Reasons Why Various Non-Jewish Stars in Hollywood Find Kabbalah Fascinating

Madonna, a Hollywood star, recently got fascinated with Kabbalah and this was followed by a number of other stars following suit. What could have motivated these non-Jewish stars become attracted to Kabbalah centre, a Jewish mysticism. The trend started after Madonna showed interest in the old Jewish tradition and went as far as opening a Kabbalah center and investing heavily in order to study it. A number of Hollywood stars also expressed interest in learning the ancient tradition of the Jewish people. These include Sandra Bernhard, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Marilyn Monroe, late Elizabeth Taylor, late Sammy Davis among others. Here are a few reasons why the sudden interest in Kabbalah from Hollywood stars.


Sandra Bernhard opened up and stated that Kabbalah helped in eliminating at least 80% of all the chaos she was experiencing in her life. Paris Hilton concurred with Sandra and went on further to add that after her split from Nick Carter, she recovered by going to the Los Angeles based Kabbalah Center. After telling her breakup story, Paris got a red string bracelet from the center and she visits it regularly.

However, it is not only personal problems that lead to many Hollywood stars getting interested in Kabbalah. The late Sammy Davis spoke to Time Magazine and revealed that he wanted to be a part of a history that runs for about 5,000 years as well as be part of something that would provide him with inner strength that would enable him to turn the other cheek. Madonna reveals that helping people is part of Kabbalah. The late Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism due to her interest in Kabbalah. She supported the Simon Wiesenthal Kabbalah Center. Marilyn Monroe on the other hand, got interested in Kabbalah as she felt no connection with the “fundamentalist christianity”. She got interested in Kabbalah due to its close family life concept to learn more: click here.

About the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles

Kabbalah Center’s roots started way back in 1922 by the first-ever master kabbalist, Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles is a not-for-profit organization that offers courses on Kabbalistic and the Zohar teachings online and also in city-based and regional centers globally. The Kabbalah presentation was build up by Philip Berg, a director, together with his wife Karen Berg.