Todd Lubar has Lengthy Interview with Inspirery.

Arthur Becker is a real estate developer and investor. Becker graduated from Bennington College in the early 70s and then went to Dartmouth College to complete his education. He is the former CEO of both NaviSite and Zinio. One of his most recent projects was the redesign of an apartment building in Tribeca.

Todd Lubar got his first job at Crestar Mortgage after graduating from Syracuse University with a Speech Communications major. He stayed with the corporation for 4 years before he moved to Legacy Financial in Texas. Todd is now the President of TDL Global Ventures. All of his experience combined, he has been in the financial industry for well over 20 years.

In an interview Lubar was asked how he makes his money and Lubar explained that what he does is he finds people who are passionate about their goals and he assists them to achieve them. Todd explains that he wants to find individuals who may be spending their lives daydreaming about their passions and give them the financial backing they require to begin moving towards their dreams. Todd Lubar says that doing this is a calculated risk because so many of them are content with not chasing their dreams. His long resume has garnered him the experience required to pick out which of these individuals will act on their passions. These are the ones he backs financially.

Todd admits that at first he was doubtful that he made the correct career choice. He had to start from scratch and work his way up, he says it was quite an appalling experience. Lubar says that if you wake up the next day and stick with it, despite your inevitable failures then you are on the path to success. The best advice that Lubar had to give is to never lose motivation and remember if one approach fails you can always try another one. Check out LinkedIn for more.

When asked about the toughest business decision he ever had to make, he explains that every time he has to go on a business trip it is hard to stay away from his family for such a long period of time.

For those that may be interested in learning about financial business, Lubar recommends “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. He claims that the book has something for everyone in it. The book will help people maximum their professional time and will teach you how to maintain high expectations. Visit their Instagram page.

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The Growth of Town Residential

When buying a house, the house must be perfect for the consumer not only because of the excess amount of money spent to obtain the perfect house, but also for the time and effort that has been put in in order to obtain the perfect home that fits all of the requirements of the individual. For individuals looking to live in the city, New York City has become a popular resident for individuals that not only look to have a job in this vibrant city, but for individuals that also look to go to school in the city that is known to never sleep.


New York City, one of the most vibrant cities in the world is also a city that needs to be navigated in order to figure out the many different options for real estate in all of the different neighborhoods within this city. As more and more individuals decide to move to this city, the demand for real estate has continued to exponentially increase and the shortage continues to increase as well. In order to obtain the best home in this energetic city, new residents of New York City have been recommended to make the much needed investment of a real estate agent. A company that takes care of its clients in this large city is a company worth keeping.


Of all the real estate firms in New York City, one firm in particular stands out as one of the best that provides not only the best customer service, but also some of the most tailored options. This company is known as Town Residential and is unique to all of the other firms for the ability to adapt to any customer and to give the best advice that will fit the need and the requirements that the customer has.


Though Town Residential is a new firm, this real estate firm has been exponentially growing and has attracted countless loyal customers that seek out excellent options in a variety of different neighborhoods within the city. Town Residential knows the city and is able to offer all the requirements that are requested in all of the different neighborhoods within the city. Whether is be Soho, Upper East State, Upper West Side, Chelsea, or the many other options, Town Residential will always see to the needs of the customer. At Town Residential, the customers are treated like partners rather than just like customers.


The specialty that Town Residential specifically has is in luxury apartments and providing some of the best apartments in the city at the best price for the client of the firm. Though this real estate firm has only been around for six years, the reputation is excellent and has continued to grow over the years. With unrivaled competition, Town Residential is expected to continue to grow within the next several decades by helping find the best apartment in the city for the customer. With experts working with this firm, the customer is always please with the results.