The Academy Of Art University Got Big Like This

The digital world is home to countless mobile apps that are used for every single utilization one can possibly think of. About six months ago, that list got even longer thanks to a group of ultra-innovative students among the ranks of the Academy of Art University in none other than the land of innovation itself, the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Tenderfeels – what is it, why is there a buzz surrounding the free mobile app

Augmented reality, for example, would include a furniture company using an app similar to Snapchat that uses the aid of hologram-like augmented technology’s depiction on users’ screens so they could effectively try out various items of furniture to see if such selections are right for their needs.

Tenderfeels, on the other hand, is a mobile app that was created by a handful of what are likely some of the brightest minds across the entirety of the campus of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, that is designed to be used in no area but that of the Tenderloin District.

The students – they belong to the Academy of Art University’s School of Game Development – showed an executive with the Mayor of San Francisco’s Office of Civic Innovation who is responsible for everything that is even remotely related to things like technology. The Chief Innovation Officer of the aforementioned government bureau was both shown the app and allowed to try it in real-time throughout the Tenderloin District.

As people walk past both particular niche areas in the Tenderloin District, they can use the power of Tenderfeels to inform other people who are using the app in real time or researchers and app owners that aren’t even using Tenderfeels at the time but plan to reviews the aggregate of findings once many people have walked through the entirety of the Tenderloin District and have reported either all or the overwhelming majority of it to the people that make the use of the app possible.


Bob Reina: He Is Here To Stay

Bob Reina is the type of individual that is here to stay when it comes to making positive changes in the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs more positivity and it needs more consistent individuals. Bob Reina is as consistent as they come. When he fully commits to something, it is impossible to stop him. Right now, he is on a mission to find the next big thing and also on a mission to change lives. Let’s get one thing straight: if anyone can do it, it is Bob Reina. He is built for this moment and he is built for this stage. He embraces it, he is a leader, and he goes after it with no second-guessing.


When he talks about looking for the next big thing, it is a big reason why Talk Fusion is such a successful company. They are always looking for ways to innovate, improve, and change things up. They are never just satisfied with the way things are, as they are looking to expand, grow, and be the best they can be, day in and day out. It is the name of the game for them, and it is why people have come to rely on them, trust them, and use them for all of their video needs. They know this is a company that has its head on straight and follows through with their mission.


All anyone needs to do is read an interview with Bob Reina. When they read an interview with Bob Reina, it does not take long to realize he is for real. He is a very well-spoken individual with plenty of heart, passion, and courage to go along with it. It takes courage to start up a company, go after it, and really make sure it runs smoothly.


It also takes courage to go out there and say things about being on a mission to change lives. People have that in writing and they are going to hold you to that. It is Bob Reina’s way of putting all of the pressure on himself, which is the way he likes it. Learn more: