OSI Group Food Production Company expanding its business operations under CEO Sheldon Lavi

When we go to food stores and buy food rarely do we ask ourselves that like source of some of these foodstuffs. We just buy without a question hitting our mind. The food we buy is normally processed by food production plants in the United States. OSI Group led the world in food production. It is the largest company all over the world. The food prosecution company have a global coverage. There are over 65 plants in different countries that all deal with the supply of foods. The food processing company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It was started about a hundred years ago and have ever since been growing at a very fast rate. The company we see has grown from a very small meat shop. It was started by a man known as Otto. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award
Formerly OSI Group was known as Otto &Sons. He used to run the company besides his two sons. The company which has been around for more than a hundred years made its first breakthrough in the industry in 1955. It was hired by McDonald’s as the company that would supply hamburgers. With the growth of McDonald’s, demand for products their products went up. OSI Group had to look for alternative means of supplying the products. The management came up with the ideas of setting up a special plant that would specifically deal with the supply of foods to McDonald’s.

Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin joined this group when it was under the management of the two sons of Otto. He joined as an equal partner. He brought in a new fresh air in the management of the company. They worked together in the management of the firm until it became of one the largest in the world. However, credit goes to Sheldon Lavin who is the CEO of the group he has stuck with the group since the 1970s till, now. He has managed to lead the company on a journey of transformation like never seen before. He has been implementing an approach of acquisition as a methodology of succeeding in business. The group has been able to set up businesses in many countries across the world through acquisitions. It has also partnered with other companies to create a formidable force in countries such as England.

Sheldon Lavin has managed to take the company through immense development. He is ready to take the company to many more countries. Sheldon Lavin entrepreneurial skills have benefited the company a lot. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations

Understanding What Led Rick Smith to Create Securus Technologies

Have you ever wondered what the company that makes the communication system of correction agencies and prisons in the United States is?

There are many enterprises that handle the communication for other corporations, and this is called third-party telecommunication service. For prisons, however, the focus on security has to be tripled, and it must be the biggest priority of the brand providing the telephone service.

Sometimes, on the same note, there needs to exist a way in that communication system for the correction agencies to monitor and inspect past communications and analyze if there are any signs of crimes being committed and secret codes being transmitted through the telephone by inmates.

Because of these many rules and necessary precautions, the communication service provider needs to be specialized in providing for prisons and localities that handle dangerous individuals.

One of the most renowned companies in the business is the Securus Technologies, led by the CEO Rick Smith.

Rick Smith was the President and CEO of the telecommunications corporation Eschelon Telecom, so he has a long history of expertise in the business. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

The firm was founded in 1998, and it was meant to provide innovative solutions and third-party accessibility to their telecommunications to their clients and partners.

A few years later, Rick Smith saw the necessity of having a specialized telecom company for prisons and correction departments, because law enforcers were struggling to find a call center service that could provide extensive security in their system and allow monitoring of past calls whenever it was needed.

Read moe: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-smith-12

Securus Technologies was then born in 2008 as a solution for these departments to handle the telephone communication of inmates with their families and friends.

Since that time, Rick Smith has led many innovative changes that have made the company truly stand out in the business because of their focus on finding modern ways to implement their system into the agencies. In other words, Securus Technologies was one of the first prison-specialized telecom providers to ever delve into the smartphone system to be possibly used in these correction localities with the full security of a telephone service. It has been received with great feedback.

The other primary objective that is extremely necessary for a communication service in prisons is a way of controlling the entire telephone system from inside the administration office of that facility. For example, there are phones that inmates can utilize to call their parents and friends. There needs to be a way for the agents of that facility to directly monitor the calls from an office because there are many inmates to utilize the phones at the same time.

Rick Smith, understanding the necessity of a customized technology, has included both objectives into a single product. More than a hundred facilities around the United States are utilizing the services of Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith has developed a service that has acquired tons of positive feedback throughout the years. Rick Smith has developed a service that has acquired tons of positive feedback throughout the years.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Has Survived and Thrived

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the largest document providers for retail mortgage companies and lenders in the world. The company started in 1991 as a small, local title company that served its local area very well. Over the years it has grown, developed its proprietary technology, and the ability to provide documents at lightning speed, outworking its competitors by a mile.


