As a young person, Sheldon Lavin had a dream and vision of being in a business that he owned. It is this dream that led him to pursue accounting and finance and his dream has since come to be. Lavin is currently the CEO of OSI Group and is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd.
OSI Group is a global supplier of value added food products and is one of the world’s largest privately held companies in the US. The company produces and also sells products such as meat patties, bacon,fish, pizza, vegetables, and desserts. OSI has more than 70 facilities in 17 countries with a total number of employees of about 20, 000. They are focused on producing quality custom food products and availing their products close to any part of the world.

Lavin’s journey began back in 1970 when he got involved in financing the Otto and Sons which later developed to the present OSI Group. Under his vision, OSI Group has since grown from a domestic food processing company to global food dealer. It is his continued involvement with Otto and Sons that led to his owning the company later. His journey in the food industry is worth admiration since he has remained focus and still dreams on further expansion.

At the age of 81, Lavin who is the father of three was presented with a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy on February 20, 2016. This was in honor of his efforts in bringing OSI Group to the international scene and contributing to worldwide growth. OSI Group had been listed number 66 in the world’s top 100 Food and Beverage Company to learn more: click here.

In 2015, Lavin was honored for his dedicated service towards the Chicago community and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP. He was also commended for his charitable works. He is the trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Lavin prides in his ability to raise his three children and oversee the growth of OSI Group while at the same time giving back to the community.

Sheldon Lavin Is An Inspirational Business Leader

Sheldon Lavin is a unique character in the meat industry. He began his career over 43 years ago. Lavin was a successful investor and worked in the banking industry. He also owned a financial consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin became the unlikely CEO of OSI Group. Under his leadership the company evolved from a McDonald’s burger supplier to providing food products to various food industries around the world. OSI Group employs tens of thousands of workers. Lavin prides himself on the culture that he has created at OSI.

Sheldon Lavin’s involvement with OSI Group and the food manufacturing industry began in 1970. OSI was then known as Otto and Sons. The company was presented with an opportunity to build a large meat manufacturing facility in the Midwest and become one of the primary suppliers of burgers to McDonald’s. Investors wanted Lavin to be involved in the process. He came on as a consultant. Levin made an agreement with Kolschowsky family. The agreement assured him that if he ever decided to be an official partner, he would have equal ownership within the company.

Over the years Lavin became more influential at Otto and Sons. He established a partnership with the two sons as the original founder of Otto and Sons settled into retirement. McDonald’s had a great relationship with Sheldon Lavin and requested that he come in to the business full time. Lavin agreed. Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Group and Sheldon Lavin involved into running the company full-time.

OSI Group expanded throughout North America and into Europe. South America and Taiwan soon followed. At this point Sheldon Lavin was controlling half of OSI Group after original partners began to sell out. Eventually he gained full control of the company. OSI Group grew into South America, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Australia, South Africa, India and Japan.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Has Survived and Thrived

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the largest document providers for retail mortgage companies and lenders in the world. The company started in 1991 as a small, local title company that served its local area very well. Over the years it has grown, developed its proprietary technology, and the ability to provide documents at lightning speed, outworking its competitors by a mile.


In the world that where Nationwide exists the bottom line is the speed of delivery and the accuracy of the delivery to the customer. Retail mortgage companies and lenders rely on the assurance of companies like Nationwide for their supply of the necessary documents that are used to verify ownership and release of liabilities in property transfers.


Nationwide has nearly a 100% speed and accuracy rate of delivery on all of their documents which outpace the rest of the industry by a lot. Picture a real estate closing where, at the last minute, the proper documents fail to show up, are inaccurate, or they are the wrong documents. Think it seldom happens? Think again. It happens more often than people think and the disruption it causes can be serious. The closing has to be postponed, and it is possible that a buyer might just decide to do business elsewhere.


