An Appraisal Of The Traveling Vineyard’s Business Model

The Napa Valley is world-famous for producing some of the most exclusive wines. For decades, the region has been renowned for having some of the best vineyards in the world. Nonetheless, there is more to Napa than wine production. The region attracts tourists who come to sample other attractions. This means that by taking a trip to Napa, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will revolve around wine.

Top Attractions in Napa

The region is famous for being home to the Napa Art Walk, which will surely mesmerize you more so if you are a lover of 3D art. The walk attracts hundreds of art lovers who come to sample breathtaking sculptures. The Napa Valley Historical Society is another popular attraction. This is a must-go place for those who want to see how Napa Valley looked like hundreds of years ago. Other attractions in the region include the Round Pond Estate, the Silverado Cooking School, and Robert Louis Stevenson State Park.

The Traveling Vineyard in Brief

This is a firm that enables wine lovers to make money from the comfort of their homes while working as wine guides. The firm was started in 2001 with the objective of providing exquisite wine tasting experiences in a relaxed environment. Guides who sign up reach out to local community members and in the process, earn a living. The role of these guides is to build partnerships within the local community while advising customers about wines for special occasions. Almost everyone can work from home. The firm trains its guides until they feel that they are ready to venture out on their own.

Once prospective guides submit their application expressing an interest to partner with Traveling Vineyard, the company pairs them with an experienced team leader within the locality for mentorship and training. During this time, the trainees will be taught about crucial aspects of the wine business including marketing and how to approach clients. Being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard comes with lots of benefits. One can create a working schedule that suits him/her best. This is not usually the case when working on a full-time basis. It is also a fun-filled experience since guides meet new people every day.