There are always new educational platforms being created to help students in their academics each and every year. One of the most popular and effective to date is Class Dojo, which has managed to reach the majority of schools around the country today. So far, most learning programs out there do a modest job of helping students, but they do have their drawbacks. Not only do most programs out there cost money to maintain continued use, but they focus on one area of improvement, meaning students will need other programs to help them in other areas. Class Dojo is one of the few learning platforms that focus on improving student’s learning through communication.

Class Dojo founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, traveled around the country to different schools speaking to teachers and related staff to get a better idea of what problems teachers and students were faced with most. It turns out, most teachers agreed that communication was becoming very poor in the educational community. This inspired Sam and Liam to start up Class Dojo with a core based on communication to help teachers and parents better connect with their kids. All day every day, parents can stay involved with their child’s schooling to give them confidence and support.

Despite being free, Class Dojo continues to grow and has found its way into classrooms all over the world. Teachers from different countries are able to connect and bring their students together to give them insight into different societies and cultures through the platforms storyboard and class board. Through this section, students and teachers can share videos, notes, pictures, and more. The program can stay free thanks to optional features that cost money, such as different avatars for students to use when creating a profile. Though the biggest reason is that there is so much support for the program through donations and fundraising.

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