Eric Lefkofsky Continues To Improve The World With His Latest Company Tempus

Today, Eric Lefkofsky is widely known in the world of business, as he has been tremendously successful starting up his own companies. Since graduating from his university back in 1991, Eric has managed to become a widely sought after entrepreneur and has held many executive and board positions at major companies. One of Eric’s latest pursuits is Tempus, a technological company that focuses on analytics software to compile medical data relating to cancer. It is Eric’s mission to ensure Tempus is a success and improve the medical industry for the better through superior technology, which has been lacking for decades in the medical field. Millions of people around the world could experience better treatments with the technology behind Tempus, and Eric works hard to improve Tempus’ reach every day.

Although cancer is a very complex illness, there are ways to treat it. One of the big problems is the lack of information and patient data, however. Not every patient is the same and therefore they need to be treated differently. Tempus sequencing will bring all patient and clinical data together while also structuring it to make it usable for physicians to tailor their treatments. Doctors have access to client data today, but it is mostly disorganized and unusable due to the inefficient presentation. Since first starting up in 2015, Tempus has come a long way and continues to improve today. The costs involved in genomic sequencing have also continued to go down dramatically thanks to Tempus, opening up possibilities to even more people around the globe.

The true inspiration for Tempus came when Eric saw the effects of cancer up close and personal. Ever since then he was sure there was a better way given the state of technology in use by the medical industry. Tempus majority aligns with Eric’s passion for philanthropy as well, as he is a powerful advocate for giving back to the community and helping people all over the world. This is what inspired him and his wife to start up the Lefkofsky Foundation back in 2006, which has helped thousands of people today in various different areas, mostly education and educational programs.

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