In the world that where Nationwide exists the bottom line is the speed of delivery and the accuracy of the delivery to the customer. Retail mortgage companies and lenders rely on the assurance of companies like Nationwide for their supply of the necessary documents that are used to verify ownership and release of liabilities in property transfers.


Nationwide has nearly a 100% speed and accuracy rate of delivery on all of their documents which outpace the rest of the industry by a lot. Picture a real estate closing where, at the last minute, the proper documents fail to show up, are inaccurate, or they are the wrong documents. Think it seldom happens? Think again. It happens more often than people think and the disruption it causes can be serious. The closing has to be postponed, and it is possible that a buyer might just decide to do business elsewhere.


A lot of the success that Nationwide enjoys is credited to the employees and the training that they receive. The training is intense, and the business can become pressure-packed, but the employees are trained to handle it. As John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide says that employees are trained to handle pressure as they are aware of its possibility going into the position. There is a backup plan that helps employees take a short break if they get in over their head. A backup will step in and spell them for awhile.


Danny Byrnes, Vice President of Sales for Nationwide has stated that in addition to the employee factor, technology has been the difference maker for the company. Right now, Nationwide can reach into any United States county, jurisdiction, and any other document repository and find it and get it to the client immediately. Most larger customers have their portal, where with the proper security code, the customer can dial in and receive the needed documents on their own. The have to go through Nationwide’s technological system, but that is an immediate transaction for the customer.


As the past is probably a precursor to the future, the years to come for Nationwide will fare even better. That will be quite something to see.


What Everyone Must Know About VTA Publications

Updated on March 18th, 2017:
Just read that VTA Publications is starting a financial blog, to provide advice and insight for first time investors. All posts will be personally written by VTA Publications CEO Jim Hunt, and will feature his personal insight from his time in the UK banking industry. The blog is definitely worth checking out, and my favorite post so far can be found here: The Summarized Guide To Investing, Managing Money And Staying At The Top

Jim Hunt VTA Publications are known as an upstart force in the financial world. As the CEO of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt has made a lot of people in the banking industry upset and he uses his publication company to as his platform.

Jim Hunt’s Mission
Jim Hunt’s mission is simple; he wants ordinary people to have access to the same knowledge that banks and other financial institutions do for their stock trading on slideshare.net. His first job was in the banking industry, and he described it as the worst job he ever had. He saw how they treated their customers and knew there had to be a better way to help people and their finances. As a result of working in the financial world, he learned the banks used financial techniques that ordinary people didn’t know. Jim Hunt VTA Publications formed VTA as a platform to teach these techniques to anybody in the world.

Make Mum a Millionaire
Jim decided to put his ideas to the real world test and formulated the “Make Mum a Millionaire” project. Using the same techniques he used to make his fortune, he started with a 1,000 British Pounds and turned it into 1,000,000 tax-free British Pounds. Jim says it’s not that difficult if you know the system and make the right decisions, “The trick isn’t actually the trading part- it’s finding the stocks that are so obviously pushing higher, even to the untrained eye. I’ll be cherry-picking the best ones so that I can make my mum a millionaire as certainly as possible- it’s more about certainty than speed with this exercise, as it should always be with stocks on YouTube.” He’s documenting the process on Youtube so people can follow along with his progress.

School of Hard Knocks, With Every Lesson Learned
Ideamensch Magazine recently interviewed Jim and asked him if he would change anything in his life. His answer was an emphatic ‘no.’ He said everything that he’s experienced, both good and bad, was a step to his current success on prnewswire.com. He wouldn’t change that for the world.

Mike Baur Helps People Start Digital Companies

In recent years, the business world has seen tremendous changes. One of the biggest changes involves the type of companies that are being started both as either small or large companies. With the influx of technology that has impacted the business world, the core of the business world has moved over to digital. From digital photos to digital files, the business world has embraced the digital method of operations. Almost all business operations today utilize some form of technology to complete the operations.


As the business world continues to move forward in the digital arena, the technology that sits at the center of the business world continues to integrate digital technology into daily operations. This has made many things possible today that were not possible a few decades ago. One of these things is the use of the internet as a major aspect of the business world. People go to the internet to do many daily tasks, and many companies conduct a large percentage of business operations on the internet to accommodate the modern business customer.


