Jeunesse Global: Mark Macdonald and The Zen Project 8 Weight Loss Program

Jeunesse Global is an international company that leads with innovative youth preserving supplements, skincare, and weight loss programs. These products are sold around the world by a dedicated group of independent agents. The agents are supported by Jeunesse Global’s technology network, leaders, and their many support conferences. They only offer one program for weight management, and they only have to offer one because the course covers everything.

Mark MacDonald produced the Zen Project 8. Before joining Jeunesse Global, he was already a household name from his appearances on CNN and Dr. Oz. Mark’s philosophy is simple. He breaks everything down into manageable steps with targeted goals in mind. He also profoundly understands that there is more to it than having a plan, you will need support, and you will get support from Mark and from the other 20,000 Zen Project 8 fans. You will not be going it alone with this program.

Week one focuses on meal and plate preparations. You will learn what it means to eat clean and how to flush out toxins. The goal of the week is to teach you why the body bloats and how you can prevent it. You may be amazed at how much weight is just from bloating. After week one, you will move onto the second phase. It lasts for three weeks, and this one focuses on melting and burning off fat while maintaining and building sleek muscles. Here you will learn to more about food choices because your body will be changing. Finally, the last section is where you switch from burning to maintaining your healthy body. This is just as important as all the other steps. Mark teaches you how to not only survive in the real world but also thrive.

When you join Zen Project 8, you will get supplements designed for each process. For example, the protein shakes are produced to slowly release into the bloodstream, which leaves you feeling full longer. The product is only available to Jeunesse Global. There are several dietary supplements to enhance your system as you progress. Zen Prime, which is herb and plant-based, and Zen Shape, which was featured in Forbes issue, are two examples of the vitamins in the system. Mark’s and Jeunesse Global’s Zen Project 8 program is complete and unlike anything else out there in the weight loss market arena.