A lot of the success that Nationwide enjoys is credited to the employees and the training that they receive. The training is intense, and the business can become pressure-packed, but the employees are trained to handle it. As John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide says that employees are trained to handle pressure as they are aware of its possibility going into the position. There is a backup plan that helps employees take a short break if they get in over their head. A backup will step in and spell them for awhile.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales for Nationwide has stated that in addition to the employee factor, technology has been the difference maker for the company. Right now, Nationwide can reach into any United States county, jurisdiction, and any other document repository and find it and get it to the client immediately. Most larger customers have their portal, where with the proper security code, the customer can dial in and receive the needed documents on their own. The have to go through Nationwide’s technological system, but that is an immediate transaction for the customer.


As the past is probably a precursor to the future, the years to come for Nationwide will fare even better. That will be quite something to see.


Mike Baur Helps People Start Digital Companies

In recent years, the business world has seen tremendous changes. One of the biggest changes involves the type of companies that are being started both as either small or large companies. With the influx of technology that has impacted the business world, the core of the business world has moved over to digital. From digital photos to digital files, the business world has embraced the digital method of operations. Almost all business operations today utilize some form of technology to complete the operations.


As the business world continues to move forward in the digital arena, the technology that sits at the center of the business world continues to integrate digital technology into daily operations. This has made many things possible today that were not possible a few decades ago. One of these things is the use of the internet as a major aspect of the business world. People go to the internet to do many daily tasks, and many companies conduct a large percentage of business operations on the internet to accommodate the modern business customer.


Moving forward, there has been a natural progression by many business people to either move business operations to the internet entirely or use the internet as a primary resource. In addition, more and more people who are starting new companies are starting digital companies. The use of brick and mortar is being replaced by the digital world. There are many reasons why some people are starting digital companies.


One of the main reasons is that the business world is moving more towards the digital aspects of daily living. As a result, many people starting new companies prefer to start digital companies. However, there is a need for people and companies to provide advice and services for people who want to start digital companies.


One of the companies that is already providing services for people who want to start digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur and two partners founded the company. The focus of the Swiss Startup Factory is providing coaching, mentoring, and services that help people learn all the necessary aspects related to starting a digital company.


Mike Baur along with his partner have made the Swiss Startup Factory a success in the few short years it has been in existence. The company is recognized as one of the best privately held startup companies in Switzerland.


Doe Deere Takes Ideas From Her Background And Brings Them To Life

Cross cultural influence is everywhere people look. What one culture uses may pop up in another culture. This is true of many things including makeup trends. Someone may see something in one country and the take inspiration from it in another. Fashion is international. This is a process that Doe Deere, founder of makeup giant Lime Crime, knows very well. As the founder of Lime Crime, she brings her background as a native of Russia and a resident of New York City to life in her own products. She knows that she can turn to her background for inspiration in order to create all kinds of new products that she knows her clients will adore. As a Russian, she also knows that Russians have a long history of drama and one onstage ballet, opera and the theater. Makeup is widely used in Russia both onstage and off of it.


Bringing Ideas to Life


Taking inspiration is something that Deere aims to do each day. She knows that it is possible for makeup to be both art and a way of looking and feeling good. She also knows that makeup is an ideal way for any woman to express herself. Using makeup and using it well can offer women the chance to bring their ideas to life. Her work is one that draws on her many sources. As an artist, she was brought up in a culture where art is front and center. Many Russians love the arts. Ballet and opera concerts are sold out well in advance. Russians love their own history. They know that many Russians in the past have shown how it is possible to take inspiration from the most ordinary of subjects. Deere looks to her Russian heritage in order to come up with ideas that she knows are lovely and elegant as well as wearable by many people.


Inspiring Respect


As someone who runs a company, she knows that it imperative for staffers to feel they can come to her with any idea they might have. Many Russian companies are run by people who are open to new ideas of all kinds. Her leadership style as the head of the company is one that seeks to incorporate both ideas from contemporary American society and from the ways that Russians have always done things. Many Russians know they can confidently draw on their own heritage in order to help run modern companies just as they can draw on this background when it comes to creating works of artistry. Deere loves how much her own Russian background has taught her about the power of the world of makeup. She adores being able to offer her customers something special.

