Ara Chackerian Contribution in Healthcare Department

Healthcare startups are struggling on ten rush for an output of influence and venture capital as the economic growth continues. The baseline is that the startups are enhancing and developing their marks in an already strong segment of an economy. Ara Chackerain is a healthcare innovator who is not surprised by the sudden rise of the startups. There are no strangers in the medical imaging field who are likely to cause fascination in the healthcare department. Ara Checkerian stated that the recent and the latest player in the in the world of medicine are mainly concerned about value and innovation. Investors are always anxious regarding the various startups that they continue to underwrite. Some of the venture capitalists are worried about their investments in that they are not resulting in either initial public offerings of mergers and acquisitions as most of the startups stagnate in an enviable cash position.


Some few years ago, Ara Checkerian discovered that some of the healthcare innovations could promote patients’ results as well as streamlining the medicine business. Some of these innovations include AI, Digital Imaging, robotics and much more. The Currently, Huge data computation, digital record keeping, as well as advanced diagnostics are among the many credible and reliable technologies being that are being implemented by healthcare institutions that developed as a result of the latest innovation edge of the startups. However, the great ideas will always require tremendous investment. Ara Chackerian believes that a successful healthcare startup highly depends on the gifted entrepreneurs who can innovate, sell their innovations and give some returns to the investors.


Ara Chackerian is a prominent serial entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as an angel investor. He serves as the Managing Director at ASC Capital Holdings Limited. The primary objective of ASC Capital Holdings LLC is to invest in the initial stages of various healthcare organizations. Ara Chackerian stands as the co-founder as well as the board member of TMS Healthcare Solutions which is a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment provider. These types of treatments are meant for resistant depression patients. Ara Chackerian has contributed significantly to the development of the healthcare industry. For more details you can checkout




Inspiring Young Doctor’s of Tomorrow, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Eric Michael Forsthoefel, MD is an emergency medicine doctor based out of Tallahassee, FL. in 2012, Dr. Forsthoefel completed his residency and received his degree from the Louisiana State University, School of Medicine that is located in New Orleans. He is currently affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital network and is known to have been practicing medicine for over 6 years. As a medical doctor, Dr. Forsthoefel’s certificates and licenses include the American Board of Emergency Medicine certificate, LA State Medical license, and FL state medical license.

As Dr. Eric Michael Forsthoefel practices at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, his practice currently accepts about 3 different insurance plan coverages that include Aetna, Medicare, and First Health or also known as Coventry Health Center. Using an electronic health record system he is currently accepting new patients and can provide services in his native English language and Spanish. Dr. Forsthoefel has drawn knowledge from a very diverse range of experiences that can be utilized to treat a wide series of acute illnesses, injuries and conditions. His main and most concentrated specialties include, but not limited to, injury, trauma and accidents.

Emergency room patients at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital can be treated by Dr. Forsthoefel and can contact him through a few different outlets. Dr. Forsthoefel can be reached at the physical mailing address of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital 1300 Miccosukee Road Tallahassee, FL 32308 or by phone at (850) 431-0912. His extensive experience in medicine with his patients have earned him a significant amount of positive reviews reviews and ratings on sites like and His presence on WebMd is one known as helpful as he is believed to be efficient at explaining medical conditions and their treatments to his patients, taking his time and patience to answer and address patients’ concerns and questions and is great at reaching out to patients to provide follow ups when needed. Although, Dr. Forsthoefel is a young and leaving his footprints as a doctor, he has established a network of patients that trust his abilities to perform well and lead them to a healthier future.