David Giertz Talks Social Security

Finance expert David Giertz, the President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s financial sales and distribution organization at https://about.me/davidgiertz, says that financial planners should be speaking to their clients more about social security. While discussing social security options may seem like an obvious topic for professionals giving financial advice, many fail to do so, and this is bad for their clients on officialdavidgiertz.com. Giertz’s team conducted a survey of retirees and discovered that, surprisingly, advisers don’t always mention social security to their clients when planning for the future.

One reason for this is that social security regulations are extremely complex on financial-advisors.credio.com. In fact, as David Giertz points out, the handbook for the government program is well over 1000 pages long, so advisers are often not comfortable discussing a topic they aren’t fully knowledgeable about themselves.

However, because social security frequently amounts to 40% or more of retirees’ income, it needs to be examined as fully as possible by financial advisers to ensure that clients aren’t missing out. A frequent mistake at https://vimeo.com/davidgiertz that retirees make is activating their social security benefits too early, which can cost them thousands of dollars in annual payments.

David Giertz

David Giertz, who also goes by the name Dave Giertz, has served as a senior vice-president for Nationwide as 2013. Additionally, David Giertz heads the company’s financial division

Known in particular for his expertise in financial matters relating to social security, David Giertz uses his considerable experience and knowledge to help Nationwide do right by their clients. Giertz works out of the company headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and other major media organizations for his financial views.

Financial Security at AXA Group

Vinny Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of Finance at AXA Group, a reputable financial organization. He is also the financial advisor to AXA Group. AXA Group was founded in 1859. Vinny Parascandola joined AXA Group in 2004.AXA Group is involved in a variety of activities. These activities involve helping businesses and families towards financial security. Additionally, Vinny Parascandola is responsible for the productivity, management, recruiting and the retaining of competent financial professionals.

Vincent Parascandola has been in the finance industry for more than 25 years. He started his career experience in 1987 at Prudential serving as an agent. In that same year, Vinny was titled the National Rookie. In 1990, Vinny started work at a Life Insurance Company known as MONY. In MONY, Vinny took management roles in both the regional and the local areas. Prior this position as Divisional President, Parascandola worked with Advantage Group as the president. Advantage Group is a subsidiary of AXA Equitable whose aim was to draw professionals in finance. Mr. Parascandola also worked at New York Metro Branch as the co-manager.

Vinny’s competence and the urge for perfection are attributed to his educational background. He attended Pace University where he attained a degree in Bachelor of Science. As an alumnus of Pace University, he went back in 2014 to give a commencement speech to the graduating class. This act put Vinny as one of the most inspiring leaders. To recognize Vinny Parascandola’s work as a leader, he has received various awards. Vinny earned GAMA’s Career and Development and Master Agency Awards.

Furthermore, Vinny is not only involved with AXA Group’s management but also with other companies. These companies include GAMA, Florida chapter and LIMRA. Mr. Parascandola is entirely involved with wealth management. This in itself contains strategies for financial investment and protection, estate planning, business planning, retirements and providing solutions to client’s financial needs.

AXA Group aims at bettering the future of its people. Vinny is the team leader in promoting people’s talents. Vinny together with AXA Group have acquired $582.7 million AUM. They also have 43 branches across the nation. AXA Group is found to have a commendable financial strength courtesy of Vincent Parascandola.

Shah’s Philanthropic Life

Shah Sanjay Began his career at KPMG working in London working as an Accountant attached at an entry level position and later moved work at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank and then moved to Morgan Stanley. He served in the management position in Morgan before turning out of employment sector to start his company Solo Capital in 2009. Shah from his school days knew how to manage his part-time well and after founding his firm he gave most of his time in the daily management of Solo Capital.
Shah Sanjay is born of immigrant Parents from Kenya, but he was raised in London. He got married to Usha and had three Children, Nikhil their youngest Son started to develop mischievous behavior at the age of four years. The family thought the condition was normal just like any other illness, but it becomes frequent and consistent. They rushed Nikhil to Dubai Hospital where Doctors did not realize the real cause of his problem, but the boy immediately undertook intravenous fluid replacement. Nikhil condition worsened he was transferred to Portland Hospital and got diagnosed with Autism. Shah family devoted much of their time to Nikhil to show affection that led to Sanjay relegate his daily management of Solo Shah. Shah was advised by Doctors to hire a physiotherapist for the period of five years for Nikhil.
Shah Philanthropist work started early due to his big heart for the Vulnerable and underprivileged Children by sending to donations to children in India through Plan International. Due to the illness of Nikhil, Shah established a foundation called Autism Rocks with an ambition of promoting awareness about Autism and early detection in Children. Autism Rocks helps other firms and individual in carrying out research about Autism in Children through providing funds. The awareness message is driven to people by use of musical concerts and charitable events that members of the public are a call to support through donations. Most of the funds come to Shah Sanjay, who is the President and founder of Autism Rocks. The Foundation is based in London with offices in Dubai.
Shah Sanjay is the founder and President of Solo Capital Markets and other many firms across the United Kingdom. Solo Capital Partners is regulated by Solo Group holding which is further owned by Aesa S.a.r.l. Solo Holding Group Controls the operations of British Virgins Island, Malta and The Cayman Islands and recently Solo Capital Markets purchased Old Park Lane Capital, which is under the ownership of Shah Sanjay.


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