The idea that DACA is in peril is a problem for most people who are in the United States after coming to it as children. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was a literal lifesaver for thousands of children who are now young adults in the United States. It allows them the chance to get in-state tuition fees at colleges and even driver’s licenses in some cases. They will have the right to work (and pay taxes) and will also have the ability to go to school without the risk that comes to most undocumented immigrants. It has been a huge change from the way things used to be for them, and it protects them from being deported when it wasn’t even their fault they were here in the first place. Most of the children who are “dreamers” under DACA are as American as it gets for some situations.

DACA is now at risk because of President Trump. He wants to rid the country of DACA so children will have to be deported back to their own countries. These children may not even remember being there. They probably don’t even speak the language because they have been in the United States for the bulk of their lives. Trump wants to punish children for the crimes their parents did when they were young. He wants to get rid of DACA because of the issues he thinks it causes, but most of the time, it doesn’t cause any issues at all for people.

In fact, most of the children who are dreamers have to pay even higher taxes than natural-born citizens. This means they are contributing more to society than others are. They are not entitled to welfare and the only privilege they get is the possibility of applying for a driver’s license. They are causing no harm. If any of the dreamers have a misdemeanor or any crime, they are no longer eligible so they certainly aren’t the ones who are causing crimes in cities. They are living better than most people, but Trump thinks they are a threat to the country.

The Frontera Fund is working hard to fight Trump’s actions. The fund was created specifically for situations like the DACA threat. The fund can be used for many different things, but the dreamers are now using it to fight Trump. They are able to take advantage of the options they have thanks to the money and written support of Frontera. In fact, just having information published on the DACA threat on the Frontera site has brought more attention to the plight that most dreamers are dealing with at this point in history. It is becoming a better option for them.

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