The Future Success of the Chainsmokers According to Alex Pall

Alex Pall is one of the members of The Chainsmokers, who has helped the band take the world of music by storm since 2014. The first hit song of the band was “Selfie”. The song was followed by many other great non-singles that were ranked top on the chart. Alex Pall recently tended at an interview with Interview Magazine and discussed various topics ranging from future of the group to their future strategies.

From Alex Pall’s interview with Interview Magazine, we learn that the success of The Chainsmokers is as a result of luck which is expected to be offset over time. The future of the band is bright because its members such as Alex Pall are talented in the field. Through Alex Pall’s efforts, The Chainsmokers has managed to produce popular music lyrics which have stood the test of time.

In the interview, Alex Pall claimed that the songs that he has written and composed have made the band successful and they include “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Roses,” and “Sick Boy.” He has created a reputation and a name in the band which has defined the musical culture. Through the interview, we can also learn that his legacy is beyond making top hits.

He has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the most successful musicians. The success of the band has also made their personal lives successful. For example, Alex Pall has managed to own a Hollywood Hills apartment which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The interior of his home proves his electric style. The house has an orange couch and trippy pillows, and a neon sign within the kitchen.

The interior part of the house shows us that he likes mixing things that may not go together so as to create unique and new works. He applies this to music which has helped him and his team become successful. From the Wall Street Journal, we can also learn that Alex Pall and his team have a unique understanding of what it takes to be successful DJs. Their art has moved to a new level, and they are not planning to back down.

“Magic Mike XXL” Sees The Franchise Hit New Levels Of Success

The movie business is notoriously fickle, but certain movies seem to go from strength to strength as they hit a nerve with the movie going public; “Magic Mike XXL” is one of those movie franchises that seems to push on to greater success at all times. The original “Magic Mike” movie was a surprise box office and critical success for Warner Bros. Pictures, before the release of “Magic Mike XXL” led to what many feel is the launch of a franchise that could run and run.

A reported budget of just under $15 million was followed by a box office return of more than $120 million to make this one of the most successful movies in terms of profit levels of 2015. Many movie Websites and magazines are now stating the “Magic Mike” franchise could continue with the return of Channing Tatum’s Mike to the group of male strippers could lead to a third film being produced and more beyond that.

One of the areas of “Magic Mike XXL” that has been praised by critics and the public is the portrayal of women in the movie, which often shocks those who have yet to take in this comedy drama. Crystal Hunt takes the role of Lauren in the movie to show the high quality of the supporting cast featured in “Magic Mike XXL”, the Emmy nominated actress brings her skills to the role featured in party scenes with the male stars of the movie.

Crystal Hunt has done much to build a successful career as an actress and producer who has been working in the entertainment industry since she was a child. A Clearwater, FL native, Hunt is known for appearing in a range of roles, including her breakout performances as Lizzie Spaulding in “Guiding Light” and Stacy Morasco in “One Life To Live”. Hunt enjoys a varied life and career that also sees her look to business as the owner of a pet boutique in her home state of Florida.  Check out her photography website, and be sure to have a look at Crystal’s official fan Facebook.