FreedomPop has been growing through the cracks these past couple of years as the company extends their reach around the globe. FreedomPop, at their core, is a mobile phone company that wants to focus on giving customers exactly what they ask for without having them deal with all of the extra garbage. So in order to make that happen FreedomPop started up their own freemium plan, offering customers a limited amount of talk, text, and data for no cost. With this free plan as the core of FreedomPop’s offerings, the company has grown in exponential ways. Let’s take a look at what else the company is offering.

FreedomPop CEO Stokols knows that the company needs to continue elevating what they have for offerings in order to keep customers coming back. Running your company like a digital buffet of services means that you need to have more services on tap. This has led to a few key expansions that’ll keep customers more than happy. One of the newest, more popular, plans is the $5 WiFi expansion. For the better part of the last year we have seen FreedomPop work toward implementing over 10 million different WiFi hotspots throughout the United States. These hotspots were installed so that users of the $5 plan can access them whenever they are in the area.Imagine that you live near a WiFi hotspot: would you want to spend money on purchasing actual WiFi for your home, or would you rather just tether for $5? Not a bad deal at all.

Next up, we should point out that FreedomPop has partnered up with Sprint in order to get their coverage as far and wide as possible. While Sprint isn’t the largest cell provider in the United States, they are one of the big four and more than capable of keeping you in connection with people that you need to get a hold of. Along these same lines FreedomPop is working with Samsung technology to give customers new phones to choose from when joining with the network. While FreedomPop is ‘bring your own phone’, you still have the option to buy some of the newer phones available.

FreedomPop hasn’t become a house hold name yet in the United States but it is well on its way. With successful expansions overseas it seems like just a matter of time until it is considered next on the list of ‘big mobile carriers’.

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