End Citizens United Speaks Out Against Judge Kavanaugh

After Judge Kavanaugh was nominated earlier this year by President Donald Trump, many people voiced their concerns with the choice. Among these was the organization End Citizens United who is fighting to get reform in campaign financing. They believe that Judge Kanavaugh will be a huge detriment to the United States and will put the right of millions of citizens at risk.

With campaign finance reform being such an important issue as of late, End Citizens United has no doubt that Judge Kavanaugh will side solely with the extreme right in the Supreme Court. If this is the case, special interest groups and corporate interests could very well be placed in higher importance than the rights of the rest of the United States. While the mega-doners may be paying large amounts to different campaigns of the Republican party, End Citizens United believes that the average American will ultimately be paying the price. Read this article at Chronicle of Week

There is a long history of Judge Kavanagh basing his decisions in a way that line up with special interests groups and corporations have donated to the Republican party. If he becomes a member of the Supreme Court, many are worried that the verdict by the Supreme Court that allows PACs to not reveal donors will be upheld permanently with little chance of being able to be overturned. They fear that under the vote of Judge Kavanaugh, democracy will essentially be up for sale to the highest bidder.

According to the Daily Beast, most Americans are concerned about the Supreme court nomination. End Citizens United has battled other Supreme Court decisions and nominations that they see as potentially dangerous or problematic to the right of American citizens since their formation. They have voiced their concern with a previous nominee of Trump’s, Judge Gorsuch, who they also saw as a threat to passing campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United wants to let every average voter know that they have the power to make a difference in their country. They have arranged forums in which citizens can voice their concern and be shown how to take action against the injustices they see happening.

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Beto O’Rourke And End Citizens United Are Coming For Ted Cruz

A few years back, GOP blob fish Ted Cruz released a ridiculous video on YouTube. It was nearly an hour long and showed him simply going about his day with his family. The video, which makes no sense to the average viewer, was made to assist his political action committees.

These PAC’s could use the footage to stitch together an advertisement for the horrendous GOP senator. And it is all made possible by Citizens United. The ridiculous Supreme Court decision has made it legal for giant corporations to pump unlimited amounts of money into political action committees in order to sway elections.

The decision simply states that corporations are people. This ridiculous mantra was repeated by Mitt Romney when he ran for president. And, because corporations are people, they receive first amendment protections so they are allowed to speak their “voice” by spending cash. It’s absolutely laughable. Of course, it came from a conservative-leaning court and a 5-4 ruling.

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I am siding with End Citizens United. It’s a political action committee but they are committed to destroying Citizens United. I believe it is so important to support End Citizens United that I am voting for every candidate that they endorse.

One of those candidates is a congressman from El Paso, Texas. Beto O’Rourke is challenging the corporatist blob fish for his Senate seat in 2018. End Citizens United loves the upstart Democrat for the way he raises money. He takes no money from large corporations and only receives small donations from individuals. Who do you think he’ll fight for when he ends up in Washington?

End Citizens United and Beto O’Rourke like to point at Ted Cruz’s fundraising as what’s wrong with American politics. He takes giant sums of money from giant corporations who do not represent what’s best for the American people. He then marches off to Washington with his pockets stuffed and speaks for big business. But what’s most shocking is that he may be doing the bidding of companies not even based in Texas. Essentially, Citizens United ensures that the voice of the people is drowned out by the money of big business.

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End Citizens United looking to unseat California congress members

The political action committee End Citizens United has spent millions attempting to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case. It’s now saying they plan to send millions in 2018 to elect Democrats who will pass campaign finance reform. The political action committee are targeting twenty lawmakers who favor Citizens United. Among those targeted include four California representatives: Rep. Mimi Walters, Rep. Dan Rohrabacher, Rep. Darrell Issa and Rep. Duncan Hunter. The PAC has determined them to be vulnerable in the upcoming election.

End Citizens United Executive Director Tiffany Muller said that California has some of the best examples of why Citizens United should be reversed. Tiffany Muller showed that Rep. Duncan Hunter is being investigated for alleged misuse of campaign funds and Rep. Issa has received contributions from telecom companies.

End Citizens United was established in 2015 and spent nearly $25.5 million in the 2016. Muller is going after independent voters because they are believed to be concerned about money in politics above everything else. According to Federal Election Commission reports revealed that the political action committee has raised $11.5 million since October. Mueller has not said how the money will be spent.

The Citizens United decision deregulated limits on group spending for or against specific candidates. The goal of the political action committee is focused on electing “campaign-finance reform champions.” The organization has endorsed several Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren and Jon Ossoff and Zephyr Teachout. Nearly 100,000 people have contributed to End Citizens United PAC during the first quarter of 2017. 40,000 of those people were giving for the very first time.

According to Tiffany Mueller, the average contribution in 2017 was $12. During the Georgia special election, the political action committee, urged its donors to give $500,000 to the campaign of Democrat Jon Ossoff. End Citizens United works to achieve their goals by several different ways during the election year and prior and they include building up a grassroots movement and bringing up the issue of money in politics. The political action committee is expected to raise $35 million by the midterm elections.

The three key leaders of the political action committee are experienced when it comes to political work. End Citizens United continues to raise the issue of campaign finance reform across the country. The End Citizens United is set to do all that it takes in the upcoming midterm 2018 elections.

End Citizens United’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC