Cotemar, a Mexican company, has offered services in Maritime services, Petroleum services, Offshore Construction, Offshore Maintenance and Specialized Ships. The company ensures that its services are of a higher quality and are safe to meet the expectations and needs of its clients. Cotemar takes several actions to ensure that it fulfills its sustainability obligations fully. Below are some of the ways the company ensures its sustainability.

Business Ethics

Cotemar uses them to communicate its guidelines that support the values and transparency that leads the company. The company is based on a social. Environmental and economic commitment and this value is shared by the people in it.

Quality of Life

A commitment to encourage the integral development of its people together with their families through health, industrial safety, education, equity program, events and sports that favor the sense of belonging and family integration.


Cotemar backs its sustainable operations scheme and raises environmental care and awareness. This is done through good practices to lessen negative impacts and activities geared towards ecological preservation.


Strengthening Cotemar to become a social value, create job opportunities for the society, promote health, culture and sports through social institutions and programs.

What is it like to work for Cotemar?

A number of employees gave their views about how it is like to work for the company. A majority of the employees claim that the company provides a pleasant work environment to ensure that minimal accidents occur. The employees are trained on work and safety to equip them with skills on how to be responsible at work. The employees commend the commitment that the company shows to its employees and the excellent food and lodging facilities offered. There are reviews that pointed out the company as a responsible and reliable company to its employees. It also offers great off days to all its employees.

Services Offered

Cotemar offers its services via three strategic lines. The first is the construction, maintenance, modernization and engineering. The company offers services that are focused on innovation and modernization of client processing centers and platforms. These could be in offshore installations, assembly and prefabrication. The second is specialized and marine support boats where Cotemar offers transportation of light materials, personnel and food. It also has tow ships, fire-fighting vessels and barges that transport huge structures. All the vessels are duly inspected and monitored to ensure safety of personnel and facilities inside. The third service is food and lodging which are offered to in the form of food preparation, ironing, washing, bedding services and cleaning of common areas.

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