Mr. Bruno Fagali is the principal Brazilian Overseer of Business Integrity. He is broadly accepted for his infinite control of his comprehensive litigation talent. Mr. Fagali is in charge of what many accept to be the prevalent and most powerful establishments for Brazilian distribution & marketing. Bruno Fagali is the man behind the efforts motivating the Litigation & Principles Trade association. Bruno Fagali has positioned his dedication on the mass of legalities necessary for conducting Brazilian Electoral, Public Legal, Compliance, and Anticorruption legislation.

Bruno Fagali maintains the honored achievement of having received his Master’s in Brazilian National Litigation, from the College of São Paulo. Bruno Fagali mastered his proficiency on Administrative Court Litigation. Mr. Fagali is certified by both the Pontifical Catholic College of São Paulo and also the Brazilian Fundo Garantidor de Créditos. Mr. Fagali’s proficiency of factual information is highly focused on Societal Administrative ventures. This is mainly, to keep away from any unintentional licentious conduct in the directorial and legislative arenas.

Brazilian business marketing & publishing enterprise, is under the name of Nova/SB. They primarily have power over the extraordinarily essential messaging system that is employed all over the country in Brazil. Brazilian enterprise, Nova/SB is seen as the nation’s foremost and revered advertising enterprises. Nova/SB preserves state-of-the-art information in relation to an anthology of devoted services, in addition to media and production.


Nova/SB’s Trade Dependability proposal attaches directly to the Brazilian Division of Transparency and to the Command & Statute division. Nova/SB is understood to be the first distribution & promotion enterprise in Brazil to impose such authoritarian measures for anti-corruption. Nova/SB is notorious as the one Brazilian enterprise that is robustly encouraged to initiate any profitable marketing enterprises.


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