Andy Wirth Bonded With Navy SEALs To Recover Life-Threatening Accident

Andy Wirth could have died! He fell to the Earth in a freak skydiving accident that landed him painfully and missing an arm in a vineyard. A vine pole intersected between Andy Wirth and his arm, lopping it clean off. He admits now that he was uncertain at the time of his survival. He has come through it with a whole new life, thanks to help from some great but super-tough friends: The U.S. Navy SEALS team. The man’s ranger training become his salvation in the end.

Wirth was very fortunate to have his arm successfully reattached after a fast air-lift to a top hospital in the area. The surgery was difficult, but that was just the beginning for Andy Wirth. The physical recovery was quite difficult. The pain was intense for many months. His ranger training helped get him through, but most of his physique suffered in the lethargy of the recovery process. It was after Wirth met two members of the Navy Seals. The hard as nails approach is just what Wirth needed to kick his recovery process into turbo drive. He claims their close friendship contributed in a major way to Wirth’s recovery.

The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth, has led the resort located near Lake Tahoe, in the mountains of California. The whole process of recovery after nearly dying in the accident, has strengthened Wirth’s dedication to his family and community. One indication of how strongly he feels about this is that he was nominated and has accepted a role in his community, becoming Chairman of the Board at the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority. Read more in this CBS News article.