How Securus Technologies Helped Us to Catch a Fugitive

I work in law enforcement and have been called in many times when local authorities have trouble catching a fugitive. This year was no different, except the fugitive in question took it personally and would go on the offensive to bait me into meeting him one on one. There was no chance of me giving him the satisfaction, but he was the most challenging of criminals I ever had to confront.


Even when we would have a lead on his location, he would be close to the woods and simply disappear into the night. Even with dogs and helicopters, we were unable to locate him and bring him to justice. As the months passed, my frustration grew and so did the pressure from my superiors to get this guy off the streets. It was around this time that I decided I need to get more help.


One of my close friends in an agency across the country had been working with Securus Technologies to help tighten up their communications at his jail. He informed me that the company had training available and some of the software may come in handy in my case in particular. The reason being is that this criminal was always close to his mother, and we believed they were talking in coded messages all the time right under out noses.


So when the team came by and trained me on the technology, I immediately took a new approach in going after my fugitive. One day, the covert alert feature notified me that I had to get my team in position. Knowing where he was and the location of the nearby woods, we were able to position a team at the perimeter and catch him before he could even reach the treeline. This technology was instrumental in bringing a fugitive to justice.


A High Grade Security and Communications Company

It is extremely difficult to receive an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This usually requires rigorous attention to what a business is doing, how reliable their products are and being recognized as having the utmost highest regard for customer satisfaction. A recent report shows that Securus Technologies, a leading information technology producer based out of Dalas, Texas, has received this prestigious award. Securus Technologies, through a thorough and time consuming check list of the Better Business Bureau rubric, has been able to reach new heights in its progression to the top and has been given this rating after months of dedicated work towards it.


The company provides incredible communicative and security support for individuals currently serving time within the United States prison system. This means that the majority of Securus Technologies clients are inmates residing within prisons and jails across the country. While many people consider these individuals to be a waste of valuable time, they are still consumers within America and still deserve a level of respect and honor within the system itself. In order to provide these people with the ability to openly communicate with their loved ones, Securus has created a free downloadable application that is compatible on both Apple and Android devices. This application makes it possible for customers to successfully virtually conference with their family members over a seamless streaming video chat interface. This assists customers with time management as it allows them to avoid the time constraints of physically being present for visitation rights.


Securus Technologies has proven itself time and again as a reliable and high quality technology based corporation. They have proven to be customer driven, reliant on the ability to successfully provide them with the highest in quality for products and service across the board.