As an alternative to working from home or from an office, coworking has soared over the past few years.

While the term coworking can mean different things, most agree is about choosing an individual preference to work along side others instead of working separately.

Harvard Business Review researchers have found people who work in a coworking space thrive, achieving a 6 on a 7-point scale.

Their study identified coworking spaces as places of work where very different combinations of freelancers, remote workers and other independent workers gather together outside the traditional office environment to work.

Some of their findings included the workers found their work having a more important effect and that they are more in command of their work. Unlike a more conventional office, coworking spaces are made up of members who are employed by an array of diverse companies and projects, which allows for less direct competition.

The environment also allows for more of a cooperative, collaborative and learning sharing.

The coworking spaces are more often than not accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The workers can decide to take an extended period of time off during the work day or choose at what time they want to focus solely on their work.

The coworking spaces also allow the workers to feel connections with the others who share their space. And yet socializing is not required or enforced which the coworkers find just as important as it allows them to decide when and how to work together.

The study also determined coworking is increasingly making its spaces available to an added variety of people as well as businesses not just freelancers and remote workers. For example, companies are integrating coworking into their business strategies as an alternative place for employees to work.

Whether coworking spaces are the answer for employees, they should be in command of and have flexibility in their job surroundings.

One prevalent coworking space located in Midtown Manhattan, WorkVille NYC is known for its motivating atmosphere that ranges from move-in ready private offices, shared offices to open desks as well as team spaces and an interior back office suite for six.

WorkVille NYC’s residents consist of start-ups, satellite offices as well as small businesses.

Just steps from Times Square, WorkVille NYC facilities offer phones, whiteboards, wired Internet, terrace lounges and event spaces among other amenities.