Moving forward, there has been a natural progression by many business people to either move business operations to the internet entirely or use the internet as a primary resource. In addition, more and more people who are starting new companies are starting digital companies. The use of brick and mortar is being replaced by the digital world. There are many reasons why some people are starting digital companies.


One of the main reasons is that the business world is moving more towards the digital aspects of daily living. As a result, many people starting new companies prefer to start digital companies. However, there is a need for people and companies to provide advice and services for people who want to start digital companies.


One of the companies that is already providing services for people who want to start digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur and two partners founded the company. The focus of the Swiss Startup Factory is providing coaching, mentoring, and services that help people learn all the necessary aspects related to starting a digital company.


Mike Baur along with his partner have made the Swiss Startup Factory a success in the few short years it has been in existence. The company is recognized as one of the best privately held startup companies in Switzerland.


True Value makes Adjustments to its Pricing Strategy

True Value unveiled its new pricing and merchandising approach at the co-op’s General Session in Denver. This move is part of its expansive strategic plan. Kenneth Goodgame, the senior VP and also chief merchandise officer of True Value stated that nobody can make money from opening-price-point product. This was due to the few opening price points that customers were to expect following the adjustments. Ken added that by offering more assortment products of higher and mid-price-points, it will be possible to differentiate the company from the discount competitors. This will drive higher value for customers while increasing the gross margin for retailers.

Another important step is the addition of regional buyers to help improve the assortment relevance and boost the product productivity. This effort will be assisted by Geo-Demographic Analysis, which is a new tool contained in the True Value box for measuring trade-area dynamics. Goodgame said that in the past, the company only relied on Basic, Dominant and Expanded assortment choices (basically large, medium or small). This used to ignore the geographic requirements of retailers. The move would enable the company to add assortments that would meet the consumer’s geographical needs. These assortments are available for urban, rural and suburban local markets.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is an exceedingly influential Operations Management Leader who specializes in the creation of million and billion-dollar OEM excellence. He manages to do this using a combination of merchandising, innovative marketing, smart business strategy and streamlined financial oversight. Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. He is the current SVP CMO at the True Value Company and a Sales, Marketing and retail merchandising expert.

Goodgame focuses on delivering a balance between employee engagement, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems and key performance indicators. This enables profitability and improved performance of the company. He capitalizes on his ability of promoting growth through cost analysis, leadership, quality improvements, productivity enhancements and composed negotiations. His extensive experience offers him a veteran eye to make navigation in the market shifts that are rampant. He also uses this experience to avoid some costly mistakes and various stalls that other people tend to miss frequently.

John Goullet Is Looking For The Best In People

John Goullet loves to look out for people and go the extra mile for them. It is in his nature and it was how he was brought up and how he operates. Quite frankly, he does not know any other way to conduct himself. It was how he was raised by his mentors and his family members. He is all about paying it forward. His job at Diversant as Principal Executive is one that allows him to do that every day he is on the job. They offer support and support is something that someone can not put a price tag on in today’s day and age.

There are a lot of people that see the world as a dog-eat-dog world. They are out for themselves and only themselves. They are afraid of the competition and want nothing to do with it. They would rather keep things the status quo and keep their position. However, there is the future and it is important to look out for the future IT professionals. It is a passing of the torch, so to speak. When they are working for Fortune 500 companies in their future, they need to know what they are doing and how to do it the right way.

When they have that support, they lean on it when they get started working for a Fortune 500 company. They remember the lessons they were taught and they remember the advice they were given by someone like John Goullet. This is a man that knows the IT world like the back of his hand. He is all ears when it comes to questions and he also has an open door policy. If anyone needs anything at any time while with Diversant, he has an answer and he has a good answer. Even after they are done with Diversant, he makes himself open to people and there for them. The support does not just end when they get the job. Support is a never ending thing and something that people need not only at work but in life as well as it will throw many unexpected curve balls.

