Shiraz Boghani – A multi-talented Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani is a successful business person that has come a long way. He grew up in Kenya, and subsequently moved to the UK and began his initial training as an Accountant in a small firm. Later, he became involved in several strategic partnerships that involved health care, and health care homes. An accomplished business person, and innovative thinker with a strong interest in the hospitality industry, he quickly became known as a person who could spot business development opportunities, and help them successfully grow and prosper. For example, the Splendid Hospitality group is the UK’s fastest growing privately-owned hotel groups, and Mr. Shiraz Boghani carries the role of being it’s Chairman. He is also the Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare Limited, an organization that has provided health care to the elderly for over two decades. Because of his commitment to helping others, and his successful career in the hospitality industry, Shiraz Boghani recently received the ‘Hotelier of the Year‘ Award for his outstanding business contributions. He is also recognized for contributing a great deal of his time and resources to assist charitable organizations and voluntary services, something many busy executives do not have time to do. For example, Shiraz Boghani is one of the primary supporters of the Aga Khan Foundation Charity and the Aga Khan Development Network. Shiraz Boghani is certainly an innovative thinker, and he has an eye for problem-solving opportunities. His most recent business endeavors include the opening of a luxurious Hilton Hotel called the London Bankside, located in London’s very active bankside area. Hotels are a big part of Shiraz Boghani’s business life, and he has created a vibrant and successful adult care network. And because of his accomplishments thus far, one can only surmise that he will continue to develop and provide excellent service in these two industries, and be remembered as someone that truly cares about his work, his employees, and the people he serves.