MB2 Dental Solutions A Leader in Dental Management and Practice Development

MB2 Dental is a dental service firm that has partnered with affiliated dentists and practice owners everywhere. It provides guidance, knowledge, and personalized systems and services to privately owned dental offices. Currently, the firm operates in Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska, Texas and New Mexico. The company provides affiliated agencies with a suite of services that help them run their practices efficiently and effectively without lowering the quality and care standards that the patients deserve. MB2 also help affiliated offices in ensuring 100% clinical autonomy and excellent running all activities. The firm specializes in human resource; operations support, billing and collections and dentist credentialing. Moreover, the company also offers services in compliance, IT support, training and development, finance and accounting, business development and marketing. With over 500 employees, clients enjoy excellent customized services from MB2.


The founder, DR. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to see a community where dentists can focus on what they can do best. He wanted to ensure that dentists provide quality dental care to all patients across the United States. To make sure that patients benefit, the company had to develop strategies to ensure that dentists focus all their energy and time on meeting the needs of the patients. Therefore, the MB2 Solutions came up with the idea of helping their clients with the business and management aspect of their practice to free them to focus on patients. The organization is driven by a mission to ensure patients who visit their affiliated facilities get state of the art care. The firm strives to ensure that they handle all non-clinical tasks and develop strategic business decisions for their affiliated partners. The company has had incredible achievements since its inception in 2009, a factor that made the organization to quickly rise to have over 60 affiliated dental offices in six states.


MB2 Dental Solution consistent performance is based on four core values. Excellence is the first significant value. The firm strives to continuously improve the skills of its employees to ensure that their clients benefit significantly. Secondly, teamwork ensures that the organization combines the diverse talents, cultures, experiences and knowledge of their employees to bring the best out of them. Thirdly, adherence to integrity requirements makes the firm to work honestly, ethically, and respectfully towards their partners further building a good reputation. The last value that the firm puts into the task is innovation. Since the medical world is dynamic, the firm encourages new ideas, methods and strives to embrace change.