With Don Ressler, he knew what market to look into. He is actually the founder of more than one successful business. He has a hand in JustFab and all of its subdivisions. He has also been involved with other ventures. Before Don got himself involved in the fashion industry, he was involved with health and fitness. Don Ressler is someone who is very passionate about athletic pursuits. He also has a taste for clothing. Fortunately, he has found a market that is very open for him to step into. He has seen this market when he and his wife went shopping for new athletic clothing. He has then made some steps towards bringing forth unique products so that people will be more interested in buying from the activewear section which is how Fabletics was born.

One very important aspect of his business is Adam Goldenberg. They met when they each had their own businesses. Adam had Gamers Alliance. With Adam’s marketing skills which earned him his position of Strategic Planner, the success of the fashion project was a sure thing. Adam and Don knew they had a great combination. Therefore, they sought to make it work.

Adam knew how to figure out how to provide products that were both unique and popular. Don Ressler knew how to take the latest trends and capitalize off of them. Don Resslers’s knowledge of trends is what makes the JustFab enterprise one of the most unique and popular enterprises on the market. Don not only provides the trends that make it easier for people to find the clothes that will bring about an extra spark to their wardrobe, but to find some new potential trends. If there is one thing that Don Ressler and Fabletics is showing a lot of ability in, it is keeping ahead of the trends. They don’t just offer products that are different. They try to bring forth products that have a special appeal for customers so that they will sell. Both Adam and Don also know when to market the products that they are offering to their customers.

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