Doe Deere Takes Ideas From Her Background And Brings Them To Life

Cross cultural influence is everywhere people look. What one culture uses may pop up in another culture. This is true of many things including makeup trends. Someone may see something in one country and the take inspiration from it in another. Fashion is international. This is a process that Doe Deere, founder of makeup giant Lime Crime, knows very well. As the founder of Lime Crime, she brings her background as a native of Russia and a resident of New York City to life in her own products. She knows that she can turn to her background for inspiration in order to create all kinds of new products that she knows her clients will adore. As a Russian, she also knows that Russians have a long history of drama and one onstage ballet, opera and the theater. Makeup is widely used in Russia both onstage and off of it.


Bringing Ideas to Life


Taking inspiration is something that Deere aims to do each day. She knows that it is possible for makeup to be both art and a way of looking and feeling good. She also knows that makeup is an ideal way for any woman to express herself. Using makeup and using it well can offer women the chance to bring their ideas to life. Her work is one that draws on her many sources. As an artist, she was brought up in a culture where art is front and center. Many Russians love the arts. Ballet and opera concerts are sold out well in advance. Russians love their own history. They know that many Russians in the past have shown how it is possible to take inspiration from the most ordinary of subjects. Deere looks to her Russian heritage in order to come up with ideas that she knows are lovely and elegant as well as wearable by many people.


Inspiring Respect


As someone who runs a company, she knows that it imperative for staffers to feel they can come to her with any idea they might have. Many Russian companies are run by people who are open to new ideas of all kinds. Her leadership style as the head of the company is one that seeks to incorporate both ideas from contemporary American society and from the ways that Russians have always done things. Many Russians know they can confidently draw on their own heritage in order to help run modern companies just as they can draw on this background when it comes to creating works of artistry. Deere loves how much her own Russian background has taught her about the power of the world of makeup. She adores being able to offer her customers something special.

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Shine With Botanical Oils: WEN

How could any of us have missed the television commercials for WEN by Chaz Dean? The models with the flowing manes, rich with color, tangle free and silky looked almost too good to be true.
We have been conditioned to believe that ramping up the hair to such finesse requires a multitude of products. Hair magician Chaz Dean has been able to pull off the same effect with just one product. This product doesn’t push and pull the hair either which way, it repairs the hair and allows it to shine from within.

Bustle writer Emily McClure trial tested the product for all those doubters out there who would trust a first hand account. Along with descriptions of how the product change her hair she also included photos so readers could see the difference in her hair with their own eyes.

It is easy to see through the progression of photographs that Emily’s hair did drastically change with the use of WEN cleansing conditioner. The natural botanical oils in the cleansing conditioner kept her own natural hair oils intact and added moisture and a mega watt shine. Emily felt that her hair was heavy at first but only because she was used to very lathering and stripping shampoos. This effect was felt not right after washing but after sleeping on her hair, so she simply changed her washing routine to the morning instead of before bed.

Overall Emily’s experience with Wen took some getting used to. She felt as if she were using a lot of product at once in her hair per cleansing session. However, it also ended up being that she streamlined her washing routine and did not need to use as many products to get her hair where WEN did with just the one product. Learn more about Wen, visit Need Wen? Order online today, check their products on or purchase it directly from Sephora cosmetics.


Doe Deere Proves Her Cosmetic Prowess Online


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because she wanted to make her own cosmetics, and she began by making the cosmetics in her own home. She has released videos online that explain how she made the items in her home, and she has proven that her products are all quite genuine. This article explains how Lime Crime has become a destination for women who are in need of the best cosmetics products for their counterculture lifestyle. Learn more:

#1: Why Does Doe Share Her Wisdom Online?

Doe shares her wisdom online because she wishes to help her customers understand why Lime Crime is much better than other brands in the industry. Her videos and pictures depict a woman who is totally-free to create any look she wants at any time, and Doe wants her customers to feel the same freedom she feels when using her cosmetics.

#2: Showing Off Amazing Colors

The Instagram pictures and videos created by Lime Crime are perfect for women who want something that is flashy. The flashy colors offered by Lime Crime will match bright hair, and they will help women wear something that makes them feel as though they have step out of the comfort zone of traditional cosmetics. Doe explains that all her cosmetic products lean on the edge of what is considered mainstream.

