually acquired and developed into OSI Group. At the time of transition, Lavin was responsible for the leadership vision of OSI Group, and it quickly grew into an international company that works with many different types of food businesses. Currently, OSI has over 60 different stores in 60 different countries. Lavin works collectively with many businesses to allow the business to thrive and develop further.

Lavin has achieved many different awards throughout his career in the industry. One reward that holds dear to his heart is the Global Visionary Award which represents the international business and the job growth throughout the surrounding countries. The award was presented to him on February 20th, 2016. He is honored to hold such a prestigious award and is proud of the commitment he’s established throughout the years. He has spent the majority of his life dedicated to the business and the welfare of the employees. He will continue to proudly commit to working towards enhancements and growth for the future of the company.

His hopes for the future of the company rely solely on the many years that he has applied to the growth of the company. While the company has received many environment and sustainability rewards under Lavin’s care, he can only hope that the future executives will lead the business as he has. He hopes that his success and way of operating the business will inspire the next group of corporate leaders.

Lavin doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon, however, he still finds himself working towards the day he will hand off his duties. In the meantime, he continues to build the business into a solid foundation and remains involved in many charitable events. He has worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities as well as many other foundations that work towards giving back to the community. His greatest accomplishments include raising his three children with his wife and having a positive impact in society.

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Bradesco’s Takeover Of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian Banking System And How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helped

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the President of Banco Bradesco, the second-largest financial institution in the fifth-most populated country in the world, Brazil. Bradesco is located within São Paulo’s metropolitan region, Osasco, specifically in the neighborhood of Cidade de Deus. Mr. Traubuco has worked for Bradesco for many years, since taking a position as bank teller way back in 1969. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is best known for leading Bradesco to purchase HSBC bank’s Brazilian assets, one of the most expensive transactions in Brazil’s commercial history, valued at an impressive $5.2 billion.

Mr. Trabuco attended college for his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters at the University of São Paulo, immediately after earning a graduate degree in Sociopsychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco bounced around in countless positions at Bradesco before becoming President in 2009, including Director of Marketing, Executive Director of Bradesco’s pension subsidiary, and full-fledged President of its insurance group.

While many people have lived long enough to accomplish things that look great on paper, only truly successful people – or lucky, I suppose – win an award or accolade in their lifetime. However, luck will never win multiple national awards, of which Luiz Carlos Trabuco has won at least eight. Mr. Trabuco’s first award came in 2006, along with two others, making 2006 the most fruitful year, in relation to winning awards, of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s lengthy career at Bradesco.

His first award of that high-yield year eleven years ago came from the Gazette Mercantil Business Leaders Forum, where Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the Business Sector Leader in the insurance and pension plan division. Just weeks after that initial award, which was also the first major accolade of his then 40-year-long career, Mr. Trabuco received the Personalidade Empresarial de Seguros (very roughly equating to “business personality of insurance” in the English language) on behalf of the Association of Sales and Marketing Directors of Brazil. His third and final award of 2006 came in the form of an accolade he’d earn again the following year, Insurance Personality of the Year.

The two most prominent awards Luiz Carlos Trabuco won throughout his career weren’t any of the three mentioned in the above paragraph, although were arguably more important and nationally recognized. In 2009, Mr. Trabuco was added to the list of 100 Most Influential Brazilians born, raised, and actually living in the South American country of Brazil. Six years later, the popular financial markets news media source, specifically focusing on publishing magazines with very high-volume circulations throughout Brazil, the entire continent of South America, and Latin American countries. Isto É Dinheiro named Luiz Carlos Trabuco the Entrepreneur of the Year in Brazil’s world of finance, due almost entirely to Banco Bradesco’s 5.2 billion dollar purchase of HSBC’s physical assets and related goodwill throughout Brazil, firmly securing Bradesco’s spot as the second-largest bank in the country of Brazil, which also holds in excess of 200,000,000 people, making it larger than every country in the world outside of China, India, the United States of America, and Indonesia.

Another one of the virtually innumerable accomplishments by Luiz Carlos Trabuco include his, alongside the employees at his bank, creation of what’s now known as Unibrad, a corporate university that exclusively educates the employees of Bradesco. Unibrad offers personalized courses for newcomers and existing employees that must adhere to annual continuing education requirements to maintain their positions within the financial institution’s ranks. Being as outstandingly successful as the in-house corporate university is, Unibrad has actually been named Best Corporate University by the GlobalCCU Awards, whose sole purpose is to evaluate, criticize, and rank these kinds of universities.

How Fabletics is beating Competition by using Review-Centric Marketing

Competition among businesses offering consumer brands is at an all-time high. Companies are engaged in cut-throat competition for customers. Some companies such as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics have embraced ingenious marketing strategies to increase their sales. Consumers no longer trust traditional marketing techniques, but they rely on reviews about a product made by other customers who have purchased the product. In light of this new consumer trend, companies are shifting to review-centric marketing, also known as the crowd.

The internet has revolutionized marketing. Many companies use the internet to reach their customers. They are various ways a company can market itself on the internet, but marketing experts agree one fact: review centric approach is among the most effective internet marketing strategies. With that said, businesses have the task of ensuring that reviews on their products are positive and that their presence on the web is high-reaching. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has a website that customers can view various products and shop. The presence of Kate Hudson on Fabletics’ website as one of the models marketing Fabletics’ product is a form of product review to many consumers. Kate is an iconic actress admired by both genders; she a prominent person and if she uses the company’s products, then the products must be of high standard.

How has review-centric marketing worked for Fabletics? Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. As at present, the company is soaring. Its revenues, growth, and paying members have increased markedly. For instance, the number of paying members present on the company’s membership list has crossed over a million mark, its revenues have surpassed $235 million, and its expansion is stated at 200%.

Reviews are important to consumers and companies alike. Positive reviews for a business increase sales, improve customer loyalty and increase customer retention. Research firm L2 indicates that 76% of companies, Fabletics included, embed user reviews on their websites. The same study suggested that businesses that feature reviews on their websites have grown by over 70% since 2014. For customers, reviews bear all the information that they need to make a purchase or decline. According to a BrightLocal study, 84% of buyers trust online reviews. Smart brands such as Fabletics have understood the power of reviews, and they leverage it.

Kate is a renowned actor. Apart from being the co-founder of Fabletics, she has engaged in numerous promotion drives to promote the products offered by her company. Last year, Kate hosted an event that encouraged the collaboration of Fabletics with Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato is a prominent figure and is likely to boost the reputation of the company. Kate has been involved in running some of the operations of the enterprise, for example, she participates in the design of Fabletics activewear.

Kate’s demeanor has been lauded by many people including Fabletics president, Gregg Throgmartin. Throgmartin describes Kate as approachable and with an active lifestyle. The president goes on to describe Kate as one who follows a course only if she believes in it.