Neutrality is at the crux of Betsy DeVos’s argument for educational tax credits and vouchers. She argues that the government is simply giving families the money to fuel their children’s educations. They are the ones deciding where the money goes. If they decide to send their kid to a religious school, so be it. It is their choice.


Opponents of the tax credit and voucher system say that federal, state and local governments will be giving money to religious institutions. It is a simple violation of the separation of church and state, they argue, and it makes the entire system un-American. But Betsy DeVos seems to be winning this argument as she is the current Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration.


During her short tenure, she has expanded her tax credit and voucher system to 40,000 more students in the United States. This adds to the 250,000 students that already have access to the tax credit and voucher system. These students are spread out over 17 different states and that number may be expanding in the very near future.


That’s because Betsy DeVos seems to be playing politics expertly. She has completely removed herself from media attention while letting the Trump Administration take all the heat. She is far removed from her fumbling of Congress’s questions during her confirmation and being barred entry to public schools by throngs of protesters. Now she visits charter schools all over the country in order to connect with local communities. And it’s having quite an effect.


She recently made an appearance alongside Pit Bull down in Miami. The Cuban-American pop star is known for his aggressive rap lyrics that many consider misogynistic. She deflected questions about his lyrics while espousing the benefits of tax credit and vouchers used for charter schools. Her appearance alongside the celebrity should go a long way in promoting her ideas with the electorate of Florida.


The secretary seems to pick her battles wisely. She fought Donald Trump behind closed doors as he repealed Barack Obama’s protections for transgender students in public schools. Her aide witnessed her fierce fight and her failure to change the president’s mind. The secretary then went to her employees to apologize and warn them of the upcoming rule change. Then she put on her smiling face, went out to the media and defended the president’s actions despite her vehement private opposition to the repeal.


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