Eric Pulier’s Insight Into the Tech Industry

Eric Pulier is the founder of Digital Evolution as well as the XPrize Foundation. Those two start ups alone would give him sizable clout within tech industry but they are far from his only impacts upon the industry. As a Harvard graduate and someone who leaped into the tech field in the early ’90s Pulier has both the qualifications and the experiences to speak from authority regarding life as an entrepreneur in the tech field. Pulier’s expertise is crafted and focused in a meticulous way and now future entrepreneurs get to profit from it.

Starting out as a digital whiz kid in the ’90s was much different than it is today. To start with, the very way that we functionally communicated was different back then. Pulier had to work twice as hard to get attention for the products. There were no social media platforms or digital media packages. It was all about getting your product out to the people by way of word of mouth. This early experience, particular with Digital Evolution in 1994, gave Pulier the sort of stamina and outlook he needed to endure the rough spots during his time as an entrepreneur. Pulier says, “Word of mouth was crucial to growing my initial team and finding customers to serve in the tech field.”

Now, Pulier is focused on investing as a venture capitalist. He is always looking for the next company to make a difference with and, in fact, it is that search that he finds so rewarding. Pulier says, “I enjoy the process of mentoring my new entrepreneurs very much.” Pulier goes on to explain that in his initial companies he put his own money on the line and that has given him the kind of outlook required to separate companies worth investing and worth passing on. He goes on to say that when he isn’t investing he is still trying to hub his own concepts: “I also do not cut corners in the process of developing new ideas.” Eric Pulier’s work has continued to gain critical and financial success and we’ll eagerly watch him in the future.

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