#3: Social Media Connects Millions

Social media accounts are a swift method of reaching customers, and Doe maintains her social media accounts for the benefit of her customers. She prefers to help customers learn how to use her products well, and she shares advice that she uses to create her own personal style. Customers are free to copy Doe’s style, or they may work with her cosmetics to create something completely different.

#4: Doe Has Built An Online Empire

Doe has built an online empire that women may shop with when they are in need of better coloring. There are vegan products that appeal to that lifestyle, and there are bright products that will compliment dark colors offered everywhere else in the cosmetic industry. Complimenting a lifetime of dark colors may be done on the Lime Crime website.

Doe Deere is an innovator who believes that shopping online for bright colors is a proper method of looking special. Women will feel as though they have walked into a new world of color and beauty, and they may wear as much Lime Crime makeup as they like.

Check out Doe Deere at for more information.


Lime Crime Makeup Company is Dominating Instagram

Social media accounts can turn anyone or any company into a sensation overnight. Not everyone has that special touch to become an instant hit, but there are exceptions, like Lime Crime.

An Instant Hit on Instagram

Lime Crime, a makeup company, is sweeping the digital world. The company has hit Instagram and was instantly welcomed to the community. The company’s Instagram has surpassed 2 million followers. The brand uses their Instagram account to connect with customers and has made a community for those who love Lime Crime products.  They can be followed here: @limecrimemakeup

What Do Lime Crime Followers Have in Common?

Lime Crime was built on Doe Deere’s vision of a cosmetic line that was bold, natural, and unique. For far too long the bolder side of some people has been laid dormant because cosmetic lines like to keep colors generic and subtle. But Deere wanted a bit more splash, so she introduced colors that one would not normally associate with makeup.

The colors are so vibrant that one might call them neon-like. This sense of breaking away from conventional makeup is part of what connected the 2 million and plus followers to each other.

Another thing that connects Lime Crime’s Facebook followers together is their love for natural products that do not contain unorthodox or artificial ingredients; the products are beeswax based. Beeswax is a natural moisturizer, which does wonder for the lips and is also cruelty-free.

These are just some of the reasons why Lime Crime’s followers are more than just fans but a family. Yes, beauty matters to them as much as self-expression, but they are also connecting on moral grounds. It would not be surprising to see followers of Lime Crime following each other from time to time.

Lime Crime–as an Instagram sensation–is definitely breaking ground, which is to be expected because that is what Doe Deere’s vision did for makeup.  Check them out online, where Lime Crime lipsticks can be bought.

Beauty and Fashion Rules to Break According to Doe Deere

According to Doe Deere of Lime Crime
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She has created a magical, colorful, and cruelty-free line of cosmetics. Ms. Deere is a striking CEO. She is vibrant and colorful. She is a founder who does indeed stand out. She believes in uniqueness. She does hold the belief that makeup is for any boy or girl. Complete self expression is a wonderful outcome of makeup. Makeup has the ability to give anyone the full freedom to be themselves in every way. According to Doe Deere there are some beauty and fashion rules to break. There are many who will make the claim that fashion and beauty comes with firm rules. Doe Deere will claim that these set of rules are only suggestions. The beauty and fashion rules are not set in stone. The rules are meant to be a guide to assist you when you are just getting started. Beauty and fashion rules are merely good suggestions that can change with your particular style.

Favorite Rules to Break
There are some favorite fashion rules to break. The pallet and shade rules are some wonderful fashion rules that can be broken. Makeup has the ability to be whimsical and very colorful in every way. The following are some good rules that may be worth breaking:
* bold eye colors with bold lip colors; there have been claims made that every person must only wear one bold color at a time. This rule lacks fun. Bold colors really look vibrant on eyes and lips. It is all right to mix and match with bold colors. This may add excitement while looking refreshing
* don’t mix too many color combinations; everyone can enjoy a large splash and mix of colors. Mixing a variety of colors together may be worn without apologies. Color combinations can be paired together and will look beautiful when you trust your own instincts
* patterns cannot be mixed; it is ok to wear different patterns together. Some look great mixing 0ver 14 different patterns. A variety of patterns are great fun
* wearing sock with open-toed shoes and heels is against the fashion rules; socks can truly be stylish and wonderful
* neutral and tidy; everyone can have wild and fascinating colors added
* dress your age; you can enjoy your unique self without dressing your age.
* stay with one style; everyone can branch out when it comes to their style. Change and variety will add enthusiasm to your life