Additional Sources:


John Goullet: Building the Future

James Dondero, Dallas’s best

James Dondero is one of Dallas’s best. His giving is local in nature, and as CEO of Highland Capital Management, he has made lots of strides in causes that align with his heart—veteran, education, and healthcare initiatives all are covered by his philanthropic vision.

Recently, he realized he had a budget to spend, and so he hired The Dallas Foundation to connect him with causes that would benefit from Highland Capital’s money. The Dallas Foundation then combined with Highland Capital to create The Highland Dallas Foundation, which seeks to create new long-term giving projects to improve North Texas.

They wanted to create giving that would be bold and effective, and James Dondero says that he hired Linda Owen to be the director of Highland Dallas because of her “experience, guidance, and relationships” in North Texas. Dondero has some connections himself, and has worked with The Perot Museum, The George Bush Presidential Library, and The Dallas Zoo.

One of Dondero’s goals is to create long-term goals for giving that will aid non-profits and help them get off the ground if they need to. It takes a lot to sustain a non-profit, and Dondero doesn’t want to give up on non-profits after a one-time gift: he wants to continue to support them.

Can The Highland Dallas Foundation help improve North Texas? We think so. It appears that the combination of James Dondero’s vision with The Dallas Foundation’s expertise is perfectly situated to create in Dallas an even more wonderful place to live.

Check out James Dondero on LinkedIn.

New Brunswick DEVCO Struggles to Meet Loan Repayment

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority did not have the funds to pay $1 million in principal and interest that it owed for a $20 million loan it got from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. It’s been five years now that The Improvement Authority had already been missing payments, totaling $7 million. The loan was originally made in 2005, which funded the construction of a New Brunswick hotel called The Heldrich. The hotel also has a conference center that the New Brunswick Development Corporation (a nonprofit) developed.
Stephen Sweeney, the president of the state’s Senate said that the corporation is a shining example of what can happen when public money is put towards the efforts of private firms and turned into large construction projects. The company is also being modelled by its sister company in Atlantic City, called Atlantic City Development Corp. They plan to raise over $200 million in financing (public and private) along with $19.5 of CRDA funds to develop a new project in the Chelsea section of the city called Gateway.

Chris Paladino is the attorney who put together both projects and oversaw the $20 million loan for Heldrich. The hotel has experienced low occupancy and has not attracted as many guests as it could have. The corporation had to use $750,000 of its own funds to fund certain basic costs. The CRDA loan was part of a $100 million package, including municipal bonds. The senior bond holders have been paid back with 5% interest on schedule, but subordinate bond holders have not seen a payment for a number of years.


Devco, also known as New Brunswick Development Corporation, is a private nonprofit development company specializing in real estate. It was founded in the 1970’s as a way to revitalize the city. It was named as a powerful engine of economic growth by the New York Times.

They focus on creating alliances with public and private partners. They finance projects that are of mixed-use. Their strategies often involve hotels and other large projects. DEVCO has handled over $1.5 billion of development.

This is a recap on an article originally written by Press of Atlantic City.


The Investment Bank Of Laidlaw and Company

There are many investment banking services out there, but Laidlaw and Company has demonstrated exceptional expertise in managing investments. They manage the investments of numerous companies and public organizations. However, they also manage the investments of many individuals. The company has a very long track record of skill at investing large sums of money. In fact, their track record goes all the way back to their founding in 1842. Not only are they very skilled at investing money, but their fees are also reasonably priced. They offer a lot of different options for investors to choose from. Whatever investment style suits your needs, Laidlaw & Company will be able to use it for your money.

Laidlaw will use an investment strategy that is good for your specific needs. They work with a wide variety of different types of investors. They work with public organizations in various regions of the United States and also England. In addition, they manage the funds of companies. However, they also manage the investments of individuals that have very unique tastes in terms of risk tolerance and the mode of investing. The company on prnewswire.com is very skilled at helping people to invest in stocks. However, they also are skilled in helping people to invest in various non-traditional investments.

Laidlaw and Company has a lot of different offices. While the company is an English company, they have a number of offices on ct.gov in the United States. They have an office in London. However, they also have offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Stamford, and Melville. Laidlaw & Company gives the contact information for all of these offices on their website. They also make it possible to track your investments online, and this can help you to guide your investment strategy as time goes on.