Evolution Of Smooth Has Taken Over The Lip Balm Industry

The Reality Of Lip Balm

Lip balm is a wildly misunderstood product. So many in the lip balm industry regard it as a unisex product when it used primarily by women. Evolution of Smooth understood this when they entered the market and decided to target young women specifically. It seems that decision paid off. EOS lip balm is one of the most popular brands among Millennial women and is the second most popular brand of lip balm in the United States today.

How Evolution Of Smooth Blew Up

EOS lip balm has generated millions of dollars worth of sales thanks to the marketing genius the company has used. You can find their lip balm in every major music video and through Facebook selfies from various celebrities. This is a brand that understood what it means to market in the 2010s and created one of the most effective marketing campaigns around. This is something you would expect from the latest mobile devices or from the latest cars, but the lip balm industry simply doesn’t have marketing on this level. There is no equivalent to this to be found in Chapstick.

Where Things Are Going Now

Evolution of Smooth continues to branch out and you can now find the brand promoting products in other areas of personal care. There are now Evolution of Smooth lotions (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/hand-body-lotion.html) and shaving creams for women. Eventually, you will see products for nearly every category of personal care. When Evolution of Smooth first hit shelve sin 2007, nobody was expecting to see this level of success. However, it’s clear that the customers wanted this and their money is going in this direction. Spotting a trend and taking it to its logical conclusion is what every smart business does and it’s how Evolution of Smooth won.