Serial entrepreneur Brad Reifler is known for founding and being the CEO of Forefront Capital. He has also previously founded financial services firm Pali Capital and before that, he was acting as the Star Trader of Refco, the company the acquired Reifler Trading Company in 2000.

He has occupied even more positions in other companies and the newest venture of Brad Reifler is with Forefront Capital – Forefront Income Trust. This income trust program would not cater to accredited investors, like every other program, but would instead focus on making life easier for non-accredited investors.

Why Brad Reifler Started Forefront Income Trust – Speaking about Forefront Income Trust, Brad Reifler said that he has spent too many years focussing on accredited investors who make over $200,000 per annum and have a $1 million or over net worth. He mentioned shifting everything to the 99% of the population and also said that the Forefront Income Trust would make life better for these people. Not a lot of people know that Brad Reifler is Ray Freidman’s son, the founder of Refco. Currently, Brad Reifler is the Director of various organizations like Foresight Research, EAI Bank, Genesis Securities, and Sino Mercury.

Guidelines and Expected Benefits Of Forefront Income Trust – The purpose of establishing accredited investor standard was a move by SEC to protect both shareholders and the markets from investors who were risky. However, the last three decades have made the stock market quite popular and both knowledge and awareness have risen. It is because of reasons like these that on it was pretty clear that Brad Reifler was able to create Forefront Income Trust which would help non-accredited investors get into the market. The minimum investment amount would be $2,500 and non-accredited investors can choose to withdraw or add to this amount every quarter.

Better Risk And Potential Growth – People who have a 401(k) and other savings would benefit even further from Forefront Income Trust. This is because the trust income is not linked with the market. As such, investors can choose to raise the stakes and play a game with high risks but also with higher chances of gains. The growth prospects of Forefront Income Trust are also quite high for this reason. Speaking about the unique nature of this income trust, Brad Reifler also added that the company makes nothing until the 99% investors make their promised 8%. This is quite different from how Wall Street usually works.

Brad Reifler is well known for his previous efforts to help the middle class, and also his renewed efforts through Reuters to give everyone the opportunity to experience sound financial advice. He has previously invested in projects that proved his heart is in the right place, especially the 529 College Savings plan that was open to one and all. He is determined to make a difference to the impact the 1% of America have on the market and economy.

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  1. Has anyone not told you that Brad Reifler has occupied even more positions in other companies. Even the newest venture has given him more positions. I’m even planning to do my essay assignment on his achievements till date.

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