The Sweet Success of Beauty Entrepreneur Doe Deere

Over the years, the world of cosmetics has grown in popularity with tons of stand out beauty brands that entice consumers globally. It’s estimated that today’s global beauty industry is worth up to $265 billion nowadays and it’s stunningly estimated that a woman will spend $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime! So, it’s no wonder there is a garden variety of cosmetic lines advertised in today’s marketplace. And there are so many make-up gurus around that boast of their products are made with healthy ingredients and created without the use of animal testing. One such beauty trendsetter is Lime Crime’s founder, Doe Deere. Her unique brand of popular vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics have won the hearts of scads of girls and guys since it’s inception in 2008. And now most recently, the inspiring entrepreneur has launched a new stylish jewelry line- Poppy Angeloff.

Doe Deere’s biography is as magical as her beauty products. Born Xenia Vorotova in Russia, she always dreamed about living in the United States as a young girl. She was enamored by all things American, like the popular images she captured in magazines and the movies. She couldn’t help but imagine that life in the U.S. was the stuff dreams were made of- and she was right! As fate would have it, Doe’s mother relocated her family out to New York City to try out a new lifestyle in America. It was 1998, Doe was just 17 and living the kind of lifestyle she dreamed of–but there were countless hardships for her small family unit. Doe and her younger sister were being raised by a single parent in the Big Apple. Although her mother was an certified accountant back in Russia, it was hard for her to obtain work without American credentials. She took housekeeping jobs to make ends meet with teenage Doe helping out with odd jobs for neighbors. However, the family’s money ran out they were forced to live in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. It was a rough time in Doe’s life and she would escape reality by dreaming about being a fashion designer. And she enjoyed sketching out imaginative designs on paper for a pastime.

After almost a year living in poverty, Doe’s family met a social worker who introduced them to Sanctuary for Families– non-profit organization that helps troubled female immigrants. There they got acquainted with the group’s leader, a feminist attorney who saw their great need to succeed in the big city and was instrumental in inspiring Doe to enroll into NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. After Doe’s mother finally landed an accountant job, the family of three moved out of the homeless shelter and into another housing project in New York. Through hard work and determination, Doe’s family began to realize their ambitions. A decade later, Doe launched her own whimsical beauty brand, Lime Crime and finally reached the kind of success she dreamed of having ever since childhood. Today, this thirty-something beauty magnate enjoys inspiring women all over the world with her rags to riches story and how they also can achieve their goals with hard work, ingenuity, resiliency, and a dream for a brighter future.