Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because she wanted to make her own cosmetics, and she began by making the cosmetics in her own home. She has released videos online that explain how she made the items in her home, and she has proven that her products are all quite genuine. This article explains how Lime Crime has become a destination for women who are in need of the best cosmetics products for their counterculture lifestyle. Learn more:

#1: Why Does Doe Share Her Wisdom Online?

Doe shares her wisdom online because she wishes to help her customers understand why Lime Crime is much better than other brands in the industry. Her videos and pictures depict a woman who is totally-free to create any look she wants at any time, and Doe wants her customers to feel the same freedom she feels when using her cosmetics.

#2: Showing Off Amazing Colors

The Instagram pictures and videos created by Lime Crime are perfect for women who want something that is flashy. The flashy colors offered by Lime Crime will match bright hair, and they will help women wear something that makes them feel as though they have step out of the comfort zone of traditional cosmetics. Doe explains that all her cosmetic products lean on the edge of what is considered mainstream.

#3: Social Media Connects Millions

Social media accounts are a swift method of reaching customers, and Doe maintains her social media accounts for the benefit of her customers. She prefers to help customers learn how to use her products well, and she shares advice that she uses to create her own personal style. Customers are free to copy Doe’s style, or they may work with her cosmetics to create something completely different.

#4: Doe Has Built An Online Empire

Doe has built an online empire that women may shop with when they are in need of better coloring. There are vegan products that appeal to that lifestyle, and there are bright products that will compliment dark colors offered everywhere else in the cosmetic industry. Complimenting a lifetime of dark colors may be done on the Lime Crime website.

Doe Deere is an innovator who believes that shopping online for bright colors is a proper method of looking special. Women will feel as though they have walked into a new world of color and beauty, and they may wear as much Lime Crime makeup as they like.

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