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Keith Mann’s Successful Investment And Hedge Fund Career

Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners through a partnership in 2011 and is the present Managing Director at the firm. Dynamic Search Partners offers clients with hedge findings and alternative investment products. It also provides search services and human resource staffing services to leading equity companies. Dynamic Search Partners has established its name to rank in the leading names of investment executive in the United States. Keith Mann’s investment career began as the Manager for Dynamic Associates, in the Alternative Investments Division. He then progressed the company’s portfolio and earned a promotion to Vice President.



Keith Mann’s outstanding investment successes features in major news platforms across the internet such as PRNewswire, Metro.Uk, IdeaMensch, Engadgement, BusinessWire, AnimalLiberationFront and



In an interview with IdeaMensch, Keith revealed that the idea behind starting Dynamic Search Partners stemmed from years of experience in the hedge investment industry. He told IdeaMensch that his childhood ambitions have a huge influence from growing up around successful investments in New York. He added to say that his company is an evolution of Dynamic Associates, which was created to meet the specialized needs of clients in the hedge fund and investment industries.



Keith cited that his day characterizes an initial exercise session that sets the focus level of the day and followed by a busy schedule throughout the day. Keith Mann’s day task is to oversee the offices’ operations of Dynamic Search Partners directly. The success of Dynamic Search Partners is hugely influenced by the integration of trending technology to serve their clients better, through their various online portals. Keith Mann’s career history involves working for Dynamic Executive Search, establishing Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, as its subsidiary and later expanding it in 2006, into an equity firm.



Apart from managing his company, Keith Mann is actively in kind acts. In 2015, Keith and DSP hosted a fundraising event for the Uncommon Schools. They raised $22,000 to sponsor millions of qualified and low-income students’ attendance to college. Keith commented that the effort by his company aims to close the significant achievement gap in society caused by lack of schooling fees for college going individuals. Keith Mann strongly admires Micheal Bloomberg for his professional success and moral leadership in the industry.


John Goullet Is Looking For The Best In People

John Goullet loves to look out for people and go the extra mile for them. It is in his nature and it was how he was brought up and how he operates. Quite frankly, he does not know any other way to conduct himself. It was how he was raised by his mentors and his family members. He is all about paying it forward. His job at Diversant as Principal Executive is one that allows him to do that every day he is on the job. They offer support and support is something that someone can not put a price tag on in today’s day and age.

There are a lot of people that see the world as a dog-eat-dog world. They are out for themselves and only themselves. They are afraid of the competition and want nothing to do with it. They would rather keep things the status quo and keep their position. However, there is the future and it is important to look out for the future IT professionals. It is a passing of the torch, so to speak. When they are working for Fortune 500 companies in their future, they need to know what they are doing and how to do it the right way.

When they have that support, they lean on it when they get started working for a Fortune 500 company. They remember the lessons they were taught and they remember the advice they were given by someone like John Goullet. This is a man that knows the IT world like the back of his hand. He is all ears when it comes to questions and he also has an open door policy. If anyone needs anything at any time while with Diversant, he has an answer and he has a good answer. Even after they are done with Diversant, he makes himself open to people and there for them. The support does not just end when they get the job. Support is a never ending thing and something that people need not only at work but in life as well as it will throw many unexpected curve balls.

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John Goullet: Building the Future

James Dondero, Dallas’s best

James Dondero is one of Dallas’s best. His giving is local in nature, and as CEO of Highland Capital Management, he has made lots of strides in causes that align with his heart—veteran, education, and healthcare initiatives all are covered by his philanthropic vision.

Recently, he realized he had a budget to spend, and so he hired The Dallas Foundation to connect him with causes that would benefit from Highland Capital’s money. The Dallas Foundation then combined with Highland Capital to create The Highland Dallas Foundation, which seeks to create new long-term giving projects to improve North Texas.