Studied Fashion Design in New York
Doe Deere was born in Russia. When she was 17 years old, she relocated to New York to study fashion design. She has a wonderful online career as a makeup artist. She started this career in the year 2005. She creates a stunning variety of high-performance makeup that offers intense colors for everyone.

Doe’s Fashion Rule Breaking

Fashion rules are all about colors that match and making yourself look better. Doe Deere is all about making you feel better about yourself no matter what you are doing in your life. Doe Deere has worked to create an empire of uniqueness where all of her followers will be able to improve not only the way that they look, but also the way that they feel about themselves. She knows that there are many fashion rules in the world, but she also has a few favorite rules that she knows you should break. Breaking these rules will not result in a travesty, but may result in your confidence levels skyrocketing.

Dressing your age is so out. Doe Deere thinks that no matter what your age is, you should dress in the way that you like. You do not have to dress your age to be attractive or feel good about yourself. Some people may feel better when they do not dress their age. It can be fun to dress however you want and not worry about breaking any rules. By throwing this rule out the window, you will be able to make yourself feel younger or even older if that is what you want.

If there are many things that you want to wear, but you don’t because you have to go to a special occasion or somewhere that it might be inappropriate to wear it, you could be suffering as a result of a fashion rule. Doe Deere does not want you to wear a bathing suit to your Christmas party, but she wants to help people break free of the little black dress epidemic.

Have you ever wondered how much more comfortable your Louboutins would be if you could just wear a cute pair of socks with them? Wonder no more! Doe Deere has thrown this fashion rule out and so should you. You can choose to wear your open toe pumps with a pair of socks and do it in a cute way. One thing to remember when you are doing this is to make sure that your socks are not too thick that you won’t be able to fit into your favorite pair of heels.

As a fashion blogger, Doe Deere has seen her fair share of fashion rules. She religiously followed these rules until she realized how ridiculous they were. Through both her blog and her makeup line, she has made it clear that these rules are for chumps. You do not have to follow any fashion rules just to look good. You will always look good no matter what you are wearing as long as you have the confidence to rock what you are wearing. Doe Deere has worked to make these rules less prominent and she knows that you can come up with your own favorite rules to break.

My Bigger Breast Size Is All Thanks To Dr. Jennifer Walden

I developed a lot slower than the other girls in my family, and it’s always affected me over the years. Unfortunately, my breasts never grew to be as full as my sisters’ breasts, and I’ve always been embarrassed by the size of my breasts. I stopped growing at an A cup, and many people used to make fun of me and call me a boy when I was in high school. I started dressing like a guy, as a result, and I never wanted to go on any dates. My breast size was something that always bothered me, and as I grew older, I only worried about it more.

I went to get coffee one day, and a guy looked me in the face and told me that I was absolutely beautiful. He wanted me to do some modeling for him, and I laughed when he told me this. I thought he was joking, but he said he had no problem with my body type, but he needed my beautiful face. I went on to model for this guy, but the modeling job didn’t end there.

I was tired of being shunned for my body, so I decided to seek out a surgical procedure and get a breast augmentation. I didn’t care if I had to do fat transfer or if I needed to get silicone to make my breasts bigger. I wasn’t a very big person, so the fat transfer was not likely to happen. I consulted with Dr. Jennifer Walden, who I’m told is an amazing beauty surgeon. Dr. Walden was very specific on what kind of work I could get done, and she even showed me on the computer monitor how my breasts could look before the surgery even took place.

I was so excited about my upcoming surgery, and I chose not to take any modeling jobs for a couple months. I had more than enough money saved up to ensure that I could pay my bills, so I went in and had the surgery performed. Dr. Walden gave me all the information I needed to recover quickly. After going back to Dr. Walden, I see that my breasts are full and beautiful, and I’m very thankful for the surgery she performed on me.