A fresh political action committee dedicated to bringing reform in campaign finance targeted to become a huge player in 2016. The PAC planned to channel dollars (tens of millions) to the Democratic candidates seeking various House as well as Senate seats countrywide. The group, End Citizens United, was launched in August, 2015 and managed to raise over $2 milion from the small donors. The group aimed at getting between $25 million to $30 million for the whole cycle according to Richard Carbo, the communications director.



Group’s Goal



End Citizens United had an ultimate goal of ensuring that a constitutional amendment passed in order to reverse the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court. This decision had, in 2010, given rise to the formation of super PACs that brought about a huge wave of dark money into the politics arena. Over 325,000 people had already signed the petition by End Citizens United seeking to compel Congress to ensure the passage of such legislation. The number of members increased as it partnered with “Ready for Hillary” and rented its email list. This was an effort to reach as many prospective liberal supporters possible.



How was End Citizens United PAC Different from Others?



Carbo observed that End Citizens United was different from the other PACs in that it focused on campaign finance reform. It recognized the weakness in the conversation and addressed its political side as well as getting people who could change the existing laws elected. The group was backing pro-campaign finance reform candidates who would stand up against the Citizens United. The group planned to come up with an autonomous expenditure arm that would financially back its preferred candidates via initiatives like polling, direct mailers and television ads.



Skepticism from Campaign Finance Experts



A number of campaign finance experts treated the hopes of End Citizens United with skepticism. The skepticism was aimed at the key objective of the group; the passing of a constitutional amendment to upend the Supreme Court’s decision made in 2010. Their skepticism stems from the fact that for a constitutional amendment to go through, it must garner the consent of two thirds of the House and Senate as well as be ratified by three-fourths of the states.



About End Citizens United



End Citizens United was formed on March 1st, 2015 with an aim of countering the dangerous consequences of Citizens United as well as to reform the campaign finance system. The group aimed at showing all elected officials, voters, press and the candidates that persons in the grassroots were fighting the increased brazenness by billionaires to buy US elections. The End Citizens United would be a key broad coalition in the struggle towards reforming the campaign finance and pile pressure on lawmakers to act.



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