Insights On Live Music Productions From Business Owner Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson got an interesting start in business in comparison to the company he now owns. Hutson attended college for theatre design, worked as a sound engineer, and was employed as a project manager, but the vast majority of his long-term work was working for Billy Graham as he toured the world. After leaving Graham’s team, Clayton Hutson established his own firm focused on rock and roll performers and created a business that produces, oversees, designs, and manages live music performances.

Honored to have worked among some of the true industry greats such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’Roses, Clayton Hutson has built up quite a resume. When asked how he feels about industry trends, Hutson cites his admiration for the pushing of boundaries and use of new technology in order to keep things fresh. His company utilizes the newly manufactured brighter lights which are smaller and more powerful plus easier to maneuver, in addition to other such new developments. Hutson remarks on how he recognizes the popularity of massive video screens, especially in use for large arenas, but respects how especially creative artists such as Lady Gaga and Pink have incorporated acrobatics, silks, and other eye-catching stunts to capture the attention of large crowds instead of wall-sized screens.

Clayton Hutson follows a step-by-step path to bring great ideas to life. For him it starts with a vision. He mentally uses past experience and knowledge of how certain concepts will work to play through new concepts in his mind. To transition from a mental concept to reality, Hutson utilizes a lot of CAD design and always keeps practicality in the mix because as he points out, at the end of the grand ideas, every item still has to fit through the door and into the proper places. The key to Hutson’s level of success is realizing that he has to know every detail, such as every door measurement, in perfect precision. He is always seeking out perfection, looking to awe the client, and taking seemingly minute details into consideration. In conjunction with a tremendous work ethic that often drives him not to sleep until things are done, Clayton Hutson sets himself apart in the live music production industry.