They wanted to create giving that would be bold and effective, and James Dondero says that he hired Linda Owen to be the director of Highland Dallas because of her “experience, guidance, and relationships” in North Texas. Dondero has some connections himself, and has worked with The Perot Museum, The George Bush Presidential Library, and The Dallas Zoo.

One of Dondero’s goals is to create long-term goals for giving that will aid non-profits and help them get off the ground if they need to. It takes a lot to sustain a non-profit, and Dondero doesn’t want to give up on non-profits after a one-time gift: he wants to continue to support them.

Can The Highland Dallas Foundation help improve North Texas? We think so. It appears that the combination of James Dondero’s vision with The Dallas Foundation’s expertise is perfectly situated to create in Dallas an even more wonderful place to live.

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Relmada Therapeutics Seeks to Change Its Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Executives

Relmada Therapeutics recently filed an amendment request to the Nevada District Court following its previous complaint against Laidlaw & Company. Relmada Therapeutics, which is a clinical company offering novel therapies for controlling chronic pain, apparently made an agreement with Laidlaw to provide it with investment banking services. It is accusing Laidlaw & Company of failure to honor the terms of agreement citing intentional breach of contract.

In its capacity as Relmada’s investment banker, Laidlaw allegedly released confidential information about the company. Consequentially, Relmada wants Laidlaw to pay for the damages caused by the oversight. Relmada also wants monetary compensation to cover the fees it used to respond to Laidlaw’s false proxy materials.

If the Nevada District Court judge agrees to the amendment, then Laidlaw will have to part with a lot of money to cover the breach of fiduciary duty. In its claim, Relmada noted that the court had already provided Laidlaw’s executives Mathew Eitner and James Ahern with an injunction.

About Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a multi-national firm operating in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company was formed in London, but it later relocated to the United States with New York City becoming its main base of operation. Laidlaw & Company offers investment solutions to thousands of clients. The company was formerly known as Sands Brothers International Ltd, but it changed its name as a result of poor reputation.

Laidlaw has a long history of reputation crisis in the United Sates. It is a notorious company that is popular for repeatedly violating SEC laws and financial regulations. Relmada Therapeutics’ case is just one of many complaints the company has been mentioned in. Within a span of two years, it received complaints from over 60 clients, which is a bad thing for an investment banking company.

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Marc Sparks Impresses With Spark Tank Initiative

I have been aware of Marc Sparks as a respected businessperson in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas for a number of years, but I have only recently discovered how impressive he is as an entrepreneur when I read about his Spark Tank initiative. As an entrepreneur and investment specialist I had followed the business career of Sparks for a number of years as he appeared to me to become one of the most respected business leaders in this field in the state of Texas; it was only with the announcement of the second recipient of the Spark Tank Award that I realized how important Marc had become as a local philanthropist.

Mark Sparks works alongside Lynne Sipiora to work through applications for the Spark Tank initiative to uncover a deserving project during each application period they believe will have a lasting impact on the Dallas Fort Worth area. The second recipient of the $5,000 grant is the not for profit Mommies In Need group that provides qualified nannies to aid families who are affected by a medical emergency, but cannot afford a specialist nanny to aid in their time of need.

The $5,000 grant will allow Mommies In Need to provide the help and support families require without any financial burden on the family in need. I was happy to read the Mommies In Need group were already working to put the $5,000 grant to good use with the employment of bilingual nannies, and those with specific medical training; I believe initiatives like the Spark Tank grant provided by Marc Sparks play an important role in helping the local community with providing support for those who require assistance in difficult situations.

I was pleased to see Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora have already opened up applications for the third round of funding for the Spark Tank grant, which will see applications close on Oct 1st 2016. In order to be eligible for the grant each organizations must be registered as a 501c3 non profit for at least two years at the application time; the Spark Tank panel allows applicant ten minutes to make a presentation detailing why they should receive the award before a question and answer session with the panel.

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