Deirdre Baggot Has Been Excited About The Latest Developments In Healthcare Payments During 2018:

Deirdre Baggot is widely acknowledged as the leading expert on the bundled payments topic in the healthcare industry and she has had a lot of say about an alternative payment model that has come out during the 2018 calendar year. One of the things that Deirdre has stated is that fact that as of the first of October, 2018, what is known as the next Alternative Payment Model was started by Medicaid as well as Medicare. This has been one of the most significant developments in the area of value-based payments in the healthcare industry. Deirdre Baggot points out that the major aspects of models of alternative payments include not only the full cost of healthcare but also the quality of the healthcare that is provided. Read more about Deirdre at

The revolutionary aspect involved in bundled payment methods that Deirdre Baggot has developed is the fact that there is only one fixed payment that has to be given over by the payer. This then covers all ofthe healthcare services that were delivered over a period of time that was determined before care. The end result is that healthcare providers will make a greater profit in cases where the cost of care is less than the amount of the bundled payment, but the will make less in a case where the healthcare costs exceed what was originally agreed upon as a part of the bundled payment.

Deirdre holds several degrees including her BSN, MBA and her PhD. Her career has seen her involved heavily in the hospital industry as well as working in the role of a clinician. She has become most well know due to the diligent work that she has done over the years in developing the bundled payment concept for the healthcare industry. Over her career, she has developed innovative strategies at over two-hundred hospitals.

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