Review of the well-known and trusted NewsWatch TV

Avanca Indiegogo used NewsWatch TV two different times to promote their products. Through a one minute segment on NewsWatch TV, Avanca proceeded to exceed their goal of $10,000 for their “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC” by 2,393%. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the Avanca Marketing Director, states how Avanca “would highly recommend working with NewsWatch TV”. This statement is justified by the results Avanca has had working with NewsWatch TV in promoting both their products. NewsWatch TV reviews and the Avanca segment reached over 96 million households and the online campaign received over 1 million impressions! Needless to say, Avanca could not have asked for a better outcome for the Ockel pocket PC or their wireless headphones when it came to choosing a trustworthy and well-known company to advertise for them.

NewsWatch TV is a television show and online website that features segments mainly on technology and entertainment. The company began in 1990, focusing mainly on financial issues, and has had over 1,000 episodes as of 2018 on various topics such has celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, and consumer news. In 2017, NewsWatch TV won a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award and the national Videographer Award in recognition of their 30-minute television show. Over the years, NewsWatch TV has evolved their segments to relate to their consumers and give viewers content that they can trust and respect.

In 2011 to 2012, NewsWatch TV started to focus more on technology and mobile apps because of the recognition that new types of technology and mobile devices were receiving. New celebrity appearances helped gain them more consumer views from a wider crowd. Since there are many different topics that NewsWatch TV covers, the consumer crowd has grown and continues to grow and stay engaged.


Bob Reina: He Is Here To Stay

Bob Reina is the type of individual that is here to stay when it comes to making positive changes in the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs more positivity and it needs more consistent individuals. Bob Reina is as consistent as they come. When he fully commits to something, it is impossible to stop him. Right now, he is on a mission to find the next big thing and also on a mission to change lives. Let’s get one thing straight: if anyone can do it, it is Bob Reina. He is built for this moment and he is built for this stage. He embraces it, he is a leader, and he goes after it with no second-guessing.


When he talks about looking for the next big thing, it is a big reason why Talk Fusion is such a successful company. They are always looking for ways to innovate, improve, and change things up. They are never just satisfied with the way things are, as they are looking to expand, grow, and be the best they can be, day in and day out. It is the name of the game for them, and it is why people have come to rely on them, trust them, and use them for all of their video needs. They know this is a company that has its head on straight and follows through with their mission.


All anyone needs to do is read an interview with Bob Reina. When they read an interview with Bob Reina, it does not take long to realize he is for real. He is a very well-spoken individual with plenty of heart, passion, and courage to go along with it. It takes courage to start up a company, go after it, and really make sure it runs smoothly.


It also takes courage to go out there and say things about being on a mission to change lives. People have that in writing and they are going to hold you to that. It is Bob Reina’s way of putting all of the pressure on himself, which is the way he likes it. Learn more:


Eric Pulier’s Insight Into the Tech Industry

Eric Pulier is the founder of Digital Evolution as well as the XPrize Foundation. Those two start ups alone would give him sizable clout within tech industry but they are far from his only impacts upon the industry. As a Harvard graduate and someone who leaped into the tech field in the early ’90s Pulier has both the qualifications and the experiences to speak from authority regarding life as an entrepreneur in the tech field. Pulier’s expertise is crafted and focused in a meticulous way and now future entrepreneurs get to profit from it.

Starting out as a digital whiz kid in the ’90s was much different than it is today. To start with, the very way that we functionally communicated was different back then. Pulier had to work twice as hard to get attention for the products. There were no social media platforms or digital media packages. It was all about getting your product out to the people by way of word of mouth. This early experience, particular with Digital Evolution in 1994, gave Pulier the sort of stamina and outlook he needed to endure the rough spots during his time as an entrepreneur. Pulier says, “Word of mouth was crucial to growing my initial team and finding customers to serve in the tech field.”

Now, Pulier is focused on investing as a venture capitalist. He is always looking for the next company to make a difference with and, in fact, it is that search that he finds so rewarding. Pulier says, “I enjoy the process of mentoring my new entrepreneurs very much.” Pulier goes on to explain that in his initial companies he put his own money on the line and that has given him the kind of outlook required to separate companies worth investing and worth passing on. He goes on to say that when he isn’t investing he is still trying to hub his own concepts: “I also do not cut corners in the process of developing new ideas.” Eric Pulier’s work has continued to gain critical and financial success and we’ll eagerly watch him in the future.

About Eric Pulier:

Understanding What Led Rick Smith to Create Securus Technologies

Have you ever wondered what the company that makes the communication system of correction agencies and prisons in the United States is?

There are many enterprises that handle the communication for other corporations, and this is called third-party telecommunication service. For prisons, however, the focus on security has to be tripled, and it must be the biggest priority of the brand providing the telephone service.

Sometimes, on the same note, there needs to exist a way in that communication system for the correction agencies to monitor and inspect past communications and analyze if there are any signs of crimes being committed and secret codes being transmitted through the telephone by inmates.

Because of these many rules and necessary precautions, the communication service provider needs to be specialized in providing for prisons and localities that handle dangerous individuals.

One of the most renowned companies in the business is the Securus Technologies, led by the CEO Rick Smith.

Rick Smith was the President and CEO of the telecommunications corporation Eschelon Telecom, so he has a long history of expertise in the business. Read more on

The firm was founded in 1998, and it was meant to provide innovative solutions and third-party accessibility to their telecommunications to their clients and partners.

A few years later, Rick Smith saw the necessity of having a specialized telecom company for prisons and correction departments, because law enforcers were struggling to find a call center service that could provide extensive security in their system and allow monitoring of past calls whenever it was needed.

Read moe:

Securus Technologies was then born in 2008 as a solution for these departments to handle the telephone communication of inmates with their families and friends.

Since that time, Rick Smith has led many innovative changes that have made the company truly stand out in the business because of their focus on finding modern ways to implement their system into the agencies. In other words, Securus Technologies was one of the first prison-specialized telecom providers to ever delve into the smartphone system to be possibly used in these correction localities with the full security of a telephone service. It has been received with great feedback.

The other primary objective that is extremely necessary for a communication service in prisons is a way of controlling the entire telephone system from inside the administration office of that facility. For example, there are phones that inmates can utilize to call their parents and friends. There needs to be a way for the agents of that facility to directly monitor the calls from an office because there are many inmates to utilize the phones at the same time.

Rick Smith, understanding the necessity of a customized technology, has included both objectives into a single product. More than a hundred facilities around the United States are utilizing the services of Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith has developed a service that has acquired tons of positive feedback throughout the years. Rick Smith has developed a service that has acquired tons of positive feedback throughout the years.